Sir Kavir Agrivail

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Sir Kavir Agrivail

Postby Kavir » Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:28 pm

After the admission of Kavir into the Knights of the Common Vow, I realized that his background contain too many holes and inconsistencies, both with the development of the character and his being a knight. Therefor, I developed his background and tried to make it as believable as possible. Read to your leisure, and any criticism appreciated...and expected.

Kavir Agrivail Wintersun, son of Marcus Wintersun, was the third of four children, three boys and one girl. The Whitesun noble line was fairly new when compared to the long-spanning history of Cormyr, numbering no more than six generations. In spite of that, members of the bloodline have generally proven to be honorable and loyal, all males serving in the Purple

Dragons and eventually becoming Purple Dragon Knights for four generations. This led to the Wintersun family being relatively well seen, although of late their undying loyalty to the Crown has earned them a number of enemies among those nobles who are not in good terms with Alusair's reign.

Spending his early years in a countryside castle, Kavir had a peaceful childhood, playing with his brothers and other children from the castle and exploring the surroundings, leaving the keep on his own quite a number of times, leading to his tutor's desperation more than once. From early age, he showed more interest in weapons and fighting than pursuing knowledge, going so far as to run off from lessons with his tutor to watch his father's knights and men at arms train in the castle courtyard, or watch patrol parties depart for the borders. He stil proved a well-behaved young boy, and while not displaying his older brother's sparkling intelligence, he still showed a slightly above average intellect. His inclination for the ways of warfare has seen him entering the service of a knight at a relatively young age, as Kavir attained the station of squire at the age of twelve. His older brother, the heir to the Whitesun name and fief, followed the same path, and even as a squire overshadowed his younger brother. Kavir held him no grudge however; the two brothers loved each other.Still, this fueled Kavir's ambition to prove himself; he became more and more absorbed in his duties and training, even as there were scarce occasions for him to prove himself. When he was old enough, he started accompanying his mentor on patrol, and even took part in some minor skirmishes with the greenskin bands roaming the countryside. They were little more than sport, however, and Kavir's desire to prove himself grew more and more, leading him to do rather reckless acts even on these minor patrol hunts. He was yet to obtain the recognition he diserved though, and his hunger for fame
grew more and more. Opportunities would soon come however, as by the time Kavir reached the age of 19, a lord neighboring Marcus Wintersun openly rebelled against the crown.

The conflict with the noble proved to be larger than anticipated. What started as a dispute between to nobles soon engulfed the entire region, with other lords rallying under the banner of rebellion, engulfing the whole region into war. The outcome of the affair was decided after a single battle though, ending the rebellion swiftly before it could become a major issue. It was in that battle that Kavir saw the opportunity he was looking for. Part of a group of heavy infantrymen assaulting the eastern flank, he took command when all three members of the chain of command were killed, rallying the nearly broken men and leading them into a reckless assault on a strategic point to the battle. While many of now his men
died on the charge, enough reached the opposing batallion and a bloody clash ensured. Hunger for glory, he called out for the enemy champion, who turned out to be the enemy standard bearer, and challenged him to single combat among the whirling
chaos that raged all around them. The duel saw Kavir greatly wounded, but a blessed, or lucky strike in the one moment when his opponent let his guard down saw Kavir emerging victorious. He picked up the banner and yelled his victory, as men around him cheered or fled in panic. He then took his position over the slain champion, guarding the corpse till the
battle's aftermath, his wounds having rendered him nearly useless for the rest of the battle. His suicidal act left not too many of the regiment standing, but the postion was quickly reiforced. In the end, the loyalist forces won the day, and Kavir's mentor found the squire holding the banner over the dead champion, fallen to one knee, breathing heavily and
bleeding through several wounds. The image was so powerful that the old knight dismounted and there, on the battlefield, drew his bloodied sword and touched both the squire's shoulders. Kavir could barely make out the words his mentor was uttering, and the final words, "I dub thee, Sir Agrivail of Cormyr." suqeezed one last smile out of the young enthusiast before he fell unconscious under the weight of the wounds. When he awoke several days after, he was greeted by his father and brother, who welcomed him as a knight of the household.

As a noble, Kavir had always known his position as a third son would yield him nothing of the family's inheritance. This, coupled with his sometimes insane pride, continued to fuel his desire to prove himself, and he was always out on patrols, scouting, or in long drill marches. In time,the flames of his pride were trimmed down by the company of soldiers and men at arms. This company also had an influence on his courtly skills, as he became more gruff, rough and at times rowdy in the company of these veterans. It was in this time that he met a battle cleric, Tyrro Miakil, a servant of the God of Justice, who initiated the young knight in the ways of his church. It is beyond a doubt that Kavir's decision to set the lance of Cormyr aside, and pick up the sword of paladinhood after only three years in the army was heavily influenced by the holy man.

Thus, after three uneventful years of border patrols and minor skirmishes, Kavir brought the decision to leave as a knight errant in the service of Tyr before his father. Initially met with a mild opposition, his will eventually got through, as he was released of his vows of service, and left as a questing paladin in good terms with his family.

Young Kavir left Cormyr enthusiastic, visions of him as a hero on the road ever present in his dreams, as he would strike down great evils in the name of Tyr and provide the inspiration for many a bard song. Reality proved different however. The
two years on the road saw no adventures whatsoever, and in the end the young paladin ended up taking caravan guard missions to have what to eat. By the time he reached Waterdeep, his enthusiasm was all but killed. All he wanted was to settle down somewhere, away from his father's shadow, and calmly earn a station and respect from his peers, while still having the
certainty of a warm meal. This saw him joining the City Guard of Waterdeep two days after his arrival in the large city, more or less a lost soul, kept together by vague ideals and the notion of duty, while facts from his early life turning into haunting visions, as he never could completely come to terms with the killing of enemy soldiers, whom he saw as a partial mirror of himself.

Eventually, much has happened in Waterdeep helped him get himself together, culminating with his experiences in the vigil prior to his admission into the Knights of the Common Vow, which eventually set him on a path he could finally identify with...
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Re: Sir Kavir Agrivail

Postby Rosemadder » Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:55 am

Ok. Since you posted it publically. I have a few issues wiht your background.

First. Are you an only child? I am. I have since been informed by multiple-child motherhood that two children are NOT more quiet than one.

Kavir has three siblings. He did NOT have a peaceful childhood. He and his siblings probably nearly wrecked that poor castle, and surely drove their poor parents to distraction. In fact, their parents probably changed alignment multiple times and underwent divine spell correction for their alignment damage over and over again.

For further evidence of what must have been a perfectly evil little set of children, look at Kavir's description of that little monster. "He still proved a well-behaved young boy" translates to "NO Mommy, my brothers did it", so that said brothers got the blame. "slightly above average intellect" turns into the kid yelling out "HEY WATCH THIS!" followed by an emergency trip to the resurrection specialist. Then there is the classic "His inclination for the ways of warfare" which results i dare not even contemplate.

Lets face it. This was the ultimate juvenile delinquent. Honestly.

AND since their brothers went to the Purple, likely their sister has gone terribly evil, and is taking revenge for such a travesty of a sexist system. We will be hearing more from her, later!! Men wearing purple, my chubby ass!!

I suppose though, that if (ok alleged) cokehead and drunk W can make President -twice- then the fictional Kavir the Terrible can become a Paladin and a Knight.

Huh. Who'd have thunk it??
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Re: Sir Kavir Agrivail

Postby Jiriki » Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:53 am

I have visions of Kavir the terrible being his alter ego.
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