Rooftop Showdown

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Rooftop Showdown

Postby ManthisFocht » Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:17 pm

Under the light of the smallest sliver of the moon, mercenaries filled Virgin's Square, tired and road weary. And with them came the dancers and ladies of the night, all too eager to lighten their burden by a few gold. There were so many dancers whirling and twirling in the moonlight, calling to the soldiers and singing songs that one was hard pressed to notice what was going on just off the square... That is unless you are Kasim or Kraygn!

On the rooftops, Kasim noticed several dark figures moving in the shadows and moved to investigate. Scaling the building, he discovered a half dozen thieves moving bags of money and stolen goods out of a skylight to a waiting horse below. Kraygn, being a not-so-nimble dwarf, elected to stay street side until he found an easier spot to climb, but in doing so ran in to the thieves leader!

After fair warning from Kasim, the thieves moved in to mob the lone warrior, but this proved to be the last mistake they ever made. Dispatching of one after another, Kasim's blade proved an unstoppable force! The smooth curve of the blade glinting in the faint moonlight like death itself brought to the earth! However, the last thief alive, cowering and blubbering like an infant, surrendered and ran.

The battle between the leader and Kraygn proved to be quite different. These two warriors had fought to a near stalemate. Kraygn was slowly losing a battle of attrition, but just as Kasim moved into help, Kraygn found a tiny opening and drew his axe across the leaders chest, dropping him for good.

After the fighting had started other citizens in the area had summoned the guards, who after capturing the fleeing thief, determined that the gypsy dancers were actually hired by the thieves to create a distraction for their would be heist. Moreover, there were bounties on the thieves heads and the pair of heroes received a fine reward for their good deeds.
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Re: Rooftop Showdown

Postby Talinor » Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:53 am

((haha, not so nimble dwarf... c'mon... *snickers*

heh, thanks for running this!

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