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Looking Into Things...

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:55 am
by Ian
Someone in the city was blowing things up, and it wasn't her.

Whoever it was has some excellent toys, though. Genevieve could tell just from a glance at the resulting handiwork as she walked by with the rest of the rubber-necking crowd.

It looked an awful lot like the results of that "special blend" that was coming out of the Silver Marches for a while. She'd always wanted to try out some of that stuff; it sounded like it would be awful for land-clearing or urban use, but maybe for mining--ooh, or underwater demo...? It might just be an indcendiary, can't tell from this distance what the energy/mass displacement ratio or detonation velocity are, or if compression would help. Maybe it could it be crystallized and packed into a fuse, if nothing else, but would it be too reactive? If so, what sort of stabilizer might work with it? Depending on the base compound...

She shook her head. Where was she? Right, unknown wielder of explosives. Bad thing. Only authorized, responsible people (like herself!) should wield explosives.

Maybe it was time to volunteer her assistance to the Watch. If she did, maybe they'd even let her keep the Bad Guy's toys once he's caught. Or at least get a look at his lab. Even if not, she could learn a lot just by getting a detailed look at the crime scene. Yes, that would do nicely.

In the interim, of course, there was work to be done--the load-bearing supports on a couple of those surviving warehouses looked pretty shabby, their owners might have to consider bringing them down and starting from scratch. Oh, bother, business awaits...