Nights by the Sword Coast

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Postby Ian » Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:58 pm

A little while later, Ryan found himself getting a visit from one of the local Watch patrols. Down on the Docks, most of them deal with thieves and worse on a regular basis, so a random passer-by deciding to beat one within an inch of his life doesn't matter much, and they look bored as they approach Ryan.

The sellsword Ryan gets the idea that the Guards are just going their job as they give him a chat--letting him know the official stance that vigilantism isn't preferable to just calling the Watch. More directly and discreetly, the old Guardsman warns Ryan to watch himself: if he takes on a Guild thief, he's likely to see repercussions, and if he gets too enthusiastic with his beatings...well, the Magistrate likes to make examples of those who would deprive a criminal of his Lord-given right to a trial by being so rude as to kill him in the street.

So long as Ryan makes sure everyone survives his little encounters, well, the old Guardsman chuckles and notes he can't say too much about that, then wishes Ryan a good evening as he heads on about his business.
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