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Dragon Heart

Postby Jiriki » Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:47 am

The group met in the market, met with a trader and Kynan found himself in the sole care of a large lump of what appeared at first to be a normal crystal. This crystal though turned out to be anything but normal. Surrounded by what appears to be veins running through it, the crystal it has been found could possibly contain the soul of a large ancient gold dragon named Kinenthurnurnverasal. Ryan, Kynan, Fitz, Sera, Sambiir all discussed at length the steps fowards and have decided to go looking for the other parts of the heart, that appeared in the tale that Sambiir told them. There were discrepancies between his tale and that of the dragon, however.......

As they say... some where in the middle between two stories, is the truth.....

((Use the other thread in IC forums to organise this for coordination purposes, this is only the thread to tell the tale.))
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