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Tempus Oaths and Such

Postby Stormwalker » Sat Mar 03, 2007 11:03 pm

I have found some more Greenwood goodies, this time for followers of Tempus:

At last I’ve found time to craft and pull together from my lore-notes a partial listing of naughty words and phrases in current use among followers of the Wargod. As usual, per the original Realms agreement, these are canon or official until contradicted by in-print TSR (now Wizards of the Coast) products.

I’ll start with a few homilies (temple sayings) that aren’t considered obscene at all, but rather proverbs of the faith:
“A battle-death is a holy ending.” [which is why devout worshippers of Tempus salute corpses, burials, and graves with murmurs of, “Holy ending!”]
“Laws are but words until blood is shed for them.”
“Men fall, but Tempus rises!” [in older times, this saying was always rendered: “Men fall, but Tempus rides on!”]
“Nothing is truth that has not been tested in battle.”
“Peace stands on a sharp sword.”
“The sun rises out of blood and sets into blood, and all the time between belongs to the Lord of Battles.”

Now, a few ‘polite oaths,’ that can be used in front of priests, or by one priest to another, without any rebuke or sin at all:
“Blood of the god!” [also uttered as: “Blood of Tempus!”]
“Hooves!” [a reference to the mounts Tempus rides or stands on, Deiros and Veiros, and therefore to the god at work]
“Steel!” [short for “Thirsty steel!” (this longer form is now very rarely heard), and expresses an eager desire to take part in battle]
“Sword and Stars!” [a saying derived from the belief that stars flash to mark the god’s approval when a favored attack is made or a champion draws his or her sword for purposes of battle]
“Warhorn!” [short for “Warhorn forlorn!” (a line from a temple hymn about aid arriving too late to save the lives of heroes dying heroically in a ‘last stand’ because they upheld their duty rather than departing and so saving their lives), and expresses regret at a battle defeat or at poor tactics that resulted in losses because allies or sword-comrades came too late, or went in the wrong direction, or chose opponents or terrain poorly]
“Zelzing!” [a word from an old, now-lost battle song of Tempus, that poetically described the sound of ringing swords in battle; this is now used triumphantly to mark a blow struck, or battle joined, or a foe struck down]

And now, the “hard swearing” indulged in by believers in Tempus who have lost their tempers and let lapse all guard over their tongues. As usual, I’ve provided modern real-world equivalents in parentheses. Almost all of these words derive from ancient temple cant of the Wargod, now forgotten except for these oaths and a few sacred phrases used in altar prayers.

“Arntarmar!” (“Jesus Christ!”; pronounced “Arn-TAR-mar!” [Arntarmar was a long-ago mortal war-hero who worked wondrous victories in the name of Tempus, and died willingly on a battlefield to allow wounded and children to escape while he singlehandedly held off a vastly more numerous foe in a narrow gorge])
“Caztul!” (“F**k!” [profane shock or disgust] and pronounced “CAZZ-tuhl”)
“Gelkor!” (“Sh*t!”; pronounced with a hard ‘g’: “GEL-kore!”)
“Harcrimmitor!” (akin to shouting: “DIE, motherf**ker!” and pronounced: “Har-CRIM-ih-tor”)
“Kelstyn!” (“Blast!”; pronounced: “KEL-stinn!”)
“Malagard!” (“Well, damn!” [mild surprise or dismay])
“Ralimralar!” (a delighted: “Son of a B*TCH!” and pronounced: “RAL-im-RAL-ar!”)
“Sakros!” (“Holy crap!” [astonishment, not necessarily bad] and pronounced “SACK-roe-sss”)
“Talandor!” (“Bloody hell!”; pronounced: “Tel-an-DOR!”)
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