One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

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One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Stam » Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:10 pm

The Three Stars was usually busy in the evenings, with two 'peak' periods of after-work and late-night drinkers. The night of the show, however...if there was a peak, it wasn't noticeable. Enough people packed the tavern for Tahiri to wonder (for a very brief moment) if she shouldn't have somehow tried to rent out the Fields of Triumph. Seating was fully taken, the bar was packed with people waiting for drinks, and barrel after barrel was being tapped.

By dusk, there had already been three 'incidents' with rough-handed types and her barmaids. All three offenders had been summarily tossed out by the two big bouncers in Tahiri's employ, although they had been given a surprising amount of help by Tahiri's regular patrons. Since then, the barmaids had been posted behind the bar and only the male staff ventured out into the packed floor.

Tahiri was working the bar as if this was any other day, clad in her typical outfit and city-gear. She took questions, innuendo and dodged the occasional grab with her usual good nature and infectious grin - although any question about the night's entertainment was just met with a broad grin and wink.

About an hour after full dark, Tahiri gave a telepathic signal as she casually went into the kitchen for, "another keg." Ten minutes later, the bartenders came to man the bar and the barmaids they were replacing disappeared into the kitchen.

"Last call! No more drinks will be poured tonight - get your last mug now!" one of the louder of the bartenders calls, cutting through the ruckus. And there is the predictable rush on the bar as the tavernsgoers hurry to grab one last drink before the show. After the last drink is poured, the bartenders quickly and efficiently clear off the bartop entirely, and then stand back, clear of the bar.

A creature that looks remarkably like an overgrown mouse with a pair of spectacles emerges from the kitchen entrance and, murmuring something to the loudmouthed bartender, proceeds to walk right up the tavern wall. Pausing as he finds a comfortable viewing angle, the beguiler Olkune gives a nod to Selenius, the bard, who is the only person on the stage.

The bard quickly works his magic, summoning a set of pan flutes to his hands and bringing the lute and drums behind him to quiet, background life. The music has the desired effect, and the crowd quiets expectantly. Some eyes turn towards the kitchen door, where Tahiri last disappeared, and those savvy folks are rewarded with the first look at a very different Tahiri.

The Temptress of the Trades Ward, as the rumors had named her, had removed all of her standard gear other than the thin, delicate circlet and her silvery gloves. Instead, she wore a two-piece outfit: a thigh-length skirt of an airy shimmering silver and a matching top, likewise airy and loose with long slit sleeves (and a sneakily hidden elastic band).

Tahiri doesn't speak, just waits a moment while Olkune gestures with one forepaw and speaks in an unknown tongue. A blast of air erupts in a neat path between the bar and the stage, sending patrons' clothes and hair upwards and them scurrying to scoot out of the way.

"Thank you kindly, boys!" Tahiri calls above the wind, grinning broadly. She moves from the door with a slow, deliberate strut, walking past the bar and into the full effect of the wind wall. The skirt, of course, is blown upwards, showing off every inch of her legs and a nice preview of the things underneath them. The sleeves do likewise, showing off most of her arms, but the rest of the top stays put.

She continues the confident strut along the updraft of air until she gets to the stage; Olkune dismisses the spell as she moves up alongside Selenius and faces the audience.

"Thank you all for joining me tonight!" she smiles, then waits a moment for the whistles to die down. "Now, before I get this little show on the road...some of you might have heard why I'm up here this evening. But as for why...that's a little more of a story."

"It might come as a wee little bit of a surprise to some of you that this'll be my first time pulling off a stunt like this! But, yes, it's the honest truth. I grew up in a tavern in Elturel, and when I came here to Waterdeep I started this little place as my way of bringing a little more of Lliira's love of life into the world." She pauses a moment, smiling at the audience. "I'd like to hope I've done a decent job."

"But! A ride ago, our new cook told me he could double my profits if he took over the kitchen. It sounded pretty outrageous at the time but, hey. I'd just lost my little winged cook Darrina - she found her happily-ever-after! - and it was worth trying. So I made a little outrageous promise of my own if ol' Gumbo pulled it off."

"And not only did he pull it off, but I'm hardly even sorry I lost the bet." Tahiri hesitates for a fraction of a second, then beams at them all. "So! Time to pay the piper - let's bring a little more joy into The Three Stars!"

To the sound of resounding cheers, Selenius starts playing in earnest. Tahiri takes another second to mentally cast aside what reserves she'd still held and begins to walk - again with that hip-rolling provocative strut - through the air, over the crowd, towards the bar. There to begin the once-only show that she'd probably never be able to live down.

OoC/Mechanics wrote:Tahiri really hasn't done anything like this before, and isn't nearly as confident inside as she is portraying. But, it's a Sense Motive DC 22 to catch on to this (and requires that you actually be looking for this, and not looking at her assets).

Tahiri's actual performance lasts for approximately 20 minutes and is a nice active hip-and-other-part-shaking show that hits a Perform result of 19 - without counting in the background music, ambience or other factors. So all by her lonesome, she's just on this side of "great performance." (No, there are no dollar bills in Faerun.)

Should anyone be considering grabbing/slapping...well, Tahiri's under a Freedom of Movement effect, so she'll be slipping out of that nicely.

RESPONSES! wrote:If you have a PC who would have attended - at least post here noting that you would have been there (so we can all know who ogled)!

Feel free to respond at more length in this thread - but remember, keep it PG-13!

Did you jump on the Sense Motive part of this? Make sure you've posted in this thread before annoying Stam - and read the paragraph about it fully.
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Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Talinor » Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:26 pm

Selenius was rather pleased. It was the first time he had attempted his actions... but really it was merely the reverse of what he might normally do to gather information. Instead of listening and asking.. it was speaking and mentioning to the right people.

Well, it was what Tahiri had stated she wanted.

He played with his normal elegance and technical skill. His own instruments playing on their own by bardic magic, taught at the nearby college, to accompany him. He played the more complex melody of course... but it seemed the meter and the measure was appropriate for Tahiri's... performance.

And he was pretty sure, that once word got out, his aunt would be properly horrified...which sometimes was well worth it. She needed a good jolt every now and then to raise her from all the books she seemed to always be reading...
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Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Bob » Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:29 am

A tall thin man in a long riders' coat with the collar up was leaning on the a wall on the edge of the crowd. He was one of the first with a fresh mug of honey-mead from the bar when last call was shouted.

He wears a mithril steel cap, a pair of dark lenses over his his eyes, and a white silk masks that you see forge workers f\wear to filter the air they breathe, but this one he wears is clean of any coal dust.

He calmly watches the show, shifting his filter mask the tiniest bit up and back down whenever he took a sip from his mug of the honey mead.

Lodge was not about to pass a free meal ... be for the gut or the eyes. He was lucky as he came in for the drink and food ... but stayed for the show.

[Lodge gets no Sense-Motive roll.]


Charles ... having had his fill of lions in the recent few days ... meant no Grinning Lion for at least a few days. As well as finding himself with a bit of extra coin (ironically from the lion incident) and doing some errand work for the hospice in the country side tomorrow ... are the reasons that led him to the Three Star that evening. Charles licked his lips at the thoughts of getting a waterskin full of the delightful spiced tea for the trek tomorrow. Even when cold the tea was lovely. And besides ... Charles might be able to surprise Miryia at work.

Charles gets to the Three Star and finds the tavern door shut. Charles was surprised as he was sure the tavern did not close this early, and the lights from inside would be dimmer if it was. Charles moves to a window to carefully peek in to see what would the best way to signal to someone about the tea yet careful to no give himself away to the possible working Miryia as he did still want to surprise her if she was still working.

Charles does in fact see someone ... Tahiri … but she is naked as a jay bird in her birthday suit … giving her tavern crowd a very very unique show. Charles is still and speechless for a the tiniest split of a second… stunned at how beautiful and lovely Tahiri’s form is (even at this distance and through a window).

But he then furiously blushes. He shouldn’t see a lady like this … as causually as this assuredly. Charles then discreetly and yet swiftly (hail bonus speed) goes to the North Ward and home to the Ilmater Hospice. Charles having given up any chance for his spiced tea.

[Charles gets no Sense-Motive roll.]
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Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Kemian » Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:50 am

Dev having been one of the one's that was around when the wager was proposed promised himself that if he could make the show that he would. He took up a spot close to the wall with a clear view of the stage. He found himself smiling at the tale of how she came to be up on the stage. Dev shook his head and laughed at Tahiri's enthusiasm trying to shrug off his usual reserved attitudes and enjoy the show. In the end Dev applauded loudly with the rest of the crowd as her number came to an end with the tips of his ears being only slightest shade of red.
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Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Jiriki » Thu Dec 03, 2009 3:46 am

Peeking out from behind her fingers at first, then rolling her eyes in embarrassment for her friend, the elf grins even more knowing her part in the tale. Finally she gives in and puts two fingers in her mouth to whistle and bursts out laughing as she enjoys the fun and frolics. A totally amusing time had, then slipping off to meet up with the cook behind the the tale, some money exchanges hands.

Leaning back comfortably with her child resting peacefully at her side as she watches in her position of safety. Set up before things get really busy and the child fed to submission (given his father can eat a tigers weight in meat - thats no mean feat) the half elf sits peacefully also. Shrewd eyes watch for any problems that might arise but remains somewhat out of the action. Tempting though it might be! She laughs as the show starts and Tahiri cavorts, even calling out some lewd suggestions, at the end of the event, she leads the barbarian home and makes some lewd suggestions herself offering to let him have his own private strip performance!
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Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Guest » Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:39 am

Having just arrived to town Jacob is mesmerized. Not only by Tahiri but with the whole event, crowd, music and of course ale.
"Guess I'm gonna be here for a while" Jacob murmurs to himself drinking his ale in a corner.

[no non-sense motive]

Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Deaths_Mask » Thu Dec 03, 2009 8:39 am

Though having not been to the Three Stars that often, Cirius definitely showed up on this particular night. He set himself up to the side and out of the way to watch the show comfortably. He didn't drink much, not wanting anything to cloud the show after all. When the show began he let out his own whistle or two but for the most part remained quiet and just enjoyed the spectacle.
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Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Talinor » Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:39 am

The Shiny one as some folks called him, although most just called him Tal, was there. But few probably noticed him with all the hoopla. He wasn't there in his normal gaudy opulence of glimmering and light reflecting materials, gems and what not. In fact, he didn't even really speak to anyone.

He was the mist above in the rafters, a humanoid figure of only air, that if some looked hard enough they might see, but tended to get lost among the smoke of the place...and besides they all had other, ahem, distractions to keep there attention.

Some might have heard his merry laughter, but right after the performance he swooped out through a crack at a window. Unfortunately, there was often too much to be done lately...
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Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Talinor » Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:06 pm

*The savage was there for the performance, although he actually missed most of it. (He's not dead however, and caught a glimpse here and there) But the large muscled man was there for a purpose....and found that being a hunter of the type that Ashe called bouncer... was fun.

The thrashing of a herdlander for touching a female not his mate in the way one might their mate, was quite enjoyable. Throwing him out to bounce a few times on the road outside even more so... and this type of challenge was deemed acceptable, even outside of the herdlander challenge field.

In fact, he found himself a little disappointed when it was all said and done, and it was time to go with Ashe back to their den. At least until Ashe leaned in to whisper up to his ear....
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Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Guest » Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:37 pm

Kiki would have heard about the 'show' and would be extremely curious just what Tahiri could want to strip in her tavern. Stripping the bar? That sounded like hard work, guess she'd have to use some magic or something. Was she going to do it alone? That's such an odd bet...

She doesn't think much more of it until the Big Night, and just happens to arrive after the crowd had amassed. She inches her way thru the room, looking for a safe, out of the way spot stopping only once to ask someone what was so interesting about watching someone strip a bar.... Ears drooping and an even more confused frown on her face, she leaves the pair in tears laughing to finally make her way to the stairs, and perches there with her hood up to wait and see.

As Tahiri makes her appearance in this odd costume, her mind drifts to another place in Silverymoon, and she starts to wonder. The speech does little to answer her questions any more, and when the Star of the Show walk to the bar, she's half expecting her to do some shape shift and start ripping it up. But no.... she dances. And what's this? She's ..... has she lost her mind? Kiki looks over the cheering crowds, and back to Tahiri... her own cheeks burning with embarrassment, and she backs up the stairs further, unable to witness more, and only returns when the jeering and noise seems to ebb.

And then, she'd lurk in the shadows, watching how everyone else seemed to react, and listens to their comments.... before eventually slipping out into the chill night.

Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Azmon » Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:49 pm

Miryia doesn't mind the few looks she gets before the show and moves to lean against one of the walls. When begun she laughs and shakes her head in amusment. Afterall, she's been dancing for Tahiri's bar for awhile but has never seen her boss put on a show, and she's not bad.
"A few pointers later might not hurt.." she says quietly. "Never know when we'll get to see something like this again...hopefully soon."
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Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Talinor » Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:29 am

*Apparently written anonymously... a new lively song has been starting to spread through the bardic college, and from there through waterdeep....and perhaps beyond.

Temptress of the Trade ward...

although it doesn't specificially name Tahiri, nor isn't particularly about her most recent show. The description is clearly her, and the three stars is named in a more figurative sense. It is a lively song, meant to make people dance. Full of teasing and innuendo, mostly about the hinted exploits of the temptress.

created in the manner of a round...already new verses were being invented...*
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Re: One-time only! The Temptress of the Trades Ward!

Postby Stam » Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:09 pm

Of course, the very next day someone in the evening crowd started up this bawdy new song in The Three Stars itself. Tahiri was there at the time, too.

For a very long few moments, the man sang alone. His voice wasn't the best even under the best of circumstances, and he'd boosted his courage with some of the liquid form. Then, one of the barmaids joined in, flashing her employer a big grin. It didn't take long before half of the tavern's occupants were singing along to the chorus of "The Temptress of the Trades Ward."

Tahiri just shook her head and, instead of sliding the ale in her hands along to the next customer, took a sip of the drink herself. Then she toasted the crowd, took a larger sip and, grinning, joined in the next chorus.
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