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Bane Oaths

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 10:01 pm
by Stormwalker
And these are oaths used by followers of Bane, also provided by Mr. Greenwood.

“Aumarrath!” (contraction of “In memory of Aumarrath!” [Aumarrath the Tyrant-King was an early prophet of Bane, and this oath is polite enough to be used to superior clergy, denoting holy awe or satisfaction, somewhat akin to the real world: “Blood of the Virgin!” or “Name of the God!”])

“Blackfire!” (“Blood of the God!” [used in awe, admiration, or profane amazement, but never when angry or disgusted; is much less formal than “Aumarrath!”])

“Clathenar!” (“Holy crap!” or: “Jesus!” [Clathenar was an unintentional martyr of Bane whose long-ago holy service was one long sequence of disastrous screwups, so this oath is always used like a groan of dismay or spat out in despairing anger, when something has gone seriously wrong]; pronounced ‘CLATH-en-ar’)

“Embarranar!” (a gloating thanks to Bane for something that’s gone well, or a victory, or unlooked-for aid or good fortune, roughly equivalent to a delighted: “Son of a B*TCH!” or “Don’t that take all!”; pronounced ‘Em-bar-RAN-ar’)

“Hand of Hate!” ([contraction of the rarely-heard “Feel the Hand of Hate!”] an expression only snarled at foes or victims being slain; rough equivalent of a real-world: “DIE, motherf**ker!”)

“Holy Fist!” (“Jesus Christ!”)

“Krisk!” (“Sh*t!”)

“Lurruk!” (“Bloody hell!” or “Damn!”; pronounced ‘LUR-uh-kh’)

“Sark!” (“Blast!” or: “F**k!”)

“Talar!” (“Well, damn!” [a mild expression of surprise or dismay])

“Tondrabbar!” (“To the God!” [a war-cry or exulting expression uttered when an offering is touched aflame or broken, a foe is struck, or an attack is launched (i.e. it would be the first shout of a surprise attack); pronounced ‘Tawn-DRAB-bar’)

“Whiteblood!” (“Bloody hell!” or “Jesus f**king Christ!” [profane shock or disgust])