Crown Jewel Prince Antiny?!?!

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Re: Crown Jewel Prince Antiny?!?!

Postby X Man » Fri May 20, 2011 11:08 am

It was on a whim that Lowell had run into Antiny and the Maeberie baker one evening, perhaps unwittingly tipping the slide with his cursory knowledge of the noble castes. In any event, Antiny had made of him a request, and it was one he would not take lightly. Lowell did not like the attention Antiny was getting, and personal attacks directed at the rumored prince, given his history of association with the orphanages in the city, put the children perhaps in danger. They both knew what was to be done. And so, he watched, and waited.
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Re: Crown Jewel Prince Antiny?!?!

Postby Titan » Fri May 20, 2011 5:20 pm

Diplomacy rolls.

Tancred de Guise

Dice Validated

Fri, 04:15:44 PM
[Diplomacy roll] - Dice Roll (1d20+2): 1, +2 Total: 3

Tancred de Guise

Dice Validated

Fri, 04:16:25 PM
[Diplomacy roll 2] - Dice Roll (1d20+2): 9, +2 Total: 11


Tancred fears that perhaps this Antiny character has more to his story than appears. Concerned about these acts of vandalism against orphanedges, Tancrede has decided to stand guard at night outside different orphanedges. He has also suggested that the Triadic Knights also stand guard, to prevent villains from getting away with their crimes. The followers of the Triad should make a show of force to show these evildoers that Waterdeep will not tolerate their crimes.
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Re: Crown Jewel Prince Antiny?!?!

Postby Lifeinwinter » Fri May 20, 2011 6:41 pm

Antiny is no longer staying at any orphanage. He told the Miss at his the situation, and why it wasn't good for him to be around while people targeted him. He has friends who have agreed to take post as well as those of the triad which he is begrudgingly working with as politely as he can. He is currently taking no carpentry jobs, and not showing up to make repairs to his farmland.
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Re: Crown Jewel Prince Antiny?!?!

Postby Waldron » Sat May 21, 2011 12:28 am

Bizzko, although only having a very brief encounter with this particular one of the human folk (Antiny), is intrigued by the way that people in the taverns he dwells in react to hearing that Antiny is a Prince. Hearing all of the different stories being spread by the gossipers, he is amused at how gullible they are, spreading news that may be false, as others pass it on creating what may in fact be a chain of folly.
Therefore, as an experiment of course, Bizzko has decided to attempt to spread a few misplaced rumors in there of his own, to see if he'll hear them being passed by the bar somewhere in the future.
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Re: Crown Jewel Prince Antiny?!?!

Postby NachtWulf » Sat May 21, 2011 4:16 am

Meredith successfully stalked who she believes is the original rumor-spreader, and is now on the lookout for Antiny. She's seen him before, but she wouldn't know which face was his. All she knows is that the rumors claim that he's a prince. Perhaps she'd offer a little deal to those interested in information... perhaps...
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Re: Crown Jewel Prince Antiny?!?!

Postby Achan » Mon May 23, 2011 12:58 pm

Things have been quiet for the past few days. At the very least, there has been less activity around the orphanages. With Lowell and the guards' help, and Antiny not actually being at any, they are virtually left alone.


The Antiny fever was even starting to fall away a bit. Was starting to, anyway. When Tacrid began to try calming down the citizens and their rumor frenzies, he received the opposite effect of what he wanted. The rumors were quietly spread, but with a dangerous fervor. Though the Triadic Knights did not help Tacrid, the threat of them down their throat... well..

(Anyone wishing to hear these rumors must make me a Gather Info roll and toss me a fPM.)

This could be good or bad, depending. Good that the crowd has silenced itself, bad that the rumors are getting far worse...

ooc:: Since this has come up, anyone is free to join this story. I've gotten a lot of participation so far - large and small - and I think that's awesome. Character actions HAVE changed things so don't just think this whole shindig is written for Antiny alone.
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