Ambush at The Foamy Tankard

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Ambush at The Foamy Tankard

Postby ManthisFocht » Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:06 am

A young immigrant sailor, Ada, had recently came to Waterdeep after having survived a shipwreck to the south. She received a note offering herself and any associates that she had a job, requesting a meeting at The Foamy Tankard. Eager for the work, she brought with her a handful of friends to what she though was a great opportunity, but it quickly turned into a nightmare. Ushered to a back room for the meeting, she and her friends entered a dark room with a figure in the back.

Then it all went wrong...

The door slammed behind them and a hulking brawler stood to blocking, in front, turning up the lantern light, was a half-orc/gnome, an unusual sight to all except Ada. She knew both of their faces all to well, and she knew this was bad. They were Skuggs and Jayrett, her previous employers street muscle. Their presence did not often herald a warning or empty threats. They were all business all the time.

Skuggs did all the talking demanding "Relics" from the ship that wrecked on Ada's last voyage. The cargo was supposed to just be some smoke powder, and Ada knew nothing of these relics. She attempted to plead her case with Skuggs, who was never easy to convince, but the fact that he hadn't shot her on sight meant she had a chance... A chance that is, until pandemonium took hold.

Unable to take the tense situation a moment longer, Zathe hurled a acid blob at the brawler sparking an intense melee. Skuggs whipped out his signature pistols and opened fire on Ada, burying a slug into her shoulder. In an attempt to stop him from reloading, Ada rushed Skuggs, daggers in hand, but the nimble Skuggs ducked her hurled knife! Leaping over the table, Skuggs spun the pistol in his hand revealing a brass plated, weighted pistol butt. Ada had only a fraction of a second to admire the fine weapon before it cracked her jaw and sent her to the floor, terribly wounded and losing life quickly...

A pair of fellow do-gooders arrived from the barroom, and helped in the fight as well. Runa attempted to save Ada with a potion, but she herself was cut down in the attempt, though unlike Ada, was able to recover from her wounds.

The fight did not last much longer, but the assembled party was unable to reach Ada before she expired. Samuel left to seek the guards while the others picked over the room and returned to the bar for a drink. The assassins were geared for a fight and nothing else, though they did have a bit of gold on them as well. The Bartender, quite fearful at this point, seemed to have allowed for the arrangement and was arrested by the watch upon their arrival.

((Thank you all for playing, a death is unfortunate but it happens. Just let it be said that IC actions have IC consequences, and perhaps for other characters...))
Please let me know ASAP if you would like any of the equipment below, if not, I will sell the gear and distribute gold accordingly.

Loot found:
- 2 Weighted Pistols (201 gp each)*
- 20 bullets and 35 uses of powder (41 gp)
- 2 Short Swords (10 gp each)
- 2 suits of Studded Leather armor (25 gp each)
- 300 gold

* These are not normal pistols and are their own exotic weapons, anyone using them without Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Weighted Pistol) will take the penalties as normal.
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Re: Ambush at The Foamy Tankard

Postby NachtWulf » Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:31 am

Zathe, still troubling over how the gun was supposed to be held, even, will take the gold. (Struggling with the necessary feat slots already, no room for more!)
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