Rog and Hand

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Rog and Hand

Postby tachus » Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:14 pm

A young hiresword was being made fun of by his fellows on the docks for cliaming to have seen a giant goblin with a silver statue on the road. His comrades thought he must have been seeing things, while Thazar-De Uuthrakt, Cirius, Ibi Moonsong, and Logram Stormcrow thought there was more to it.

After finding out more of the story from the lad, they headed south to find this 'giant goblin'. They eventually found the spot the caravvan had stopped and began following the lad's instructions on where he saw it. They heard singing in the distance, just like the lad said he had heard, though in all honesty it was more lound grunting about 'pretty flowers'.

Prepared for the worst they came to a small grove, where what they could now guess could only be an ogre/goblin hybrid, was... picking flowers? Thinking to either distract the creature or figure out if it is a treat, Thazar moved forward and began talking to the creature, who identified itself as Rog. Rog then eagerly sat entranced by his 'new friend' Thazar told him a story.

Then suddenly Rog jumped up eager to show Thazar his other friend he had saved before. Running to his burrow (where the hiresword said that the statue was) Rog showed Thazar, and now the other three, his 'old friend' who had long since died. Now only a skeleton, which Rog identified as 'Hand' due to the upright open palmed gauntlet on his armor (which Thazar idetified as the symbol for the god Torm), had apparently died years ago. The skeelton sitting there in its breastplate and with gems in its eye sockets to make him 'look happier' as Rog put it could kinda be misinterpretted as a statue from far off, one might suppose.

Logram then only upset Rog by trying to take the armor, while Thazar spoke of burying him. Rog upon seeing Hand fall to pieces, got mad and threw Hand's old shield at Logram, who only scooped up the armor and shield before runnign off back tot eh city with them. Thazar tried to comfort Rog, suggesting that Rog keep Hand's old warhammer as a memorial and protection and set off for somewhere new to stay safe, after they buried the body. Rog aggreed giving Thazar Hand's old bag of items he had no use for. Seeing Ibi and Cirius had not caused any harm to Hand either, and were friends of Thazar he gave them each one of the gems that he decorated Hand with also.

Saying their farewells, Rog gathered a few items, then left for adventure. The rest returned to teh city with their treasures, but not before Ibi went searhing through the remaining debris in Rog's hovel, bringing a few extra things back with her. Then they all went their seperate ways selling off their own treasures.
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