Have you ever Wondered, what your characters....

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Re: Have you ever Wondered, what your characters....

Postby Stam » Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:58 pm

Raina beat you to that...:)
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Re: Have you ever Wondered, what your characters....

Postby Failbhe » Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:29 pm

Macallan sits, legs folded. A snifter of an orange colored liquor in his left hand. A golden dragon twiddles across the back of the knuckles on his right hand. The coin flickers from gold, to a copper bit, to a silver shard, to a platinum shield then back again the other direction. He raises a brow toward the half-orc.

The half-orc looks at the others, shrugs a bit. An ancient, weather worn leather journal like book is open on his lap as he studies the odd markings on the pages. He rubs his right tusk absent mindedly with his thumb and forefinger, ink smudges clearly visible on the tusk. As he sits there, a misty haze rolls off him. Long tendrils of mist creep across the floor as though it was trying to escape him.

Meanwhile, Vyktar leans back. A mug of mead in hand, his walking staff leaning against the table. He has his bad leg up on a chair. A mechanical wasp the size of a house cat sits perched on the back of the chair. He has a quill and pen in hand, carefully inking out advertisements for The Gond Works.

Fios, clad in the blue ice armor, leans forward. "Talkative bunch, are we not?" he smirks a bit.
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Re: Have you ever Wondered, what your characters....

Postby Kemian » Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:22 am

The priest looked skeptically across the table at the scowling snow elf with the nearly white hair and asked the question, “You said that?”

Devdan tilted an ear in Evander’s direction “Huh?” he said intelligently.

Evander repeated the question “You said that to a God?”

Dev snorted derisively and shrugged, “Yes and I would say it again, It got so mad it nearly eviscerated me.”

And the Sun Elf leaned forward and spoke calmly “So tell us Devdan, Exactly how long have you had this death wish?”

Dev grimaced speaking exasperatedly “I don’t have a death wish, saying to the Godson that he was the son of a motherless cow had eactly the effect I meant for it to, and besides I was protected.”

Enialas arched an eyebrow, “So, you deliberately provoked a deity into attacking you directly because you don’t have a death wish.”

Dev huffed “You are completely missing the point!”
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