A Sinister Attack!

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A Sinister Attack!

Postby ManthisFocht » Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:16 am

Public Knowledge:
With rumors still fresh on the tongues of gossipers concerning the sack of a small village to the North of Waterdeep, described by the sole survivor as being carried out by elderly halflings. Now a new rash of gossip runs through the city concerning a horrific and violent murder that took place on the docks. A woman, Melisa Eckrich, was attacked, killed, and subsequently devoured by what seemed to match the description of these same, elderly halflings.

Luckily, a quartet of heroes were near the scene at the time and dispatched of the horrid little monster before it could move on to more prey. The creature, small as it may seem, carried a scythe much larger than a normal halfling could effectively wield. The Watch reported little about the incident and officially is refusing questions regarding the matter, as "investigation is still pending."

((For those involved or not involved, feel free to contact me via fPM or in OOC (Jimmy), if you would like to follow up))

For those who participated (Shingon, Maera, Eris, and Howard):
((Thanks again for playing.))
As the body disappears, all that remains of the foul creature is 4 teeth, which with a moment to inspect them seem quite large for such a small creature. You explain to the Watch what happens, and without an assailant's body and the 4 of you coated in blood they at first do not believe your tale, but soon enough eye witnesses begin to trickle back to the scene of the crime and corroborate your story. The watch offers no monetary reward, as they have no body or evidence to provide, but allow you to keep the teeth... Though why you would want to is beyond them...

Here is why you would want to:
Elder Tooth (Treat as a Lesser Weapon Augment Crystal)
Price: 500 gp (Not available in stores, must be recovered from a body or sought out specifically)
Caster Level:7th
Aura: Moderate (DC 17), Transmutation/Evocation
Activation: -
Weight: -

When fixed to a weapon, an Elder Tooth allows that weapon to be treated as though it were Cold Iron for the purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction on Fey. In addition, an Elder Tooth will add 1d6 damage when used to attack a Red Cap.

Crafting Pre-requisites and Costs: N/A, this item is not craftable.

((Any PC wishing to sell these items rather than keep them, please contact me directly, not a DM.))
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Re: A Sinister Attack!

Postby Ian » Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:25 pm

Maera will be seeking out one of the local sages in the near future. She wants to know what this tooth belongs to, where they came from, if there's likely to be more, and some easier way to kill the ever-loving crap out of them if they turn up again (though the tooth's powers will give her some indication on that last, at least). If it looks like there will be more, she'll have plans to make...

She'll also do what she can to make sure Melisa doesn't wind up in one of the city's paupers' graves, should no family turn up to claim her body.
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Re: A Sinister Attack!

Postby Stam » Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:37 pm

Being a studious kind of guy (or at least one who's supposed to be studious) Howard is slightly put out that he knows nothing at all about things encountered more locally, outside of his specialty. There's a side note added to fix that as soon as he can, and he likewise seeks out some trained help on identifying not only the tooth, but the creature it came from.

The tooth then goes into his Random Collection of Trophy-Like-Things, right next to the drow dagger.

[ICly, it's something that's so highly specialized as to not really serve much purpose for someone who's already a highly niche build...but OOCly, this means there's more of them coming. So I'll keep it around on a flimsy basis. *g*]
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