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Death Blob in the Sea Ward

PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:34 pm
by Stam
[Sorry it took me this long to get this little thing together!]

Rumor got around slowly about the death of an unknown gnome off one of the main streets. Apparently some form of evil death-blob had captured the victim, killed him, ejected him and then went looking for more before being swiftly halted in its tracks by a group of concerned citizens.

J.S. Hesselius, upon searching the corpse, finds no evidence of any single fatal wound - it appears to have inflicted an incredible number of small wounds. The man's clothes are ruined and not just from leaked blood. On the body you find a small handful of coins in a purse whose leather has been partially destroyed by bitemarks, a small-sized shortsword, and a set of thieves' tools.

J.S. Hesselius, Allison Appleblossom, Twilia Moonshine, and Zythus Tahllyn were each named in the official report (that no-one gets to actually see) and paid 150 gp for their services to the city.

[I will get a fPM out to a DM as soon as I can. Thanks!

X Man, toss me a fPM letting me know what you intended to do with the gnome's possessions.]