The trees come alive!

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The trees come alive!

Postby ManthisFocht » Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:54 am

A tenday ago, the Hero's Garden was alive and well... Literally. Amongst children playing and (thankfully) a small gathering of heroes chatting on the city's green space, a sudden and strange happening occured. It started with a tug, or what felt like a tug to some, as if the ground beneath them jerked for just a second. Some acknowledged the occurance, but no one could make any significance of it and went back about their business. This all changed moments later when a small, cute bunny that a group of children had been chasing about the green was accosted and eaten by a grouping of vines that had suddenly come to life! The children near by screamed in terror, but the brave souls near by sprang into action immediately.

Aside from the poor, unarmored Rhode who was snagged in the vines before he could land a blow, the animated vegetation was quickly dispatched in a gardening like display by Ibi and Charles. The warlock Connor was even able to summon some spiders to harass the magical plants. The ever watchful Tal was also in the area, granting the others magical buffs to help them overcome the green menace.
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