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Current learnings and a time of change.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 6:45 am
by Jiriki
The sun rises above the spires and magnificent buildings of the city. People are already busy about their business when the Elf steps out of her lodgings and begins the familiar route to the temple district.

Nodding to some officer friends of the watch, she smiles and shares afew words. With other's it's just a breif nod of 'I see you'. The vendor at the early market stall nods his greeting to the Elf maid as he see's her and they also share some words. But then, after a short repast and her usual cinnamon roll with a hot drink of mead, the elf finally continues her way to the temple district.

Reaching the magnificent halls that hold the expansive library, the elf once again pauses and nods in reverence to the clerics she meets. Then pushes the door open silently. Her feet making no sounds as the elf silently treads her way to the table she is usually found at.

The Librarians eyes narrow for a short moment until he see's just who it is this early, then he goes back to his business. Even nodding this morning a brief and curt response to the Elf's polite nod, the response makes both her eyebrows raise slightly in a small show of shock, but then she sits. Setting her bow carefully in front of her on the table. Her quiver set at her hip for comfort and she starts to unroll the scrolls that sit in their cases in front of her. Then taking the paper weights she used before. A blunt Arrow head and an old blunt blade used to trim the fletchings for her own white arrows, she pours over the scroll, reading it carefully. Taking her time. Her eyebrows knitted in concentration and her bottom lip pushed in between her small white teeth slightly as she pays attention to not much else.