The Day After...

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The Day After...

Postby Ian » Wed Dec 02, 2009 5:40 pm

Still battered, bandaged, and bruised after her fight to the death with the animated topiary the previous evening, Maera clutched her well-worn cloak about her as she sidled into her favorite tailor's shop. The elderly half-elf at the counter had been selling her clothes since she was a little girl, and looked aghast now at his shivering customer in her ratty mantle.

"Ye gods, girl, you must be freezing. What happened to that beautiful coat I made for you last year?" The old man hung her cloak and ushered her in towards the fire, calling to his assistant for tea.

The towering redhead exhaled as she sat and rubbed her hands. "My apologies, old friend. I ran into something bizarre last night in the Heroes' Garden...some sort of living lion shrubbery, maybe something out of one of the mages' estates." She looked a little abashed as she realized how odd that explanation surely sounded. "That coat was great for keeping the weather out, but claws and teeth turned out to be another matter."

Then she smirked, "I still got the better end of the deal, at least."

"You always did," the tailor replied as he looked her over, and then he sat as his assistant reappeared and poured two cups of steaming liquid. "But if you're going to be making a habit of beating up plant-creatures instead of drunken dock-workers, you'll need something a little sturdier than my usual. What about that hauberk your father left you?"

Maera raised one eyebrow. "Kind of difficult to load ships in full harness, isn't it? And it'd go badly if you fell in. Besides, I'd hate to see what even a month or two of the sea air would do to it. Probably be a heap of rusted slag come Midsummer." She sipped her tea, nodding her thanks to the tailor's assistant.

"Mm. Quite." The tailor nodded and sipped at his tea, pondering possibilities. "Come to think of it, I could do something with serpentskin... It'd be supple, so you could work in it, and metal-free, but if you get the right kind of skin it's as tough as any mail-coat."

"So you do armor now?" The girl smirked playfully at the tailor.

"Tosh. Lace, linen, leather, scale-skin, it's all still clothing in the end. Some of it's just tougher than the rest--not like I'm forging breastplates in here." The tailor chuckled as he stood and walked over to the reams of material in the back of his shop, perusing his selection. He continued talking, apparently more enthusiastic as he considered the project. "It'll look good, wouldn't be walking around looking like some sort of mercenary, and I can still line it with the oilskin to keep the rain out."

"Sounds wonderful," Maera spoke with a smile, and then looked quizzically at the tailor as he cursed. "Blast, thought as much. I've not got any good material to work with here, and this is absolutely the wrong season for it. I can order some from Calimshan, but it'll take weeks...if not longer."

Maera looked a bit crestfallen. "That's a shame. No way to get some here any faster?"

The tailor pondered some more, and looked back to Maera with a thoughtful gaze. The girl crooked her brow again. "What?"

"Well, if you really want it fast, there's one way to get it here for sure: go find something that's still living in the skin, and take it."

"Um." The redhead blinked. "How, much are we talking about here?"

"It'll have to be pretty good size. Fifteen feet or so, more if you have to really go to town on it. It's likely to be pretty dangerous, mind, especially since most of the normal reptiles in this area are already denned in for winter. Only sorts you're likely to find are magic beasts, adapted for cold...though if you can get something like that, I hear some of the beast's magic may stay with it."

"Really? I figured that was just something from the stories."

"Well, I couldn't say for sure. Might be worth checking into, though. Tell you want--you think it over. If you want me to just order something, let me know, and if you decide to go after your own, there's bound to be some folks around here can point you in the right direction. And in the meantime," the tailor says as he hands her a new coat straight off the shelf, a deep claret velvet lined with ermine, "Take this. It'll at least keep you warm, though I don't vouch for it stopping anything but cold."

The girl slid the new coat over her shoulders and glanced in the mirror, flipping up the collar and noting how well the coat matched her burgundy hair. "Thanks always pick out great stuff for me. And I'll look into the serpent-skin, let you know..."
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