Talinor...common sense? naa...

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Talinor...common sense? naa...

Postby Talinor » Tue Jun 15, 2010 7:47 pm

*Sitting down in the library of the Spires of the Morning. A particular priest takes his time making copy after copy of a note. His flowing script that of a calligrapher and one used to the demands of ritual scroll writing.

Happy, he sits back into his chair, and gives a small happy clap. "Now just to put them up"


Much Later.... the priest skips into the Three Stars, looking quite pleased with himself. He posts a note up on the personal board, and skips on over to the bar and Tahiri. The tavern owner raises an eyebrow, and without any other prompting, Tal hands her the last copy of the note he posted. He happily taps fingers on the bartop, while waiting... and Tahiri gives a laugh, and smiles. "Posted up a lot of these?" *She asked the happy priest*

*Tal smiles brightly* "well.. just... the taverns I frequent from time to time..."

*Tahiri laughs getting an image in her head of.. well all the taverns in waterdeep* "You know.. you could have saved yourself a lot of trouble and just succumbed to the charms of one of the girls here." *She laughs...* "You are looking for a woman right?"

*Tal blinks* "what?! um, no.. I mean not that I'm not.. it's uhh.. I'm supposed to be...uhh finding someone to teach..." *He snatches back the note to read it*

Looking for a companion in Lathander faith.
Likes: sunrises, long walks through out the city, and long talks. Must be willing to go to exotic locations from time to time.

Any interest, just ask for me at the Spires of the Morning,
Tal of Lathander

*The blush was as revealing as his normal light.. and Tal slip under the table...* "ohh.. I'm in so much trouble..."

((OOC: well.. since there was a bunch of new folks about, I thought I'd post. I'm always looking for anyone who'd like to rp some discussions about faith, the gods or whatever with Talinor. Making him be more then the foppish happy go lucky go is always fun, and interesting. Also, if anyone plans on making a lowish level person who worships Lathander, I've been thinking that Tal might be ordered to help mentor someone in the faith.
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Re: Talinor...common sense? naa...

Postby Guest » Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:49 am

((Is completely keen on those rped discussions about faith, in every possible way. I have one PC without a faith who'd prolly adore discussing religion cause she's smart and finds it interesting, though she wouldn't click with Tal morally, and one who's alllllllllll about religion, and would probably match Tal's friendliness, but she's rather dumb and not exactly wise, so I don't exactly know how deep discussions could get with her, she doesn't much understand her own dogma. She's a worshipper of Chauntea.

Anyway, I'd love to Joe, just lemme know when and who you'd like and we can have some faith talk. :D

ps - even ooc I find this to be a super fascinating aspect of the game, I've been looking to play it up a bit more myself! ))

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