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The Crack of Darkness

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:14 pm
by Stam
After several long weeks of quiet and what seemed like the end of random creatures finding their way into the Heroes' Garden or the Sea Ward, yet another odd creature was dragged before the City Watch today.

It was a motley assortment of folks...a tinkerer, a fully armored dwarf (they come another way?), the "even-tempered" smith Ashe and a youthful cleric. And the beast they brought before the Watch was nothing the likes of that which preferred daylight. (It was later identified as a Phantom Fungus.)

Yet here it was, in broad daylight, on the street. Someone's going to be pushing paperwork around before nightfall. And someone was going to have to figure out how the thing had gotten into the city...

In the meantime, the four intrepid individuals were each provided with a promissory note good for 200 golden lions.