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Postby Lifeinwinter » Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:05 pm

His room has been evacuated for now. No-one is allowed in including Talinor himself. He will be accepting visitors that will be searched, scanned, and under watch. With his fading and returning emotions the temple must default to a very conventional means of raising the man's spirits.
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Re: Talinor

Postby Talinor » Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:30 pm

The temple itself is in lockdown... the order of aster searching once more to see if there was any more of Shar's influence in the spires of the morning.

In one of the rooms in one of the spires, 3 Paladin's take turns staying away and scanning anyone that might wish to visit. A fellow dawnbringer stays by Talinor's side, and an old friend.. a certain monk of Lathander once more protects the priest at all times.

Talinor lays upon a bed, around it feathers begins to gather as they fall out of his wings....
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Re: Talinor

Postby Jiriki » Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:35 pm

When the news became public, Jiriki was in the temple of the elven pantheon. Naturally as it was her place to live. When the talk was over heard, she went pale, tears immediately springing to her eyes as she blinked furiously and took some breaths to steady herself. With a voice that trembled just a little, the elf asked quietly for more details and then with some quick nodding of understanding she was off. Running at full pace to the Spires of the Morning to go and see for herself. Tears falling openly as she ran, dodging round people as her feet silently pound the stones and cobble where she finally slid to a halt in front of the gates. Pleading with the guard to allow her in, she refuses to move until someone comes to speak with her for an update or allow her entry. By this time, no doubt more people will have heard. Soon a crowd is gathering; most stand in a shocked, stunned silence, some in prayer, others openly crying and showing their fear and grief at the attack on one of the cities most popular of children. People of all races gather together, elves mixing with humans, dwarves pushing their way to the front of the crowds, halflings sliding up the side channels. The guard has to be called to ensure the safety of the temple such is the presence there but its on the whole not necessary.

When Jiriki finally gains entry she heads directly to the room where she met with Talinor last, then seeks directions to some place closer to him. Speaking in hushed whispers, no threat, not intimidating anyone the elf waits until again someone allows her entry further up. Again, another ‘stone in the road’ another block in her path, she manages to talk her way round until she’s nearly there. Just a few floors below and the knights of Lathander stand in her way. It is only when one of the acolytes recognise her and speak for her that she's allowed to get in close enough to actually be of use.

At which point, guard duty is begun.
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Re: Talinor

Postby Kemian » Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:53 pm

The ordinarily volatile snow elf remained calm when he returned to the city to the news of Talinor's malady. He went immediately to the Spires of the Morning when he arrived he requested admittance to the Cleric's room. He was polite but firm informing the guards that he did not care how long it took nor how long he had to wait he would not leave until he was granted admission. When Devdan finally was allowed entrance to his friend's room he remained stoic. He knelt by Talinor's side bowed his head and for the first time in a very long time the Snow Elf prayed for his friend's health and safety.

Evander sent word to the Spire of the Morning requesting entry to examine his friend and offering any assistance he can making it plain that he will do whatever is required to help restore Talinor to full health.
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