A Brutal Display

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A Brutal Display

Postby ManthisFocht » Wed May 18, 2011 11:21 am

4 guardsmen are lead to the middle of the commons at noon, bound in chains, somber looks on their faces; one of the younger members is actually crying. Three are hobbled to their knees a put in stocks, the fourth is tied to a whipping post and stripped to his leggings in violent fashion by his guard captors. A black robbed Magistrate accompanies them, and unfurls a scroll to beginning to address the small crowd gathered before him, several nobles amongst them.

Clearing his throat, the magistrate begins to project his deep voice to the crowd, "On this, the 16th day of Mirtul, in the year 1380, I, Magistrate Valkrom find you guilty of the following crimes against the city: willful abandonment of your post, dereliction of duty, cowardice in the face of a threat to the city, endangerment to the city, aiding to the abduction to a citizen of the City, imperilment to the life of a City Noble, and imperilment of a citizen of the City. By the power vested in me I sentence you to 80 lashings and a month's hard labor." He finishes slowly, emphasizing each word of the punishment. He now turns to the somber crowd and gives a go-ahead nod to a guard with a cat o' nine tails who approaches the convicts back. After a moments pause, the guard cocks his arm back and flings it forward, using every bit of his strength...


The Magistrates voice booms after the leather strands lacerate the bound guards back, drawing blood from multiple wounds. The guard grinds his teeth in agony, shutting his eyes as tight as he can, but there isn't a moment to recover before the stinging strands slap his back once more, creating a mist of blood as they slice his back.


The crowd that gathers is dead silent, the men look on with stern expressions while some of the women avert their eyes as they well with tears, burying their children's heads into their dress bottoms. Another crack splits the silence of the moment.


And so it continues, until the flogger's arm grows tired and is switched out after the first 40 lashings. This progresses for the second, third, and fourth guardsmen, each with the same charges and sentence brought against them. Rumors abound as to the cause of the brutal public display, but most center on the recent kidnapping of Lady Kiira Thunderstaff at the hands of Red Caps, witnessed and not prevented by the cowardly guards now being punished.

Giving a bit of credibility to the rumors are posters hung across the city, offering 100 gold to those providing information to Lady Kiira's whereabouts, and 1000 gold to those who return her to the city safely.
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Re: A Brutal Display

Postby Stam » Wed May 18, 2011 11:52 am

Fortunately for her tender sakes, Yaelina wasn't present at the actual flogging. But word certainly got around afterwards, and the poor girl was absolutely horrified at the lurid tales of blood spraying everywhere.

Cowards they might well have been but...that was simply well beyond anything she would have expected.
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Re: A Brutal Display

Postby Jiriki » Wed May 18, 2011 12:29 pm

Jax, no stranger to this kind of punishment, would offer his own prayers for the guards to have 'learned their lessons well'. He'd be in attendance though. Watching with narrowed eyes, then talking to one of his own guards he'd be ensuring that Mave was well guarded from now on at all times when about the city.
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Re: A Brutal Display

Postby NachtWulf » Wed May 18, 2011 5:02 pm

Meredith squeamishly avoided watching the lashing after quickly finding out what was going on. She's annoyed by the increased attempts of vigilance throughout the city, and is a bit paranoid as a result.

Zathe is oblivious to it all, as he is locked in the same scene as Runa.
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