Nobles attacking!?!?

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Nobles attacking!?!?

Postby Xairren » Sat Feb 10, 2007 1:31 pm

After an attack in the Market this morning lots of folks are talking about the Nobles and their intentions for the good folk of Silverymoon.

In a recent Market side tavern called The Great Bear:
Merchant wrote:Did you hear about the Nobles? Jerek Riverhold escaped from the Rods this morning after they tried to arrest him. My god what are we to do if the Rods can not control them? We will be slaves just like those poor souls in Thay."

And in one of the merchant stalls:
Street Vendor wrote:"Sarlo was killed this morning by a damned undead thing." *Takes a tearful gulp of ale* "Lots of others too. It was huge. Just reached down and bit him in half. The Rods did not even show up until everyone ran away or died. One of the Rods did speak up for us though. They sent her home! Just like that! When she did not go they killed her because some noble was offended."

At the Dancing:
Dancer wrote:"The nobles are bringing in monsters to make us into slaves! Should we leave Silverymoon?"
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Postby Mark » Sat Feb 10, 2007 4:26 pm

The council was in chaos.

With the latest statements from the common people, the nobility, aristocracy and higher class merchants were cast into fright. The hallway was filled with shouts of anger, sympathy and reason. But all the statements that Meinrad heard were still tinged with the same feeling: fear.

Leaning up against one of the many great pillars of the hall, Meinrad tracked the words that he was hearing from the others. Already, the higher classes seemed to be dividing into camps on how to deal with the new situation. Some speculated that it would be best for martial law to be declared (a camp that was much larger now than during the Slasher incident), others felt that the common people should be given more voice to better appease them. A couple whispered about having Jerek arrested to let the people cease their complaining. Some others, suggested somehow reminding the people of where their places truly were.

Meinrad watched and waited, but for now only listened. The pieces were not aligned yet. But this time, his opponent was well ahead of him.

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Postby Failbhe » Sun Feb 11, 2007 3:44 pm

Grunt handed over a copy of a three page letter to Lord Azuremantle. "There is a map of where this man claims he will meet her as well as an admission of what he has been doing. I'd recommend taking an overwhelming force to apprehend the man if he does in fact show." Grunt clasps his hands, "The report that he uses shadow casting alone is reason for a great deal of concern. Where there is one rat, there is likely twenty more we are not seeing."

The Lord Azuremantle took the letters in hand, "You have a good point. I will discuss it. I assume you will want to be in on this should we decide to respond?"

Grunt frowns, then nods. "Yes sir. I would. She is a decent enough woman. I think I trust her more than any other Rod."
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Postby Ian » Mon Feb 12, 2007 12:43 pm

Tess finds this a most excellent time to focus on the necessary renovations to Danemarch House, and otherwise stay the hell out of this matter.

However things shake out, she's starting to get the impression that the only nobles who will come out ahead in this matter are the ones who shut their mouths and let the city's law enforcement do its job. She does start bending her ear towards the rumors a bit harder, gathering information as it becomes available, but for now she is resolved not to act.

And finally, after hearing of the rumors swirling about Jerek, she makes a point to track him down in person to see what actually happened...

Meanwhile, Altair just stays drunk and keeps some spells ready. Fucking zombies--that smell is seriously not good for hangovers.
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