The Missing Mayfayre

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The Missing Mayfayre

Postby Dalabrac » Mon Apr 16, 2007 7:29 pm

Loki,Shayle, and Kinnayar were enjoying a quiet Dawn fry
when a young woman came into the Bright Blade running
frantically from Booth to Booth interupting several diners in
the process. when questioned she revealed that she was
looking for the one person to have last seen her Mistress.
Further questioning revealed that it was Lady Mayfayre
and that she had been expected to return from a trip
several days before. The young woman led the trio to the
Ladys' home where they found out that the young woman
was actually Lady Mayfayres' daughter, and out despite her
fathers concern for her safety. In questioning Lord Mayfayre
they find that the recently hired driver was partially
for the disappearance.The trio agree to help in the search for
Lady Mayfayre. In preperation Loki also recruited Kiki to help
in the search.traveling South they come across a burning
house around midday and are informed that the house is the
one where the Lady was reportedly last seen. there they
found a little but a scroll case with a map and lock of red hair
, and tracks leading away heading back to the carriage the
encounter Jiriki who joins them while kiki is scouting ahead
following the tracks. when Kiki returns she informs them
that she has found a road that isn't on the map and that
the tracks follow the new road.Following the two scouts it's
early evening when the tracks turn off into the trees.
At which point Jiriki tumbles down the hill creating a quite
a racket. Down in the gloom she finds a cave in the side
of a hill.Kiki and Jiriki scout around the hill to see if there
is another entrance, finding a building built into the side of
of the hill. the lone door in the building being barred from
inside, Kiki returns to inform the others about the door while
Jiriki sets a trap for any who would come out. After telling
the others Kiki returns to gather Jiriki only to find her talking
with a Gnome who offers to watch her traps while she rejoins
the group they catch up with the others at the bottom of a
staircase that was found inside the cave . Further along they
find rooms specifically designed with extreme torture in mind
one of which held the Missing Lady. Unknown to the others Jiriki had disappeared and gone back to the other entrance only to find all of her traps spoiled the gnome missing and the door closed but unbarred. she enters to find a stable with a door at the rear. going through the door she finds the tack room hearing noises on the other side of a door, she quickly hid and waited to see what would happen.Through the door came what she thought to be a tall human, but it turned out to be the same gnome she had been talking to before.he talks with her for a few minutes then get up and leaves leaving behind a small flat piece of metal with an impression of a key stamped into it. Going through the door that the gnome entered through she found herself in a storage room packed full of boxes and crates packed with various gears and other mechanical equipment.following the only passage through the crates she comes to a door with no obvious way through. All the while Loki,Shayle,and Kinnayar enter a third door which closes behind Loki. Leaving Kiki alone with Lady Mayfayre. She talks to her to help calm her down enough to get some information about her captors. She learns that there are two gnomes and a tall human involved.Loki,Shayle and Kinnayar found themselves in a hexagon shaped room with every surface covered in mirror. A search revealed a removable panel in the floor. below that was a ten foot deep pit with two bodies in it. Kinnayar going down into the pit found a lever which when pulled, opened two doors in the room above. down in the pit he found that one of the bodies was a large human male and the other was a woman who though seriously injured was still alive.Jiriki using the "key" that was left by the gnome opened the door she was examining only to find Loki and the others on the other side and down a short hall. Soon after the doors open , Lady Mayfayre begins screaming in pain, and the party realizes that the device that she is attached to is beginning to pull her apart. Kiki fires an arrow into the gears in hopes of stopping the deviceit did little more than slow it down long enough for the Lady to gasp out about the base. Jiriki searches frantically and finds a small slot at the base of the device using the key she stops the device, but Lady Mayfayre is still "hooked" up to it. Kiki turns to leave and gets to the room at the bottom of the stairs. where she encounters a gnome. Loki Shayle and Kinnayar disgusted with Jiriki leave to catch up with kiki leaving Jirki to deal with freeing the Lady.Catching up with Kiki they find her talking to the gnome. Through questioning him they discover that he has a twin brother who is the one responsible for all that has taken place here. he willingly goes into custody. Jiriki rejoins the group with the Lady and everyone returns to the mirrored room to save toe woman at the bottom of the pitreturning to Silverymoon with various treasures belonging to the Mayfayres the body of the male from the pit and one of the handmaids that were with the Lady. Upon returning her home Lord Mayfayre rewards the party for a job well done and a timely return of his wife.

SUSPECTS, Hugo currently in Rod custody
Unkown human male ( deceased )
Nixoflix (held for questioning and released )
Nortumal Silvershaper (twin to Nixoflix wanted alive
for crimes against Silverymoon Kidnappingand
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