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Specific Location Descriptions

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:48 pm
by Ian
Specific Location Descriptions

This thread contains descriptions of the various locations in the city that have received more detailed descriptions. Some exist in the "official" canon, others are the creation of players.

Note: The locations in this thread could stand to be reviewed to make sure their info is current and that they remain relevant. Anyone with input on that, let me know in the chat or by FPM (or edit your post if you made the original). Soon I'll add an Index to this post.

Castle Ward Locale: Embassy of Thay (C70)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 10:45 am
by Xairren
Waterdeep wrote:The Embassy of Thay is located in the Castle Ward overlooking the Market between the Sutherlane, Mendever Street, and Trader's Way. As an embassy, the building is considered sovereign territory of Thay, exempt from the laws of Waterdeep. (Consider that a warning.)

In charge of the embassy is Ambassador Ethur Anszim. He is regularly invited to noble parties across the city, for he provides an exotic eastern flavor with a whiff of danger, perfect for the "daring" host or hostess.

Visitors to the Embassy that wish to buy or sell some item or other are quietly escorted to a back room where they most likely will meet with the underling Maligar who handles the most common transactions.

Maligar can also be found at the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors or in the service of the Guards or Watch, helping to foster good Thayan relationships with Waterdeep.

Info on Maligar (Description) wrote:Maligar stands 5'6" and has cold black eyes that match the raven that is always near at hand. He is a bit overweight and completely hairless as well.

He wares the distinctive, oversized Red Robes of a Thayan wizard.

Maligar always shows confidence and cold unmovable attitude to anyone who does not have the required price.

Maligar's hairless body is heavily tattooed in the Thayan manner.

Sea Ward Locale: Explosive Rune - Gambling Hall and Saloon

PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2007 4:48 pm
by Failbhe
The Explosive Rune
Gambling Hall and Saloon

A large older building set on the corner of Haltovar Street and The Sutherlane receives a fresh coat of paint and a few new tile shingles on the roof but otherwise seems little changed on the outside. Within, however; the old tavern has been completely renovated.

The center of the tavern now has a raised stone platform with what appears to be arcane carvings all along the edge. Gaming tables for a variety of games of chance are set up to the right of the entrance, extending half way to the back.


On the first floor, just to the left of the entrance, as recommended by a fine upstanding cleric of Lathander, resides a small bar where a fellow can get his first mug from a well endowed serving wench without having to wade through the entire bar. Additionally a bar hugs the far right and left corners of the building with a lively set of bartenders. Near the back left area of the bar are dozens of smaller tables with wizardly looking people busily writing away, some to books, others to scrolls of parchment. Against the far wall is now a long glass case filled with magic items big and small. Little blue glowing marbles dot the edges of the case, giving it a crisp cold appearance. The main draw here seems to be the spellbook selection, where Fios offers use of his spare set of books to any who are able to use the spells, with the restriction that they offer any spells they procure from him to anyone else who asks. (If you are looking for a spell, ask, if he does not have it, he will get it and add it to his books.)

Onstage, two wizards are in the process of dueling. The shimmer of Mystra's structure for such duels gives a sense of security to those watching and betting on the competition. A large number of long tables surround the raised platform, leaving plenty of seating for the duels. During dinner hours if business is brisk, extra tables will float out and set themselves up upon the platform itself.


The second floor is laid out similar to the first floor with bars curving around either of the far corners of the tavern. Again, long tables surround the raised platform. Curtained booths huddle in the near corners of the tavern. A sturdy railing runs around the open center of the floor overlooking the platform below.

One of the unique features of the tavern, rather than stairs, is the open shaft on the right side of the building near the gaming tables. An invisible force lifts those entering the shaft between floors. Many people come by just to ride it up and down.


The serving staff are all dressed in uniform outfits resembling those stereotypical of wizards and such arcane folk, pointed hats with stars and flowing shirts.

The Menu wrote:Menu:
Gyro sandwiches
Mixed Vegtables (whatever is in season)
Fresh cut Fruit (whatever is in season)
Stuffed trout
Blood pudding
Goose eggs
Fried Mushrooms
Assassin vine leaf rolls (stuffed with rice, tomato, garlic, mushrooms)
Glazed Pork
Stew Special

Black Bread
Crackers (garlic, onion, pepper, savory)

Arabellan Cheddar
Elturian Grey
Mist Cheese
Pepper Cheese
Vilhon Blanc

Ale / Beers / Cider (Currently in Stock):
Bitter Black stout
Tanagyr's Stout
Golden Sands Gold Ale
Golden Sands Orange Ale
Vilhon Cider

Wine (Currently in Stock) :
Blood Wine
Undermountain Alurlyath
Winter Wine

There are also a myriad of games of chance to be gambled upon. Such games include but are not limited to Roulette, Craps, Cutpurse, Rogue, Liar's Dice, Bull's Eye, Common Hand Talis, and Kholiast.

Kholiast, as described in Elves of Evermeet, is a popular game that involves a deck of more than 1000 cards, a variable-sized hand based on a throw of dice, and a point-counting system that would drive even the most dedicated Candlekeep scholar completely mad.

And : Gambling in Waterdeep

Sea Ward Locale: Stormy Foam - Inn/Tavern

PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 1:48 pm
by tachus
((More info to come later...))

This semi-elegant three-story building sits on the North-West corner of the intersection of Gulzindar Street and Darselune Street, in the Sea Ward. There is nothing overly remarkable to the building on the outside, however once inside the tavern features motifs of many legendary beasts, as well as other paraphernalia of ancient or powerful creatures and peoples, particularly of those related to the seas. There is a small stage set along one wall, and visiting bards or patrons are welcome to get up to speak or perform.

The help is all dressed nicely, but wears personalized ‘uniforms’. Some wear robes like those of ancient mages, or the glimmering armors like those of long forgotten knights. Yet they all wear a genuine smile, as well as a small badge over their left breast, to indicate that they are part of the help, and happily help any of the patrons that need it. The rooms available range for multiple small apartments for one night stays to a handful of grand suites for extended stays.

The Bartender, Kilran Dawnanvil, is a stout dwarf, that keeps a short-horned helm on his head at all times. A few of the regular patrons joke that it gives him the look of a Satyr. He keeps a sharp eye over the bar, wary for pick pockets, even in this part of town, not to mention the occasional drunk that might start a fight. He keeps an open ear, always happy to listen to people’s stories and offer advice.

The bar offers a variety of drinks, particularly ones with more exotic flair, from Dwarven brewed ales to Elven wines. The cuisine offers either a beef or seafood soup in bread bowls, fried onions, pot roasts, quails, and a variety of sea foods. It is said that Kilran even bartered his dwarven ale with the Sea Elven community to get a few of their unusual recipes.

The Menu wrote:Ales:
Bitter Black 3sp/pint
Sembian Dragon's Breath 5sp/pint
Iriaeboran North Brew 8cp/pint
Shadowdark 2sp/pint
Purple Dragon Ale, or 'Suzale' 3sp/pint
Zzar 4sp/pint

Bloodwine 2gp/bottle
Arabellan Dry 2gp/bottle
Berduskan Dark 12gp/bottle
Evermead 50gp/bottle
Clarry 5sp/bottle
Fire Wine 7sp/bottle
Saerloonian Glowfire 15sp/bottle
Westgate Ruby 2sp/bottle
Winter Wine 5sp/bottle

Blackbread, made with Amnish molasses 3sp/loaf
Elven Sweet Bread 2gp/loaf
Fruitcake 8sp/loaf
Gingerbread 5sp/loaf
Hard-Tack 1cp/biscuit
Sourdough 1gp/loaf
Rye 2sp/loaf

*Each comes with choice of Apple Butter, Strawberry Preserve, Elderberry Jam, Apricot Jam, Mint Jelly, or Orange Marmalade

Roasted Quaill w/ potatoes 3gp/bird
Smoked Venison 4gp/leg
Honey Baked Ham w/ sweet potatoes 4gp/haunch

Steamed Crab 7gp/crab(15gp/crab in winter)
Sauteed Oysters 8gp/dozen
Grilled Fish:
Salmon 4gp/fish
Bass 5gp/fish
Trout 2gp/fish

Potato and Onion 4sp/bowl
Beef Stew 6sp/bowl
Clam Chowder 6sp/bowl

*Can be served in choice of bread bowl, for additional cost of loaf.

Tart (Apple, Strawberry, Peach) 6sp/pastry
Pie (Apple, Raspberry, Coconut Creme) 4sp/slice
Sweetened Assorted Fruits 2sp/platter

Vicinity of Waterdeep: Town of Ruehar

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2008 8:41 pm
by Xairren
Located at the southern edge of the Ardeep Forest along the busy Trade Way lies the small town of Ruehar. In many ways the place is unremarkable. A stopping point for wagon repairs and horseshoes.

Ruehar is nestled between a small river from the Ardeep on the north and west side. The Ardeep to the east while many farms cover the open land to the south on either side of the Trade Way.

While the Trade Way sees constant traffic, the well worn path which exits the Ardeep into Ruehar sees only one or two dozen souls each day. It is often traveled by those who wish to trade with the inhabitants of the forest and on occasion by those few inhabitants that are willing to visit Ruehar or beyond.

Within the town of nearly a thousand souls, the narrow streets wander. Beginning or ending with little reason it seems. Only the town center seems to escape this odd lack of structure. There a great circle is free of buildings and a stone paved road encircles it like a great moat. Within the "moat" is an open glade surrounded by tall trees and wild flowers. The glade is open to all visitors and is often filled with playing children during the day and visitors to a quiet pool dedicated to Eldath. A few druids and like minded monks tend the glade. These gardeners mostly keep to themselves in Ardeep Tower. A wide, squat tower that stands at the foot of Ardeep path. Lead by Dleel, an ancient, slow moving man who often spends his days sitting in the warm sun beside the pool occasionally answering questions or telling stories to children.

The gardeners are not the only quiet group in the town though. Far away from the smiths and wainwrights around the Trade Way, nestled in the quiet corner north of the tower against the small river and the Ardeep is a small convent housing the little known Order of the Blue Moon. The order is small group of Selune and Mystra followers, often mothers and daughters themselves. A low (ten foot high, one foot thick) wall surrounds a dozen narrow towers partially hidden by trees with several small gardens in between. The mistress Rasula watches over the group of ladies with a protectiveness few dare to argue with. Whispers about the town speak of "Rasula the Lighting" as an adventurer once many years ago. No one today is quite sure of this title or how she got it. Many believe it is due to the quick verbal lashings she can deliver to those that would dare disturb any of the girls, young maids and ladies which she watches over.

Under the watchful eyes of both Waterdeep and the inhabitants of the Ardeep, the town worries little but for creatures that wonder out of the forest, and often the followers of Eldath resolve the problem quietly. Rogues and thieves are not well tolerated and are delivered directly to Waterdeep to be dealt with harshly.

Many inns of various sizes and styles line the Trade Way and during poor weather or around large events in Waterdeep (which is only thirty miles away) the size of the town can nearly double.

Located to the southeast of the town is a gently sloping hill extending from the Ardeep that faces southwestward. Scattered with trees that reach out from the great forest, it is regularly tended and a peaceful park-like site. A few shrines and tombs, and lots of grave markers are scattered about the area. Undead are not known to inhabit the hill, and if trouble does occur, aid is quickly called for to resolve the problem.

With the arrival and departures of traffic on the Trade Way occurring at nearly any hour, the homes and businesses that line the route rarely close for a night, let alone longer. Further from the route life is seemingly more normal with quiet neighborhoods at night and hustle and bustle during the day.

Castle Ward Locale: The Elfstone Tavern

PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2008 8:46 pm
by Keith
Located on The Street of the Sword near Waterdeep Way the Elfstone tavern caters to a mostly Elven clientele.

Walking into the tavern the scent of rain-washed forest greets you with the roof in the taproom almost five stories high to accommodate the live trees growing here and there in the room. Gentle, floating motes of blue light drift among the patrons and inside the door a pair of gold elf warriors stand guard inspecting those entering.

The hostess Yaereene Ilbareth is a tall and slender moon elf with silvery hair and eyes. She is normally seen in sparkling gowns, and usually has a small fairy dragon perched on her shoulder.

City of the Dead Locale: The Blood Crypt

PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:49 am
by Xairren
There is within the City of the Dead, among the oldest of the crypts and gravestones, an ancient, above ground crypt, that offers a small mystery and chill warning to those that pass too close to it.

It is a well made, solid stone Gothic structure that is just large enough to enter one body. A pair of matching iron doors block the only entrance. Each door is two-and-one-half feet wide and eight feet tall with a solid looking handle on each near the center seam. Opening the doors would appear to be easy, however, they are always cold to the touch, unnervingly so even. And those brave enough to give the doors at least a gentle tug attest to the doors being solid. As is often the case in Waterdeep the humidity collects on the doors nearly every day in rust colored beads on the cold doors. The constant presence of the rusty water has also stained the two simple steps leading into the crypt. After years, possibly centuries, of rusting away, the doors still remain, appearing to be as solid as ever. The rusty color of the doors and the steps have led to the Blood Crypt's nick name.

The Blood Crypt is not claimed by any Waterdeep House or Guild.

Dock Ward Locale: The Splintered Stair (D8)

PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 6:36 pm
by Xairren
Dock Ward Locale: The Splintered Stair
(D8, Inn, Class C Building, 3 floors)

The Splintered Stair is reachable by a twisting, maze like climb above the dark streets of the Warrens. It may have once had a grand view of the harbor, but the rise of the surrounding buildings has put an end to that. The main room actually exists on the third floor, with the bedrooms below. Normally frequented by the smaller races the Splintered stair is often a common ground meeting place nevertheless.

Above the third story door hangs a painted sign depicting warm light spilling out of an open door. True to the sign, the door stands open and inviting except when the weather is poor.

Angars, a stout hafling woman calmly takes care of business, seeing that guests are given a decent meal and good quarters.

Trades Ward Locale: Saern's Fine Swords

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:55 pm
by Xairren
Trades Ward Locale: Saern's Fine Swords (T7)

Saern's Fine Swords always has a few customers about and the ringing of hammers at work in the back.

Saern, is an ancient dwarven grandmotherly type. She is always warm and friendly, but she loves to bargain and barter for weapons she sells so don't let her mild manner fool you. Her dwarven accent is thick, but she speaks plainly enough.

Saern hands out thin copper tokens (coins) that are embossed with her crossed swords and shop name when someone makes a purchase. If a customer returns to sell or buy another good weapon again, she will give a better price in exchange for the token (a 1-3 silver or gold as appropriate to the price).

Castle Ward: Yawning Portal Inn

PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:01 pm
by Xairren
Castle Ward: Yawning Portal Inn
Expedition to Undermountain (page 41) wrote:The Yawning Portal Inn stands on Rainrun Street in the city's Castle Ward, two doors west of The Empty Keg Tavern. Right next to the inn, between the it and the Keg, stands Mother Salinka's House of Pleasure, a shabby low-coin festhall.

The Yawning Portal Inn is built of stone, with a slate roof and an upper floor of guest rooms. Like both of its neighboring businesses, the inn announces itself to the watching world by means by means of a hanging signboard. The sign read simply, "The Yawning Portal." The words are deeply carved in a board weathered to a silvery hue that hangs by two short loops of chain from a black-painted iron pole above the front door.

(Gather Information DC 10 - Durnan, a human, built the inn atop the foundations of the long-vanished tower and fortified warehouse of Halaster Blackcloak.)

Inside, the place is rambling and dingy, but it gives the impression of being comfortable rather than dirty and forbidding. Well-worn boards cover the floor. Wood paneling adorns the walls, with an elbow rail usually crowded with not-yet-empty tankards. Rich blue tapestries hang at intervals along the paneled walls. Guests entering from the street step right into the inn's common room, which is mostly used for dining and drinking. The Entry Well that leads down into the Dungeon Level of the Undermountain dominates the area.

Some of the tables in the common room can not be moved; they are built around wooden pillars that hold up the ceiling. All the furniture is heavy, stout wood. Lighting is provided by candle-wheels (chandeliers made of horizontal wagon wheels hung from the ceiling by chains and filled with thick, lit candles).

Castle Ward: Yawning Portal Inn: The Entry Well
Expedition to Undermountain (page 42) wrote:The infamous Entry Well is an open-topped stone ring 40 feet in diameter. A 1-foot-thick rampart wall rises waist-high, encircling air that drifts straight up from Undermountain. The outside of the well wall is studded at intervals with iron torch brackets, and a block-and-tackle hoist is chained to a stone lintel in the ceiling directly over the well.

The well's dry shaft descends 140 feet from the lip of the rampart to the sand-strewn stone floor of the Dungeon Level of Undermountain. The shaft tapers as it descends, from 40 feet across the top to 30 feet across at the bottom.

Thirty feet above the portal the roof of the inn is raised to leave a gap though which the foul odors rising out of Undermountain can escape.

Castle Ward: Yawning Portal Inn: Using The Well
Expedition to Undermountain (page 42) wrote:Those desiring to enter Undermountain are expected to provide their own weapons, gear, and light sources. Simple torches and belt flasks of water can be bought from the inn (1cp each).

A fee of 1 dragon (1gp) per person must be paid to Durnan to use the well. You can climb down on your own or get lowered by the hoist, as long as you pay the fee. Upon return, the same fee is required to get lifted out of the well. The fee (or its equivalent or better in another in another currency, such as gems) must be put in the hoist's bucket, brought up, examined, and then accepted before the hoist is used to retrieve returning adventurers.

The 200-foot-long rope of the hoist is as thick as a human's wrist and stout enough to hold the weight of ten armored and heavily laden humans. It ends in a metal hook that usually has a stout wooden bucket affixed to it. Tied through the eye of the hook, as well as the hoist-rope, are two stout leather loops that can be wrapped around a body or clung to, and above the hook, at 2-foot intervals, wooden crossbars have been woven through the rope to serve as ladder rungs.

Durnan normally works the hoist alone. Not much strength is required to operate it, since the pulleys do the work and the hoist-winch has cogs to prevent the rope from slipping back down the shaft. A release leaver can be deliberately pulled to send any weight on the rope plummeting to the bottom of the well, should Durnan decide that whatever is rising should not be allowed to reach the top. If Durnan is absent, any other member of the inn's staff can work the hoist.

Castle Ward Locale: Blushing Nymph (Loviatar's Temple)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:25 am
by Xairren
The Blushing Nymph is a very upscale whorehouse known for more exotic pleasures. This aspect of the business is barely hidden behind the well set and provisioned dinning tables of the feast hall.

Hlethvagi Anteos (CoS p42) can sometimes be found at a large back table surrounded by fine food and drink, lovely ladies and other guests who stop by to discuss business.

OOC Location Info wrote:Loviatar's temple is in Under Mountain (L1; see CoS p41-42) and is connected to Waterdeep via the Long Dark Stair under the Blushing Nymph Festhall (C81; see CoS p126; on CoS map p105). Only known followers of Loviatar may freely descend to the temple or escorted initiates attending ceremonies. Even then, most followers only consider it a place under the Blushing Nymph, never guessing how wrong they are.

Those who are not trusted and proven Loviatar followers must speak with a DM about gaining knowledge of and access to the temple.

Market Locale: The Best Kept Secret

PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 12:02 pm
by Xairren
UglyDuckling wrote:In a corner of the great market, is a quiet little out of the way place that is so unassuming most folk pass it by as some random hovel. There is no sign even to indicate this spot as anything else, nothing that makes it stand out from a myriad of other places, save for the constant business it seems to attract.

Amidst the many smells of the market, the smokey aroma of hickory wafts around this place, the Best Kept Secret of the Market.. An eatery that only seats a few dozen at a time, but rarely has an empty seat in the house due to word of mouth advertizing mostly amongst the locals. The food limited in scope, but excelling in quality, focusing on fresh seafood, roast meats, and the best cooked seasonal treats available, including year round barbecued pork and beef. The drink menu is standard, with the exception of the juice offerings, which allow patrons to mix and match any available fruits juiced into a chilly treat. Midday meal is served on a help yourself set up, with all you can eat fresh fruits in season, cold meats, and beans.

A true family run establishment, its owner, Olga Baruch, is a matronly Chondathan who has lived her entire life in Waterdeep. She is quick to laugh, but equally quick to snap her displeasure if someone starts a row. This extends to her children, 16yo Peony and 13yo Petre, who make up the hardworking staff, keeping patrons happy and the tables cleared. There's no talk about where Papa Baruch may be. Olga refuses to discuss it with anyone. The last recognizable fixture of the Secret, is "Posie", a one-eyed mouser who keeps the rats and other rodents out of the diner.

North Ward Locale : Grinning Lion Tavern

PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:13 am
by Failbhe
Tucked away inside a block of homes and businesses just north of the big bend in Golden Serpent Street, this place, adorned with battle trophies (or faked battle trophies) from all over Faerun is as raucous as taverns get in North Ward. An old joke claims the Riven Shield Shop sends all shields beyond repair here, to hang on the walls.

The music is loud, with male and female dancers in fantastically styled and revealing mock armor swaying and pirouetting among the tables.

Real, if broken, weapons hang on the walls everywhere, so disputes are swiftly discouraged by the bouncers. Grasping a patrons upper lip is an effective way to tow him to the door, one told me.

Food consists only of platters of fried onions and eels. I’m told you get to enjoy them, but I couldn’t get past the revolting look and smell. They do NOT serve breads, stews, bacon, eggs, cheese, or pancakes.

Folk really come here to drink—, and drink they do, copiously at a price of 3 cp/tankard of zzar and upwards. Most wine is 2 sp/glass. Tea and Cider are available for those wishing.

I’m told that a certain fat man on a stool at one end of the bar can help visitors buy and sell goods that are rather “warm. The only such patron I spoke to was very rude and emphatic in his rejections.

As a tavern, unlike an inn, there are no rooms to rent here. There is a stable around to the south with a side entrance for those with horses or just wish to enter or exit more discreetly.

Proprietor: Unger Farshal, who owns and runs the Grinning Lion, is bald, close-mouthed, and dangerous-looking.

Trades Locale: Eagle's Landing

PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:02 pm
by driochtor
The small shop is a combination alchemist and tea shop. The shop has large windows in the front with a set of green curtains hanging against the panels of glass and wood. A set of four tables with four chairs each, rest near the windows for patrons to view out. A 'bar' line structure made with worn old wood separates the tables from the herb shop. The walls are lined with wooden canisters that hold a myriad of herbs and ingredients. A fireplace rests near the window but far enough from the tables to offer just enough warmth.

A separate wall holds the various bland teapots, six to be exact, and a set of four cups to go with each. They're not ornate, of course, but add a little shine to the place. Patrons are traditionally given one pot per table, and the mixture of tea can be decided by the patrons, or by Miri herself.

A bird perch rests near the bar and is often accompanied by Xanven, the grey eagle.
Owner: Miri Windrivver
Shop: Tea/Alchemy/Herbal
Operation: Sunrise to sunset for tea, Sunrise to just before midnight for herbs or alchemy.

Re: Specific Location Descriptions

PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:28 pm
by Zach82
Ottery St. Catchpole:

Beau is talkative and overly familiar with the strangers he meets in Waterdeep, which has meant that I’ve had to simply make up details about his home village on the fly. As a result, the little village of Ottery St. Catchpole has become quite detailed.

The Ottonian Barony is a collection of 3 settlements about two day’s walk to the south of Waterdeep, though much of the walk is spent following winding, poorly maintained country lanes well off the main road to Daggerford. The edge of the barony is a half day’s walk from the Ardeep Forest, about which the locals are tremendously superstitious. The Barony consists of three small settlements: Ottery St. Catchpole, Ottery Manor, and a Halfling hamlet called Oak Hoo. The settlements are all rural farming communities a few miles from each other along well-worn tracks. The safety of the villages is ensured mostly by the fact that they don’t have much worth taking. The population is a mix of tenant farmers on the Baron’s land and yeomen on smaller plots, with the usual smattering of craftsmen.

The Barony is ruled by the benevolent Otto family, who owe fealty to Waterdeep, though they are not particularly wealthy and are practically unknown among more respectable noble houses. The current baron, Baron Florin Otto III, called ‘Young Baron Otto’ by many of his subjects, became the baron at the death of his father, ‘Old Baron Otto,’ only a few years ago. The family has been rather reclusive since the Young Baron’s sister was caught hexing the fields in service of an evil god and ruthlessly lynched by the enraged peasants about 10 years ago.


The local Inn and drinking hole is the Bag O’ Nails. Ottery Parish, a shrine of Chauntea, is located in Ottery St. Catchpole. The local militia is based in Ottery Manor, where the Otto family lives.

Local personalities:

Captain Edgar: Fighter and captain of the militia. Has a soft spot for kids and trained Beau in swordplay. Very much a LG sort of warrior that believes deeply in honor and fair play.

Father Burt: Cleric of Chauntea and sole pastor for the three communities. Teaches the local children reading and writing when not engaged in his pastoral duties. Can be rather dry and uptight at times, but his heart is in the right place.

Old Hew: Grouchy, old ranger that tends to the Manor’s woodlands. Teaches archery to willing boys.

Clem the Blacksmith