The boy and the goblin

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The boy and the goblin

Postby ManthisFocht » Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:03 am

As night cast it shadow over the City, the goblin(ish...) called Ker draped the sofa cover over himself as a coverall shall and looked to Howard, Meara, and the boy he had been "protecting" for almost two weeks. The boy still scowls and occasionally shouts; you can start to see Ker's point in tying the boy down, he is difficult to control being rescued. The unlikely quartet quietly moves down the hall, helped by the near by shouts, screams, fights and barroom reveries common in the Dock Ward after the sun retires for the evening.

The same gang guards sit on the stoops exit and silently stare at you as you leave. Ker is still very nervous, as a goblin(ish) would tend to be in a City that would rather kill him than question his intentions. Ker keeps up the pace despite his stubby legs, all the while keeping a close eye on you and the boy. He isn't making it very obvious, but Ker sticks to the shadows, moving quickly past glowing tavern windows and other areas of light.

With out incident, you reach the temple steps, and after a brief discussion with the front attendant, he shows you all to a small bunk room where you are permitted to stay, later bringing a simple meal of bread, water, and a small chunk of cheese.

((fPM me GI checks and I'll send basic info Ker would give you from a little Q&A. As before, characters are free to play in the mean time))
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