Tragic Assault in Silverymoon

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Tragic Assault in Silverymoon

Postby IanB » Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:13 pm

On Marpenoth 24, late in the night a young woman was brutally attacked by someone posing as a Selunite Priest. The young woman and her travelling companion were attacked with spells and rendered unconscious; then the attacker cut out the woman's eyes. The assailant then started to remove her companion's eyes, but was interrupted by a patrol of Rods rushing to the scene. The assailant was nowhere to be found when the Rods arrived on the scene. They conducted a thorough investigation questioning the victims of the attack, and consulting with the Spellguard to determine the nature of the spells used on the victims.

Citizens are warned that the assailant is still at large, and people should travel in groups until this creature is apprehended. The Rods also formally request that any citizen with knowledge of the attack to come forward with any information that could help identify the attacker.

Rod patrols have been doubled throughout the area, and patrols of Knights in Silver and Spellguard have been recruited to assist in watching for any further attacks.

This crime will not go unpunished, and when the assailant is apprehended they will be punished to the fullest extent of the laws for commiting such a heinous offense against a citizen.

Within hours of the notices being posted, word spreads throughout the city, and stories begin to degrade into wild rumors...

The young woman was a harlot who was punished by her employer, and the man with her was a customer.

The young woman was an avid worshipper at the Temple of Stars, and was attacked by a member of an evil deity for revenge against the Selunites.

The Selunites are considering this a personal affront, and have hired mercenaries to protect the members of the faith, and hunt down the attacker.

There is an impending attack by the Banites, and this attack was meant to make the city's protectors look incompetent.

More rumors are formed by the hour until the story has degraded into a mass of gossip and stories, each wilder than the last. The Rods, with assistance from the Knights and Spellguard, are still investigating the matter.

Postby IanB » Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:15 pm

Another young woman was attacked on the evening of Uktar 2, this time near Auchtareen Lane, a few blocks south of the Docks. The woman, a serving-girl at one of the nearby taverns, was attacked with a spell and blinded via the removal of her eyes. The Rods arrived quickly, but the assailant had again vanished by the time they showed up.

Citizens are again warned to travel in groups until the attacker--now dubbed by many people as the Silvaeren Slasher--is apprehended.

With the influx of adventurers looking to assist in the hunt, the Rods have become very tight-lipped about information regarding the case, and warned potential vigilantes not to confront the Slasher if he is found, but to call for the Rods immediately.

The Bounty Hunter's Guild, meanwhile, has posted warrants for the capture of the Slasher--though their bounty is issued without the city's cooperation, and rumors abound as to who posted for it--but the Guild has none of their customary wealth of information regarding the perpetrator. Those looking into the case will have to go investigating themselves.

Postby IanB » Sun Nov 12, 2006 8:39 pm

The Silvaeren Slasher claimed another victim late last night!

Ingrid Salazar, twin sister of the merchant company leader Selise Salazar, and her two bodyguards were attacked on Nutting Lane under the Elflight Terrace, located in the northern end of Hollowhar. Incapacitating magic was apparently used again to disable both guards, but a struggle allegedly ensued with Lady Salazar before the assailant subdued her.

The Slasher only had time to remove one of Lady Salazar's eyes, however, before a pair of local cellar-guards stumbled onto the scene. One of the cellar-guards called for the Rods and made to assist Lady Salazar and her retinue while the other gave chase to the Slasher.

The Slasher is believed to have escaped, however--as the second cellar-guard, a half-moon elven man named Aleksan Greygrave, is currently unaccounted for.

The Rods issue the same warnings as before--and make it clear that the squad running the investigation, stationed out of the Moorgate Watch-House, have several solid leads and are working on identifying a suspect. With the missing cellar-guard, they reiterate rather explicitly that people should not attempt to pursue or subdue the Slasher if spotted.

Today, though, as if to directly counteract the Rods' words, the Merchants' Guild passed a resolution proposed by Brant Daleforth and Selise Salazar, officially placing a 1,000 gold piece bounty on the head of the Silvaeren Slasher (dead or alive). The nobles are also making louder noises about establishing a city-wide curfew until the Slasher is apprehended, though this idea has yet to gain much traction...

Postby Jiriki » Mon Nov 13, 2006 3:46 am

In answer to this, jiriki is ALREADY scouting out the attack site and searching for clues.
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Postby Ian » Thu Nov 23, 2006 6:15 pm

During a daring attempt to assassinate Captain Meinrad Windermeir and one of his associates on Emerald Lane in the Noblemen's District, the Silvaeren Slasher was killed two nights ago by the Rods while resisting arrest.

According to witness accounts of the battle, the Rods arrived just after Windermeir's associate lost consciousness, and attempted to subdue the Slasher, who was raving about "finally having his vengeance on the Butcher of Burning Cedars." After managing to hold off the entire Rod patrol for several minutes, the weakened Slasher attempted to finish off Windermeir with the last of his strength, only to have his skull caved in from behind! Cleric of Tyr Maera Turian confirmed the Slasher's death at the scene.

The only information released by the Rods at this time regarding the Slasher is his real name: Carter Willowisp, a former Sergeant in the Argent Legion, currently of South Riverwalk Lane in Silverymoon. The Rods had no comment regarding his motives, or in answer to any other questions at this time.

Brant Daleforth, head of the Blacksteel Merchantile Alliance, issued a statement on behalf of the Merchants' Guild the next day. He stated that, in lieu of granting the 1,000g bounty directly to the Rods responsible for the Slasher's capture (not allowed under Rod procedures), it would be given as a donation to the Moorgate Watch-house.

The head of the Rod patrol that brought down the Slasher, Sergeant-at-Arms Sashelis Agramald, said that the donation would probably be used to bolster the Widows' and Orphans' Fund, with the remainder going towards a new dart-board for the watch-house.
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