Temple Security - A change in protocols for all temples!

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Temple Security - A change in protocols for all temples!

Postby Jiriki » Tue Dec 29, 2009 7:30 am

The elven temples, a place of hallowed ground and sacred to the elves. But there's a new current going on in the area tonight.

One of the younger guards stands duty near the entrance to the temples keeping a keen eye out for anything out of the ordinary. There's a rustling of robes and one of the guard superiors -a captain- steps out of the shadows and walks straight up to the younger guard. "A word. Come into the guard house now." He turned on his heel, his face is stern, he didn't look too happy. Other guards step into the places of those he's taking off duty. The young guard bowed his head in response and followed his superior to the guard house.

Inside the office, the captain sat down at his desk and looked up at the guard with his hands clasped and resting lightly on the desk before him.. he closed his eyes for a moment then spoke quietly. "Recently you allowed a cleric of Ilmater into the temple to speak with Jiriki and her guests?"

The guard nodded once more, his face having gone stoic.

The captain nodded and pursed his lips. "I want a full explanation."

"The cleric was an expected guest, he was shown to see her directly." was the immediate response.

The captain nodded again and stood, then moved to the window to look out over the grounds as he did so, his voice never raising too high. "That is understandable. Jiriki has often taken guests into the garden. What of the human that joined them?"

The younger guard delivered his report in short shrift. "Shortly after that a rather distraught young man came to the temple asking for the very man that had just entered. He looked ...unsettled so...I thought it best to escort him in. Jiriki, seemed to accept hiss presence."

The captain nodded once more.. "That accounts for the first human. What of the second human?"

"I returned to my post once more and nearly ten minutes later another man, a messenger appeared with a scroll addressed to the priest that was visiting. I informed him that I would take the scroll to the priest but he indicated that he had orders to deliver it himself."

The captain continued to watch out the window.. then glanced sidelong at the guard. "Yes. That is who I speak of. Did you see any of these 'orders'?"

"And so, I escorted him to the gardens so that he could deliver it. I saw the scroll...not the orders however."

The captains eyed narrowed and he lifted his head once more.* So you allowed him entry merely to deliver the scroll?

The guards face went slightly ashen, "Yes, I did."

The captain nodded once more.* Do you enjoy being here?

"Yes." He said mechanically.

"YES SIR!!" The captain turned to look at the guard.. then stood at the table. "And you enjoy having both your arms and legs?" He didn't give the guard a chance to answer. "Have you seen what happens with explosive runes?"

He winced at the question. "Yes sir."

This time it was a quieter Yes sir.. and the captain nodded. "And were you sure this person you allowed into the temple grounds to visit with a cleric that was invited and Jiriki, was who he said he was?"

"He..he was wearing a symbol of Ilmater, the same as the priest but...no sir I did not verify his identity."

The elf sighed and shook his head. "Do you have any idea what the word 'security' means? Are you aware of the various things that have been going on within the city recently? Attack on inns? An undead creature also? Do you know why we are the front line for the clerics in here?"

"Because, they hold the knowledge, they are the sacred, we protect the physical, they protect the spiritual." It was difficult for the guard to keep the tenor of panic out of his voice.

Both hands got planted firmly on the table before him as he looked into the guards face. "WE PROTECT THE PHYSICAL! IF that person had been holding a scroll with explosive runes in it how much damage would that have done!" He punctuated the words at the last with a stab on the desk of his index finger.

"A great deal sir." The guard replied in a mortified tone.

The captain took a breath and nodded. "Yes. A great deal of trouble. Now, you tell me what you're going to do to prevent this happening EVER again!"

"None, shall pass without prior notification of the purpose of their visit and without proper verification of their identity sir!" The guard said smartly.

The captain nodded eyes blazing. "I've had the whole of the past two days trying to defend you boys here! I said to myself that none of you were stupid, I said to the High Cleric you were all MY boys and you would NEVER do anything to jeopardise his safety! Berenind defended you also!"

"YES SIR!" the guard said in reponse.

This time its repeated quietly. "Yes sir... You see those two gates out there? The shiny ones that are the main-stay of our safety and of those within these halls?"

"Yes sir." The other guard said.

"And for the record, Holy Symbols can be faked! They can mean jack to those who would breach our security!" He reached down and opened a drawer to pull out a box of polishing leathers, then tossed it onto the table between them. "You and your cohort will polish those gates. You will clean them until you can repeat ALL of our mantra and why it is we Guard those who serve!"

"YES SIR!" The guards replied in unison and quickly gathered the materials to polish the gates.

He raises his voice finally and full on field commands. "GET TO IT!"

~So, please take it as read, anyone without prior invitation to any temples, in this case particularly the elven ones will be stopped and held until they are verified.~
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Re: Temple Security - A change in protocols for all temples!

Postby JuneBarcarolle » Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:09 am

Does this mean that the average person isn't going to be allowed into the temples unless they have an invitation?
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Re: Temple Security - A change in protocols for all temples!

Postby Jiriki » Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:10 pm

No, for the elven temple it means that the security has been stepped up to ensure the safety of the clerics within. That means that the public will be allowed to the public areas and will be checked (if unknown) with the person being visited. Elves and half elves will be admitted, Humans are - different circumstances.

Public areas of the Elven temple:

Courtyard, main hall.

Non public areas:

Gardens and any other areas (Including:side rooms dedicated for worship, and private areas of the temple residents).
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