The Black Portal

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The Black Portal

Postby ManthisFocht » Thu May 12, 2011 2:14 pm

The Red Caps have been at it again, and the situation is perhaps more grim and dire than most have anticipated thus far. A trio of "volunteers" along with a half dozen mounted guards were dispatched to investigate a Red Cap ambush of a caravan near the village of Babbling Brook, which was recently sacked by the creatures in gruesome fashion.
Antiny, Yaelina, and Kiira accompanied the guards and had dealt with the situation at Babbling Brook, but this was a far more serious matter. Near the site of the ambush not quite a day and a half old, the party uncovered a overgrown trail near by, accented by dried blood and drag marks; a telltale sign of Red Caps. Following the trail was not difficult, and they soon came upon a very old chapel, now laying in ruins and nearly reclaimed by the forest. 5 Red Caps were noticed, and were being dispatched of with relative ease, but a horn blast seemed to summon reinforcements and seconds later the party was set upon by a small horde of the beings, emerging from near by forests as well as a black, obsidian portal near the back of the chapel.
In a fight for their lives, the brave trio and the wildly incompetent guards were in a fight for their lives. It was truly a desperate state of affairs for the party, now overwhelmed by the Red Caps. Despite Yaelina's best healing effort, Kiira was cut down by the wicked scythes of the Red Caps and the battle appeared lost. The Guards broke ranks first and scattered, but were closely followed by those in the party, who stopped to see Kiira being carried off through the Black Portal after a very brief pause and flash of multi-colored light observed by Antiny's keen eyes.
The surviving pair returned to the chapel and took careful stock and what had been left behind by the Red Caps, who seemed indifferent once they had secured Kiira's body.
As mentioned, The black portal at the rear of the chapel seems to be made out of obsidian and slightly sticks out from the wall. It is a solid piece with no markings or blemish a that can be seen with the naked eye. At the base of it, etched into the stone floor, is a large (5') dais with strange markings indeed. Image
After scratching their heads, neither Yaelina nor Antiny could read the markings and continued their search. Antiny attempted to recover some of the glowing energy like stones that had been slung at them at the outset of the battle, but they disappeared... As did the bodies and the rest of the equipment that the Red Caps carried! In fact, all that remained of the battle besides the parties blood and sweat were 2 large teeth from different slain Red Caps.
Along the right-hand wall, three pretty, young women seem to have been crucified and tortured. They are strung up by their hands and left hanging limp just off the ground. There are tiny cuts and pricks all other their bloodied bodies, these are not the deep wounds the scythes normally deal.
Other than that, the temple is quite in ruins, with only the dais and portal fully cleared of debris.
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Re: The Black Portal

Postby Stam » Thu May 12, 2011 2:18 pm

After ensuring that they are indeed alone, Yaelina cuts down the women and performs last rites for each of them...such as she can, at any rate. Then she returns to study the portal, and the dais.

Eventually she copies down the symbol, with intent to add it to the report that will no doubt be asked by She's not even sure where to begin with that one. But after collecting the tooth, it's time to head back to the city whenever Antiny is ready to depart.

Then there are questions to ask of friends she hasn't yet met.
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Re: The Black Portal

Postby Lifeinwinter » Thu May 12, 2011 6:07 pm

It doesn't take Antiny too long to return to his fancy carriage which returned to water deep one noble lighter than it had left. It was a confusing ride as the simple boy tried to reason things he never could. Rocks...bloody hats, stolen noble, and tortured women. He finally decided the gods were to blame and let it go for now. He would certainly find those he knew that followed the deities and yell at them.
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