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Spectre's Eye

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:10 am
by NachtWulf
At last, the belated archery contest has arrived! Tall iron bars set five feet apart form the perimeter of a large square in the Fields of Triumph. At its center is a brand new steel trapdoor, with mechanical arachnids underneath. A man dressed in elaborate robes operates the device, and tallies results.

Contestants may enter four categories of difficulty: Novice, Normal, Challenging, and Lunacy. For the purpose of preserving the device, and in the true spirit of the sport, use of magic is prohibited. Because the contest is a test of true skill and not wealth, participants will be provided a set of MW weapons of their choice (up to >9000) for use.

The competition is to see who can score the most points within 30 seconds. Points are awarded for hitting the spider based on the damage of the blow, and twice as many points are awarded for hitting its eyes.

Be cautioned--the spider fires blunt bolts back! They might sting, but won't kill. Shooting the turret on the spider temporarily turns off the return fire, and counts as hitting the spider.

Finally, bonus points are awarded for never missing a shot, and more bonus points are awarded for never getting hit by the spider. Greatest number of points in each category is the victor.

Novice- levels 1-5
Normal- levels 6-10
Challenging- levels 11-15
Lunacy- 16-20

Over the next few days, the contest will be held in the evenings. (Read: Catch me when I'm on. If you've a weird time zone or don't have time in the evening, let me know and I'll try to set aside a time for you.) Groups may spectate and cheer each other on if they choose. In summary, this is like a carnival game--go in, have a shot at prizes, then come back with something to talk with friends about.