Rauvin's Challenge

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Rauvin's Challenge

Postby Jiriki » Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:06 am

When you're woken with a dream summons to go to Ardeeps Druid Circle and your name is Rauvin you pay heed. This is precisely what he's done. It took scarce moments for him to be packed and gone, heading out of the city mounted on his bear. It took however three days for the bear and barbarian to make their way, but they did so. Meanwhile immediatly after his departure, Tahiri receives a call from Ashe to go help Rauvin if he needs it.

So while the Barbarian moves like the wind, so does Tahiri, flying to keep up with the swift footed bear and its rider.

Upon arriving at the circle, the elders are there to greet both of them. There are two bodies wrapped in the leaves that are to be their shrouds and its explained to them that the two dead are younger members of the circle and were cut off too short. The first with no warning, the second giving a little bit of a fight but not enough to defend his life.

A white hart shows the way to the site of the second death, lingering for a short while but then its gone, meanwhile the duo start to investigate the area. Eventually they come across some large cloven hoofprints, more than one pair and larger than your average cow. Its while they are talking about their finds though that Tahiri goes up to see better from the air and notices that they are being observed. The thing that made the footprints charges at Rauvin bellowing its challenge, only to be stopped pretty easily by the immense barbarian. The second is hellbent on taking Tahiri out, so she summons a couple of tigers to make that bovine disaster take stock of things a bit more realistically. Meanwhile, the biggest and hugest walking beefsteak (No, I'm not talking about Rauvin) steps out and personally offers to rip Rauvin a new backside. The tigers and Tahiri take care of the smaller surviving beast and Rauvin steps up to the plate on the largest one. They battle, they trade immense blows of agonizing pain that even Macallan might have trouble standing up to! But finally, with a mighty swing Rauvin rends the beast from tip to tail with his sword.

Problem solved? They were rewarded, a trade is made for the future and home they go.

(Thanks for playing Joe and Stam.)
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