A Departure...

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A Departure...

Postby J.C. » Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:25 am

Releasing a long sigh outside the Grinning Lion, the tiefling looks right then left as he spreads his wings lifting slowly into the air. The air is cool on his face as he starts what has become his normal route in and around the city that he has called his home, taking in the smells and temperature changes as he flies low over the buildings.
Flying just high enough to see and hear the noises but not be seen by the casual glance upward, Val makes his final circuit of the city which leaves him continuing eastward out of the city toward a small piece of land that he has purchased.
Upon this small piece of land set back off the road, almost a mile, is a somewhat small tower, nothing fancy, nothing gaudy, just a plain brick and mortar tower with no doors and few arrow slits for windows, and if you should happen to stumble on it by accident you may not see it at all, or will be redirected away from it and the area.
This is the new home of the adventurer named Val Fleetfoot. From this day forward, if you see him it will be rare, if he adventurers it will be even more rare as he has retired from adventuring.
There are a select few that will know where he in in case of emergencies, but to the general public, he will only be a rumor or a remembrance in what could have been a dream..........
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Re: A Departure...

Postby Kemian » Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:08 pm

The Tieflings departure didn't go entirely without note. Devdan had been keeping tabs on his friend and companion and he stood atop the tallest point on the Plinth watching the figure in the sky make his farewell flight. The snow elf raised a hand in greeting when Val drew close and when he did draw away Dev did him the honor of not ligering. Devdan had always valued Val's friendship and he understood only to well the wreckless abandon with which her pursued his foes. He also understood the importance of letting go. So he returned to the bottom of the Plith he refrained from looking up into the sky for his friend trusting that if the day ever came when he needed Val he would show up.
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