To find a sister, sometimes the gods might answer (Elorah)

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To find a sister, sometimes the gods might answer (Elorah)

Postby Talinor » Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:42 pm

*It was in the darkness before the dawn, that Elorah arrived at the gates of the Spires of the Morning. The opulent temple reached high into the early morning sky glowing from magical spell, candle, lantern and torch light as it did every morning before the dawn. Already the beginning chants and songs could start to be heard, as the Dawnbringers prepared to sing in the celebration of yet another miracle of dawn as the Morninglord painted the skies with his creativity, and light once answered the promise and returned to the region.
An acolyte was waiting for Elorah, and quick escorted her through several of the halls of the temple complex. Soon the wild elf was escorted into a chamber up one of the many spires of the temple inside waited the Morningmaster, the bearer of the holy gauntlets of the dawn and divine emissary of the Morninglord.. although most folks just called him Tal.
He wore long ceremonial robes, that were white at the top, then changed in color going down, the gradient of colors from yellow through orange then ended in a deep dark red. On his hands were the ever present blue Upon his chest hung his jeweled holy symbol that glinted in the candlelight that surrounded the chamber. In the center of the chamber was a perfectly circular pool of water. Four pillars of marble reached up to the glasssteel roof that showed the slowly brightening sky above.
Talinor smiled brightly to Elorah, and took from her the item that was connected to her sister… to use in his ritual.
His body began to glow bright light filling the room seemingly coming from his body himself out from any visible skin, from his eyes even filling the room. Talinor’s voice deepened as he began to chant to call upon the power of the Lord of Morning and the Dawn. A beam of perfect sunlight came down through the see through ceiling and struck down upon the pool of water. It grew hazy… and then an image appeared.
Resting on what seemed to be the ground of a very wild area, perhaps even a true jungle from all the overlapping layers of plants, Ibi seems to be laying down and breathing. She’s wearing more natural leathers then what Elorah saw her last in, and spread around her laying down as well seemed to be humanoid forms... although a more clear look reveals them to be… well jaguar like… with fur, ears..
The image blurs, and the pool grows clear… still glowing Talinor smiles to Elorah.
*He speaks in his rather good elven * “She still lives, Elorah. Now to ask Lathander how you might help her.”

His voice raises in chant again, as he lights incense and pours oils into the pool of water. The pool of water flashes and a light shines forth from it overwhelming even Talinor’s glow. Above the pool another image forms. An ancient grove, through which keen eyes might make out a structure built with an eye toward being one with the surroundings and not apart from it. A few elves seems to be about, but they change quickly into the forms of various animals and scatter into the wilds. A single word is spoken… Ardeep….

And the divination ends.
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Re: To find a sister, sometimes the gods might answer (Elorah)

Postby Arthas » Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:27 pm

Elorah is so happy at the renewed hope of finding her sister that she arrives a full hour before the human called "Talorn-ore" had told her to come... She stares at the tall temple, almost intimidated by how big it is...

Elorah follows the acolyte into the temple, not caring how cold the stone feels on her bare feet. When she sees Tal, she looks at him and around the room. When asked for, Elorah carefully gives him the link to her sister, their favorite carving: A bone carving of Ibi, wild hair and all, but she has draconic features. Claws for hands, sharp teeth, spots of scales and a set of wings. Clearly it's not completed but it's pretty detailed…

When Tal began to glow, Elorah had to blink several times for her eyes to adjust to the lighting… repeating the process anew at the sudden pillar of the dawn’s light… When her eyes adjust she focuses on the image created, committing every detail to memory. She gasps when she sees Ibi sleeping there, and tears of joy fall down her cheeks. Elorah smiles for the first time since Ibi had disappeared…

She frowns when the image blurs, but when Tal mentions the time has come to find how she can help her sister, she nods eagerly.

Elorah watches the second image form just as intently as the first. She smiles, recognizing the building style of her people, when they bothered to make a permanent structure…

“Ardeep…” Elorah repeats in elven, for once glad that humans bothered to name the forests. Before now, naming areas had seemed to personify and lessen them… She is quiet for a long time, then begins her barrage of questions to Tal… “That is close to here, yes? Where in Ardeep will I find her?” and various similar questions…
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