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Alustriel's Apprentices

Postby Stormwalker » Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:22 pm

I was surfing the forums of Candlekeep and found this tidbit on Lady Alustriel's apprentices. Right from Ed Greenwood himself.

So I’m down to Alustriel (see how unadroit that was? :}), which by happy chance was your particular interest. Now, Alustriel is in the habit of teaching all sorts of folks in Silverymoon who’ve pleased her a spell or two (in the casual manner referred to above), and (with Taern and various members of the Spellguard or even Laeral) “testing” both Spellguard members and mysterious visitors to the city to determine their loyalties and characters, often with “a spell new to them” as a lure. However, among all her former-and-not-yet-quite-ex apprentices in the Marches, she does have three hitherto-unrevealed current apprentices:

Jemmethra Halatorn: NG hf Sor4/W6, a petite, plain-looking young woman who has disconcertingly large and bright blue eyes (and a poker face), speaks softly and sparingly, habitually dresses in unadorned dusty gray cloaks, gowns, jerkins, and breeches (she has black velvet for formal wear), and always walks or trots (some servants would say “scuttles”) about quietly (preferring to go barefoot indoors whenever etiquette doesn’t forbid it). Jemmethra came to Silverymoon from mistreatment as a ‘house servant’ (unofficial slave) in the household of a High Captain of Luskan. Her magical abilities both thrill and terrify her, and she fled to Silverymoon -- alone, afoot, and overland -- because she heard it was “a city of wizards and minstrels and laughter.” Encountering Alustriel in the streets at night by chance, she boldly asked the High Lady for apprenticeship without quite knowing who Alustriel was -- and to the astonishment of most Silvaeren, Alustriel accepted her to gave her living quarters in the Palace. Jemmethra has come to worship Alustriel, and often (zealously) serves her as an errand- and message-runner, spy, and fetch-and-carry servant. She has access to Alustriel at any time of day or night, and in any circumstances except private moots with other Chosen. However, Taern is as suspicious of Jemmethra as he is of anyone who can get close to Alustriel, and Jemmethra’s mind is magically probed twice or thrice daily by various Spellguard ‘on duty’ mages. Thus far, no one has tried to impersonate Jemmethra, and her loyalties have proven stainless.

Narandar Torstin: LG hm W10, a tall, broad-shouldered, amiable-looking young man cursed with a “misshapen potato” of a nose and long, luxuriously-flowing blond hair that he dyed silver in a successful attempt to attract Alustriel’s notice (but which now crumbles and breaks under the dye, so he has shoulder-length, brittle piebald-looking locks). He’s a trifle hesitant of speech and manner, and has just a touch of haughty pride, and came to Silverymoon on a caravan from Amn six seasons ago seeking someone who could teach him wizardry. The son of a merchant who’d stolen a dozen spellbooks years before, Narandar sought audience with Alustriel because he didn’t know who the tomes belonged to, and wanted to study from them -- but also didn’t want to break any Silvaeren laws or be accused or attacked as a thief (a Zhentarim mage launched several magical attacks on the caravan to get at a trade rival, but Narandar thought the spells were aimed at him, and were the work of a mage trying to recover a spellbook). The High Lady examined both Narandar’s mind and his books, and decided his best fate would be to stand as her apprentice, if he desired to. He very much desired to, and has served her as a confidant, personal envoy, and dresser ever since (he not only helps to select clothing for Alustriel, he orders garments made, pays for them and picks them up, and sees to her clothes-cleaning -- seeing nothing at all undignified in this).
In return, she’s stood at his side through several weepingly unsuccessful attempts to find a ‘lady love’ in Silverymoon, and through some spectacularly embarrassing spellcasting humiliations (such as the time he tried to adorn Alustriel’s garments with a handful of gems at a revel, and succeeded only in melting away the garments of everyone in the room), and they’ve become good friends. Narandar is the only person in the Palace who daily dares to joke with Alustriel and speak to her with the casual rudeness and blunt criticism of a street friend -- but he worships her, and she knows it.

Zelauma Telthornstars: CG half-e f W9, a free-spirited, always-laughing imp of a bouncy lass with large, liquid blue-green eyes, lush figure and features. She sees the safety and beauty of Silverymoon as a cradle of mirth and ‘human nature’ amusement, and intrigues as fascinating entertainments. The most recent of Alustriel’s apprentices, Zelauma was orphaned when a disease carried off her mother (orc blades had reaped her human father years before), and found her own way overland from their wilderland steading to the only place she knew of that had an abundance of food, warmth, and folk: Silverymoon. There she indulged her love of climbing things to scale buildings and peer in windows, watching Silvaeren private life and considering it one great passing parade of entertainment. Sleeping on rooftops and occasionally hiring herself out as a roof-tile replacer and painter (thanks to her fearless and nimble climbing skills), Zelauma was noticed by a Spellguard mage long before her coins ran out and she’d have been forced to either steal or starve.
Thinking her a thief but not wanting to blast her without proof, the mage reported Zelauma to Taern -- and Alustriel happened to arrive, overhear, and take an interest. Finding Zelauma watching revel through a window from atop an ornamental spire some seventy feet above the street, the High Lady greeted her cordially, they talked, and a few minutes later descended magically together, with Zelauma now Alustriel’s apprentice.
She’s still an impish (but gentle, not cruel) prankster, and loves to climb (especially when restless or upset), but she’s also rapidly becoming a mage of skill, and (to put it bluntly) is hopelessly in love with Alustriel. She’s aware that she’s third in rank among the High Lady’s apprentices and quite content to remain so -- but fully intends, decades from now, to still be serving Alustriel when everyone else has departed or turned away.
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