Gaval's geneology.

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Gaval's geneology.

Postby Guest » Sun Jun 20, 2010 12:07 am

1338 DR - Spine of the World

At the eastern end of the Spine of the World, bordering Anauroch, lived the Corpsegrinder tribe. This far flung tribe consisted of about 350 members, with it's warlike Orog chief Tarug Corpsegrinder leading it.

Tarug's two right hand men were Jagurtha Skullsplitter ( ), a very capable Orog warrior, and Logram of Grumsh, a mountain orc cleric of Gruumsh and sorcerer.

The Corpsegrinder tribe, as small of a tribe as they were, were wealthy, do to their controlling a passage to the Underdark that lead under Anauroch. Such a passage, if cultivated and explored, could prove a better trade rout than the current land rout over Anauroch. Such a rout could bypass the Bedine tribes that constantly harassed traders going through the desert, cutting the cost and risk of trade exponentially.

Word of this new Underdark rout soon found it's way to the Moonsea, and to the Zhentirim. The Zhentirim had been traders over the desert for years, and any chance to bypass those pesky Bedine tribes was taken very seriously.

The Zhentirim sent a diplomatic expedition of 50 men, lead by:

Marcus Tythril, a capable Zhentirim soldier and commander ( ... kTitle.jpg)
Phylis Hulman, a powerful priest of Bane
Lyman Equistor, a powerful Assassin and former Shadow Thief
and Kral Guth-Har, a Hobgoblin warrior who worshiped Bane.

This expedition was take a large sum of gold across Anauroch, contact the Corpsegrinder tribe, and try and get some sort of agreement regarding usage of the Underdark passage. If diplomatic relations were to fail, the expedition was to bribe the other Orc tribes, or Giant tribes, or whoever was available, to attack the Corpsegrinder tribe. Once weakened, the Zhents could take over.

Crossing the desert was difficult, the expedition was attacked several times by Bedines, but Marcus Tythril proved a very capable commander and managed to drive off the Bedine attacks without taking many losses. The Bediens left the army be after one particularly gruesome encounter, where Macrus Tythril took the heads of fallen Bedine warriors and put them on pikes and then had his army march with them as if they were military standards. He also tortured and skinned Bedines alive, leaving some alive to flee and tell the tale. Word spread to the tribes that robbing this band was not worth it.

The expedition reached the Spine of the World intact, and even richer from the booty of fallen Bedines. The Corpsegrinder tribe had spotted their approach, and sent a war party, lead by Jagurtha SKullsplitter, to find out what exactly this group of armed humans were doing so far away from civilization. Chief Tarug Corspegrinder had instructed Jagurtha to meet with the commander of this small army, find out what they wanted, and if need be, exterminate them.

The two forces met in the spring of 1338 DR about 20 miles north of Hluangadath. After the two forces had a four hour standoff, Marcus Tythril and Jagurtha met. They exchanged gifts and diplomatic niceties. Marcus Tythril knew how to deal with orcs, so he made a good impression. Jagurtha agreed to allow Marcus Tythril's army to camp in Corpsegrinder territory while Jagurtha talked with Chief Tarug about the idea of letting the Zhentirim use the Underdark passage in exchange for royalties.

When Jagurtha returned to the tribal camp and told his chief of what transpired, Tarug arranged a war council. Logram of Gruumsh was called upon to use powerful divination to scry on Marcus Tythril's army. Phylis Hulman, the priest of Bane, also had powerful magic, and detected and thwarted the scrying attempt.

Immediate hostilities erupted, and Chief Tarug ordered the immediate massacre of these Zhents. He assembled his forces and set out to attack he Zhents within hours of the botched scrying. Marcus Tythril learned of the attack, and decided to tactically withdraw his forces south, towards the Silver Marches. He would hide out there in some small village, and have a wooden fortress built to defend against attack. Marcus also let lose the cunning assassin Lyman Equistor, with instructions to kill Cheif Tarug at any cost.

The Corpsegrinder tribe chased Marcus Tythril south. For days and days they stalked the Zhents. Marcus desperately kept his men moving quickly, knowing that an open battle would not be advantageous. Lyman stalked the band of the orcs, looking for an opportunity to strike.

After a week of this chasing, Marcus managed to cross the river Surbin before the orcs could reach his forces. He decided to erect a fort at the edge of the river and commit to open battle. The orcs did not even flinch, Tarug ordered an immediate attack. Orcs began swimming across the river while taking large amounts of crossbow fire. Soon the orcs were over the river, faster than Marcus Tythril had expected. The forces soon clashed, before the fort was properly constructed. A huge bloodbath ensued.

Jagurtha lead his berserkers into the ranks of the Zhents, and they did NOT have what it took to resist him. Jagurtha slew 10 men himself, and the Zhents were utterly scattered. Macrus Tythril and his leading men managed to escape, including Kral Guth-Har, his Hobgoblin bodyguard and Phylis Hulman, but his army was utterly decimated. Marcus and his men ran south, running for their lives. They assumed the identities of simple hunters went into hiding.

That night, the Corpsegrinder tribe threw a huge celebration party, complete with human sacrifices to Gruumsh, and lots of grog drinking. That is when Lyman the assassin made his move. After the party, as Tarug slept in his tent, Lyman attempted to sneak past Tarug's guard and stab him with a poisoned blade. But just as Lyman was entering Chief Tarug's tent, he was discovered. Jagurtha and Lyman battled heroically, Jagurtha was stabbed repeatedly with the poisoned blade, but he managed to cleave Lyman in two before he fell ill.

(To be continued)

Re: Gaval's geneology.

Postby Guest » Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:27 pm


Jagurtha Skullsplitter was poisoned by Lymoan's blade, and almost died. But he managed to survive with the help of the Eyes of Gruumsh. Logram of Gruumsh took the dying Jagurtha to the Many-Arrows tribe, which had attracted some of the most powerful priests of Gruumsh, do to Obould Many-Arrows' reputation. The Many-Arrows tribe had the best healing available. And Jugurtha needed powerful magics to stop this Zhent poison from spreading and eventually killing him.

Jagurtha arrived at the Many-Arrows tribal dominion. And after hearing the tale of Jagurtha's battle against the Zhent assassin, the Eyes of Gruumsh gladly healed Jagurtha, seeing the event as foretelling of Bane's plans to move against Gruumsh's territory. Jagurtha was hailed as a hero by the Eyes, and he allowed himself to be inducted into the Eyes of Gruumsh. His eye was removed, and he swore his oath.


Marcus Tythril fled south and took refuge incognito in a small town. After a few days, he made secret contact with Dark Hold and reported his loss to his masters. He fully expected to be demoted, disgraced, or even killed. But they found mercy on him and instructed him to do everything in his power to ruin the Corpsegrinder tribe. The Zhentirim wanted Turug Corpsegrinder dead, they wanted Jagurtha dead.

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