Abduction Halted!

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Abduction Halted!

Postby ManthisFocht » Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:28 am

On an otherwise cool and pleasant evening last night, the patrons of the Three Stars were suddenly interrupted by 2 woman's screams from the streets outside. Most of the patrons simply turned to face the door, not quite willing to offer any assistance, all except Dalton, Ailia, Pilin, and Talinor, that is. The four headed straight for the door and witnessed quite a scene.

One woman, nose and mouth bloodied, was running towards them down the street screaming, begging for help, while the other was being roughly harassed by a gang of 6 thugs a ways down the street. The party sprang right into action! Ailia cast a spell switching the acosted woman with a summoned rat, delivering her from danger and certain doom and Pilin loosed a quick volley of arrows at an apparent leader of the group, though the battle hardened street soldier took the pain in stride. Realizing they were under attack, the thugs pulled crossbows, a longbow and a pistol and returned fire, enjoying some success; a bolt and two arrows managed to penetrate Talinor's armor, staining it with blood, while poor Dalton took a slug solidly to his gut, and was bleeding quite a bit. Talinor wasted no time in putting an end to the fight, creating a dazzling display of light and radiance around the otherwise dark thugs and killed 4 of the 6, leaving the well equipped pair left standing, but much worse for the wear. Pilin added a bit of insult to injury with another volley of smoldering arrows, but after that, the thugs ducked into a very narrow alley and were able to escape.

Typical, the Watch arrived soon after the battle to take statements and recover the bodies. Apparently these men were already wanted fugitives and had a bounty out for their arrest, though the Captain deemed it fit to pay for their deaths as well, given the recent assault. The thugs were members of the Blood Hand Gang, a small but rising group of strong arms in the city associated with several murders, kidnappings, and assault charges ((PM GI checks or K(local) checks for more)). The two woman thank the heroes for their help, mentioning they had never seen the thugs before and the assault seemed to be at random, though one of the sisters mentioned the thugs saying that "they wanted her blood"...

((GP/XP sent, any rolls or actions can be fPMed to me, follow-ups are open to anyone of any level to pursue))
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