Wine Cellar Exploration

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Wine Cellar Exploration

Postby ManthisFocht » Sun May 15, 2011 9:29 am

The fight was long but the Dread Guard and it's skeleton brood were all bested and returned to dust with relative ease. After Scouring the room for potential doors and loot, all you manage to find are the bone fragments, chucks of scraped armor and weapons, and 2 red garnets which served as the eyes of the Dread Guard. Satisfied that the tunnels were fairly short, you return to the exit taking care not to step on the pressure plate on your way out. Returning to the plank plug, it takes a lot of yelling and promises that you aren't undead to get the guards to remove the stern wooden block. On the other side, several guards have spears leveled and are sharking quite a bit in fear. Returning upstairs, Lord Jothran is quite pleased with your work and offers you 60 gold each for your hard work, as well as purchasing the gems off of you for an additional 100 gold each! He plans to use them in the dor handles below. He is quite thrilled at the cavern discovery, you all just saved him a great deal of time and coin on digging his own wine cellar!

((If the gems are sold, it will be 110 gp each, if not, please let me know and we will work out the details. Thanks again for playing! Loot and XP will be added tomorrow unless I hear otherwise.))
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Re: Wine Cellar Exploration

Postby NachtWulf » Sun May 15, 2011 10:45 pm

Gold, for Zathe!
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