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Lathanderite Oaths

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 9:56 pm
by Stormwalker
For those who play worshippers of Lathander, he's a list of oaths used by such folk. These come from Ed Greenwood, over on the Candlekeep forums.

“Beard!” (contraction of “[by the] Beard of Omthas!”) [Omthas was an early prophet of Lathander, last heard from over six centuries ago]

“Bitterblood!” (contraction of “By the blood of Alathan!”)

“By the Beard of Omthas!” (“Holy crap!” or: “Jesus!” [profane amazement])

“By the blood of Alathan!” (“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” or: “Bloody hell!” or “Jesus f**king Christ!” [profane shock or disgust]) [Alathan was a high priest of a Lathanderite temple who was martyred four centuries back for preaching the faith of Lathander by the local Tethyrian duke -- who hated and feared change, and didn’t want any commoners getting uppoty ideas about starting ANYTHING new]

“Darkrose!” (“Blast!” or: “F**k!”)

“Dawnfire!” (“Sh*t!”)

“Dusking!” (“Damnation!”)

“Redblood!” (“Bloody hell!” or “Damn!” [upset Lathanderites have been heard to say things like “They even stole the redblooding candles!” so “redblooding” is the form that lets this word be used directly in place of the real-world “bloody” or “f**king”]

“Star of the Morning!” (“My word!” [usable even when speaking to superiors in the church ‘polite oath’ that denotes surprise or dismay])

“Starfall!” (“Damn!” or “Blast!” [ancient oath, now considered almost poetic or flowery])

“Zustrin!” (“Bloody marvellous!” or “F**king wonderful!” [used only when pleased, but so shocked or surprised as to burst out into profanity; considered poor form by clergy of Lathander]