A question of Titles

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A question of Titles

Postby Jiriki » Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:20 pm

[10:08:53 PM] Bodycount Brit: *Early afternoon and a light drizzle had begun to fall. Infact, the cobbles of the streets were slick, people were under capes and hoods and cloaks in an attempt to keep dry, but others were content to just walk about as they were, as if they were used to it. It was warm, the type of warmth that makes walking about in armor a sweaty business, but with the light rain that goes with it, for now it's just uncomfortable.*
[10:11:38 PM] LothGar: North ward, far beyond the usual haunts of this half-orc. Well, anywhere beyond the Docks is pretty far, except perhaps for the Lion. Anywhere beyond the Docks could could probably be considered 'up' to... But he answers the call, as he usually does. Does the rain worry him? Not a bit. Working and living close to the ocean means that he is well suited to water and heat. In fact, he is probably MORE comfortable, his armour so light and well oiled as to be nearly inconsequential to the environment anyway. So on he strolls, nary a care in the world, wondering who needs saving today.
[10:14:33 PM] Bodycount Brit: *In stark contrast, North ward is the home to many middle class households and some of the lesser nobles of the city. Shutting down at dusk, it holds only one land mark of note, Cliff watch. However, some in quiet corners might be caught whispering behind their hands of illicit goods being occasionally traded or even maybe stored in this nice local well to do neighbourhood. It is the home of the Grinning Lion, that bastion of good food, good wine and better company. The only thing of note that might be found in the slightest intriguing here would happen to be Cliff watch ruins. An inn that mysteriously got destroyed in an explosion possibly caused by magic that sent huge spouting gouts of flame launching into the air, the ruins themselves have been closed off with a patrol of watchmen and fence. (This land where the inn was, is not for sale)*
[10:15:34 PM] Devon Kihae: If he was up here it was mostly with regards to Chase's family. Mostly. Devon finds himself time off somewhere amidst his daily run of things to.. well, to be here. In no manner of hurry, but present just the same.
[10:19:07 PM] Magerris Ibarra: Magerris likes opportunity, any opportunity, and she's content to snatch it wherever she can find it. She came with all her weapons, bow on her back included, and sauntered (and yet skulked) through the streets of the prestigious neighborhood to the location in question. The rain felt nice on the skin of her face, though the rest was kept hidden from it's cool pleasures.
[10:24:55 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Following the sign that proclaimed stout and honorable heroes are wanted, Arveene hoped she'll pass for or at least be mistaken for all of those things and rely on what skill she can muster to collect some nice reward and invest it in a running tab at one of the many dockside taverns. Sauntering through the rain with a simple worn cloak engulfing her, she makes her way through the slick streets.
[10:28:28 PM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Stout and honorable? Roscoe could do stout and honorable. He made his way armed and armored under a light cloak to keep the rain out. He was on the dog this time feeling maybe it just needed to be rminded who was the boss, all this easy city living wasn't helping either.
[10:29:02 PM] LothGar: He waves merrily as he catches sight of Devon, looking slightly less happy under the warm rain.
[10:29:34 PM] Triston Darian: With a song on his lips and a shake of the hips, the young bard could be seen strutting down the cobbles of the streets despite the rain. He notices a little party forming and decides to gander over for a look see.
[10:29:56 PM] Devon Kihae: Stout and honorable. Yeah.. probably. He wasn't thinking too hard about it when he caught Loth'Gar and waved at the half-orc. "Hello there. Caught wind of this too I see."
[10:31:27 PM] LothGar: "Whatever this is!" He grins, glad that the young squire is here. He defiantly fits the bill anyhow. "Nice weather hey? So where are we headed exactly?"
[10:31:41 PM] Triston Darian: "Fair afternoon to you!" he sings to the group in general. "What's going on?"
[10:33:22 PM] LothGar: He recognises Tristan, another noble if slightly bumbling character. "Well met!" He smiles warmly, glad to have him on-board. "Just saving this fair city once again from the machinations of evil."
[10:33:48 PM] Magerris Ibarra: Her eyes darted from one to the next as the group formed. Magerris canted her head, trying to recall which faces were jogging her memory and which just...weren't. An eye twitches and her ruined mouth curls into a wide grin.
[10:34:42 PM] Triston Darian: With a smile as wide as his ridiculous hat, Triston bows to Loth'Gar "That is a truly a noble intention! Can I be of aid perhaps?"
[10:35:30 PM] Devon Kihae: Well she knew Devon.. they had this odd tendency to run into burning buildings, the both of them. "Not honestly sure yet. Looks like we're still getting more here though."
[10:35:45 PM] Bodycount Brit: *Those gathering slowly find themselves out side the front of another inn, not the Grinning Lion, but one named The Merchants Purse. The door to the inn opens and out comes a rather rotund fellow, rings on his fingers, well dressed and an opulant ruby in one ring that he twists from time to time.* Ahh.... I trust you're here to answer the notice? *his jowls wobble rather fetchingly as he speaks, then jerks his fat thumb to the notice board.*
[10:36:23 PM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Given that she was the only person that he remembers having talked to before Roscoe has his dog stop next to Magerris.
[10:37:00 PM] LothGar: "I'm sure any assistance you can render will be greatly appreciated." He returns the bow, looking to see newer and... stranger faces arriving. He tries not to stare at the woman's ruined face, averting his eyes with a hint of pity.
[10:37:18 PM] Triston Darian: Triston stops in his tracks and peers at the notice questioningly. "Well well well! I can't say I am stout, but I am the noblest of chaps!"
[10:37:58 PM] LothGar: "Aye, we are sir." Loth sketches a quick bow to the man.
[10:38:08 PM] Magerris Ibarra: Her eyes drop to Roscoe quickly. "Small roach." She says in greeting, then turns her attention to the...wealthy man who eats too much. Hm...the wonders that could be done to 'lighten the load' so to speak. In response, Magerris bobs her head.
[10:38:18 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric hurried as quickly as he could.
[10:38:35 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene takes a gander at the others gathering about and looks at the rotund ring-bearer. "I do" she answers him simply.
[10:39:52 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: The Merchants Purse was right there and Aulric slowed down with the dog not even breathing hard, keeping up with the half elf easily.
[10:40:28 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "I'm going too!" Aulric raises his hand to be seen.
[10:42:45 PM] Devon Kihae: "That's what I'm here for, aye." He looked plain as hell to anyone who didn't know him. Old but good studded leather. Dark wooden shield. Nondescript by extremely well made longsword. And the plainest human features ever, in maybe about his early twenties.
[10:42:58 PM] Bodycount Brit: *He head counts, a fat finger raised as he points at them all, then licks his thick rubbery lips and nods to himself.* Right well.. Here's the deal. There's a house that's just come under my acquisition, I've good authority that it's empty of undead. So that's not going to be a problem. But I want to be sure to be honest that it's not going to have hidden skeletons in the closets. *He chuckles at his own joke.*
[10:43:10 PM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe stood up in his saddle to look around at the group
[10:44:08 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric listened to the fat man still breathing a little hard but starting to get control of it.
[10:44:11 PM] Triston Darian: Triston looks to each face at the group around him. "Hmm......hmm......yes...YES! The more the merrier! What a grand adventure this will be!" He jumps up in the air and raises his fist as in victory. Skeletons? The smile somewhat droops and his face pales. "Ah...so that's what we'll be doing?"
[10:44:20 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene's brow rises as though to meet her hairline "this house had walking dead in it -before-?"
[10:45:39 PM] LothGar: Well, not exactly the heroic saving innocents he'd imagined, but it is still going to make the city a safer place... and a merchant happy... so why not. "Could have used a cleric really, from the sounds of it." He says to no-one in particular.
[10:45:54 PM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Ugh, undead, the thought was just as bad as the fat mans pun.
[10:46:48 PM] Magerris Ibarra: Magerris doesn't get the joke, so she cants her head to the other side in curiosity. The reactions of the group are even more amusing, and her grin can't help but slide on her face again.
[10:49:16 PM] Devon Kihae: He tries to smile for their employer. He truly does. It just.. hurts. "We'll go check our the place then sir. Where might it be?"
[10:50:55 PM] Triston Darian: Triston pulls his lute from under his cloak by swinging around it's strap still it's in front of him. He beings plucking at the strings and tuning his instrument. "Yes, YES! Where to sir! So we may vanquish thus said undead foes!"
[10:51:04 PM] Bodycount Brit: Oh no.. *His hands come up placatingly.* No, the clerics at the Spires made sure of that... I have the writ about me. *he fumbles through pockets and brings out a scroll with glorious colour on it, then opens it and looks up.* Oh, yes.. the matter to hand. I'll be waiting back here when you're done. *he starts walking to the location in the North Ward. Through the many different paths that lead through the place. As he walks, he speaks haltingly, as if walking and talking were not things he did normally.*
[10:52:11 PM] Triston Darian: Triston follows slowly, his face open in a ridiculous smile, as he tries to listen to the man and avoid the puddles in the cobblestones.
[10:52:22 PM] Bodycount Brit: Mansions of the rich and powerful fill the wealthy neighborhoods of cities across Faerûn, from Waterdeep to Ravens Bluff to Skuld. Large or small, they still seem quite impressive to the lowly commoners who pass them. As cities change, the desirable neighborhoods change, too, and some of these mansions end up in less desirable parts of the city as the wealthy move to a new area.
[10:52:48 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene turns a skeptical glance to the merchant "Why would you suspect undead are infesting the grounds, master merchant? Were there any before?" she presses
[10:53:26 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric follows the group, watching the group and seeing who he knows.
[10:53:47 PM] Bodycount Brit: *He pauses, his hand resting on a wall as he catches his breath, then speaks again.* I'm getting to that part young lady.
[10:54:32 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene keeps up by the merchant's side, along with the rest of the rag-tag bunch.
[10:54:48 PM] Magerris Ibarra: She walks with the group, giggling behind her teeth at the antics of the group (and Loth's comment about the need of a cleric). She takes note of the houses, finding some to be rather...familiar.
[10:54:53 PM] LothGar: He notices the mans... odd behaviour.... but declines to make comment. Maybe his is ill... That said, if there is a bard along anyway, he calls for some light hearted music to accompany the march. He looks around at the wealth and excess. He believes in improving oneself, but he thinks of all the common people that would benefit from just a small portion of that wealth.... He strolls easily along, probably besides Devon.
[10:55:12 PM] Bodycount Brit: This was the fate of one moderately sized house in the city. When built, it stood in the "right" neighborhood. The neighborhood changed around it, and it now broods in a location of middle-class neighbors. Abandoned now for several years, it has the look almost of a haunted house. Children dare each other to enter the grounds, touch the door, steal something from the grounds, or even spend the night inside the house. No one actually has spent the night in the house, since the door remains locked. Strange lights flicker near the windows from time to time, though no one has found the source. The house even served as the focus of rumors that claimed that undead wandered within its walls and waited to attack the city's populace. Clerics of Lathander investigated the house and found no trace of any undead, but the stories did not die down for a number of months. Among the street people, the stories continue to linger. *He pushes off again when he's finished and takes a breath to continue along the streets past courtyard after courtyard, and up to the ten foot high walls of a compound overgrown.*
[10:55:41 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric recognizes a few of the members of this group and catches up to Devon first," Well met again, Devon. This time with no sudden appearances."
[10:56:29 PM] Triston Darian: Triston begins to pick on his lute in the form of a lively marching tune, loud enough to be heard but low enough to not interrupt the obviously ill and elderly merchant.
[10:57:22 PM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe sort of hung around the back of the group
[10:57:56 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: "And you placed your coin on -that- house? Seems like you are the stout one here, master merchant..." she gives a chuckle
[10:58:27 PM] Devon Kihae: "Likewise Aulric. And yeah, it does smooth things along a bit to show up the old fashioned way. Now.. wow. Err, well; good thing there's a lot of us."
[10:58:32 PM] Bodycount Brit: The mansion was once the home of a powerful family of traders and politicians. People came and went constantly, and sometimes the visitors and inhabitants decided great affairs of state in the living room, or more usually in the salon or game room. Lavish decorations made the house look opulent internally, and the family enjoyed showing off their power and wealth as much as they enjoyed wielding it. However, their influence and power began to decline when people opposed to their point of view began to undermine their relationships with the rulers. At about the same time, the wealthy had begun constructing even more lavish homes in another quarter of the city to escape what they called the "flood of the middle class," which took the form of rising merchants moving into the district. The ambitions of the owners never faded, but they found it increasingly difficult to wield power. Eventually, or so the stories go, the family packed up and moved elsewhere. No one knows where elsewhere is, but a great many people saw wagons come and remove all the possessions from the house, and they saw the adults of the family enter the family carriage and depart town toward the east. Word was that the children had already been sent away. Everyone expected the family to return, since they did not sell the house, but they never did. And the house sits empty, waiting. *He leans against the wall and puffs out his cheeks before wiping his face with a cloth.* My my... *He shakes his head and searches for his breath.*
[10:58:43 PM] LothGar: Loth can't disagree, though he has lived in far worse places.
[11:00:21 PM] Magerris Ibarra: "Ooooooo." Magerris says from her place behind a few of them. A little spook sounded like fun, particularly with this bunch.
[11:01:22 PM] Bodycount Brit: And now.. *he puffs again.* It's mine. *his eyes glint as if he's got great plans for the place.*
[11:01:35 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric moves over to LothGar," Well met again my friend. Interesting way to meet you again."
[11:02:42 PM] Devon Kihae: "But it needs a good thorough going over first. Understandable. Property is tricky that way, making you buy it before you can really look it over half the time. Anything else we should know before we go in?"
[11:02:58 PM] LothGar: "Likewise Aulric, but strange things draw strange people." He winks at the man. "Not sure exactly what he wants" head indicating the merchant "us to do, but I suppose we can look around, perhaps chase out any large rats...."
[11:03:03 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Noticing the house finally Aulric shuts up and starts listening to the man.
[11:03:39 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Yeah, It appears we got some house cleaning to do."
[11:03:49 PM] Bodycount Brit: *He shakes his head. Patting himself down repeatedly, then shaking his head with a deepening frown.* Dammnit... where's that dratted key... *he hands the scroll absently to Devon, then sighs and coughs before hawking up a lump and spitting it onto the ground.* I've lost that bloody key again.
[11:04:31 PM] Devon Kihae: And Devon ends up holding onto it because.. well, he's just that used to being handed shit to hang onto by people in poncy clothing.
[11:04:31 PM] LothGar: "No matter sir, we can get the gates open." He steps forward, ready to... use a different key.
[11:04:37 PM] Triston Darian: Triston keeps up with the marching tune from his lute, looking sympathetic at the man as he stops his long winded tales for a chance to catch his breath. "Well, if there is any bad mojo in the house, I can most certainly sing them away!"
[11:04:57 PM] Bodycount Brit: Oh well, you'll manage and I'm getting the locks changed anyhow when you're all done. *He motions to the wall.* I'll be back in the tavern enjoying a glass or two.
[11:05:12 PM] Bodycount Brit: *And off he walks, leaving you all to it.*
[11:05:46 PM] Bodycount Brit: *A 10-foot-tall stone wall divides the property from the street. Vines have taken root between the rocks, and they cover a small ridge of sharp glass pieces that runs the length of the wall and is designed to keep out thieves.*
[11:05:46 PM] LothGar: "Um... I'll open that lock then..." as he watches him just... walk off. Off he goes. Leaving them 'to it.'
[11:07:07 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric steps back and watches LothGar.
[11:07:20 PM] Magerris Ibarra: Magerris slides her gaze towards Triston and his.. uh..musical instrument. "Roach." She says. "Roach." Her eyes move to the lute and then back to his face. Is he going to play that the WHOLE WAY?
[11:07:21 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: "It's a tale to woe..." Arveene says in a vapid voice as she stifles a yawn, though she does start to wonder if the children ever did leave that mansion alive. She didn't question the merchant's motives in regards to the house, assuming his intent is to buy it cheap, renovate and sell to some lavish noble at an exorbitant price. She curves a wicked smirk as she watches the lock-fumbling in action. She looks up at the stone wall and then around the wall...
[11:07:34 PM] Bodycount Brit: *From the closed and rusted gate, one can see gardens that once were well-groomed but now appear to be wilderness tracts, with the plants trying to choke each other out in a fierce competition for scant nourishment. A large expanse of lawn to the right of the gate is knee-deep in grass and weeds. A gravel-and-dirt carriageway meanders from the gate through the gardens and to the house.*
[11:08:55 PM] LothGar: "I see no needles, blades or the like..." As he examines the lock carefully...
[11:09:08 PM] Triston Darian: Triston smiles at the poor girl with the many scars while playing his lute "You know, if you'll allow me, I could use some makeup and....uh....hide those....scars.."
[11:09:45 PM] LothGar: Hm.... in goes a long pick, a subtle twist here, there....
[11:09:57 PM] Bodycount Brit: *It takes a few attempts to get the angle right, but suddenly the lock goes and springs open.*
[11:10:37 PM] Triston Darian: Success! Triston strings out a cord that seems to sparkle in the air and send goosebumps to those who could feel them.
[11:10:45 PM] LothGar: "There we go!" He stands and smiles brightly. "After you." He politely allows the ladies to enter first, seeing as no dragons are waiting on the lawn.
[11:11:02 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Well done Loth."
[11:11:57 PM] Devon Kihae: He missed most of Loth'Gar's efforts.. mostly because he was staring at Triston and blinking a little. And glancing back and forth from him and Magerris. But on word of success and all that.. "Excellent! Let's get started." And he's off. (They're all off. Some more than others.)
[11:12:23 PM] Bodycount Brit: *Aaround back to the right where the roof of a carriage house pops into sight. Weeds poke through the stones of the carriageway in random patches, and small whirlwinds play about the carriage drive almost all the time.*
[11:12:32 PM] Magerris Ibarra: "Make up?" She's heard of actors makeup, thanks to Davious. She even saw the play once where someone dressed up like the Raven Queen. But Magerris in it? That seemed odd. Suddenly her attention was directed at the lock. Magerris stepped forward to make her way through the gate.
[11:12:42 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Finally!" Arveene chuckles and nods at the h'orc and strides past him, through the gate. She shakes her head at his unexpected chivalry (or perhaps he merely hoped to check the grounds for traps the old fashioned way - by sending a dupe over and wait for the snap of a trap). "Let's move all together, people?" she suggests.
[11:13:41 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric follows the group staying behind so that Sarafina and King could keep an eye behind them.
[11:13:57 PM] LothGar: He follows behind the others, though moves forward to the front, where his skills in scouting may be best utilised.
[11:15:36 PM] LothGar: "Direct approach do you think?" He waves one long arm to the front door.
[11:16:12 PM] Triston Darian: Triston follows somewhere in the middle, still strumming on his lute, making music that sounds almost spooky and mysterious. He makes long slow steps and squats down somewhat as he looks side to side, as if looking for something to pop out suddenly and swallow him whole.
[11:16:20 PM] Bodycount Brit: *Your boots crunch on the old stones, some are dislodged by the plant life, the garden is overgrown, weeds grow where flowers once had their rule. It'd take a long while to get this up to scratch again. The two-story house has seen better days. Weather has taken its toll on the wood and the paint, and some of the ornately decorated pieces have been pried off by opportunistic looters and now adorn other dwellings. The doors are intact and locked against the outside world. Several of the glass windows are broken, but someone has covered them over on the inside with boards, to keep the rain out. The intact windows have boards on them as well, giving the appearance that the house has its eyes closed. In fact, from the outside it appears no inhabitants lurk within at all, though there are chinks in the boards and between them that allows light through when light is present.*
[11:16:59 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Making her way to the dilapidated front doors, Arveene eyes the aging courtyard and casts her glance away from the dead carriage and onto the dead house. "Here. We. Go!" this time she isn't waiting for any lock-fumbling, her boot aims straight for the door with the intent of making the way for the group.
[11:17:59 PM] LothGar: He rolls his eyes, staying far enough back that any wardings that may be unleashed are not going to blast his face off...
[11:19:11 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric watches everyone wondering which house they're going to go too first.
[11:19:23 PM] Bodycount Brit: *Arveene is lifting her foot towards the Main House.*
[11:20:18 PM] Devon Kihae: He eyed the little dust devils a bit. That was odd to say the least, but it didn't seem to be reason to detour. He'd reach into a pocket for what looked like an odd seashell that let off a soft azure light. Getting that ready while Arveene uses her own 'other' key.
[11:20:27 PM] Triston Darian: Triston spots her efforts and beings strumming on his lute in a lively fashion, as if urging her on!
[11:22:19 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric shrugs and follows them all. "Sasrafina keep an eye behind me. I don't want a skeleton sneaking up on us ,okay." Aulric glances at his weasel before leading King and following the others.
[11:23:44 PM] Magerris Ibarra: Magerris walks with careful steps, even in such an open space. She's quiet, though with Arveene's ruckus.... Magerris twitches her nose. Mag moves slowly to position herself between the two buildings. Her gloved hand pulls out her wooden holy simple and she begins chanting. "Our Lord who guides the lions, show the way of magic." When she gains nothing from the house, Magerris gives a small snarl and slides her symbol away.
[11:24:02 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The door........ doesn't budge. The well aimed kick doesn't seem to do it any good what so ever. Nor does it do Arveene's leg any good either.*
[11:25:19 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene staggers back, grunting against the pain and gives the door a baleful glare as she limps back a couple of steps in shameful defeat.
[11:25:29 PM] LothGar: He is to polite to laugh openly, but his eyes shine in silent amusement. At least nothing exploded he thinks. "Ahem. Shall I try?" He asks politely, trying not to shame the woman.
[11:25:58 PM] LothGar: Stepping forward, he begins a careful examination of the door...
[11:26:00 PM] Devon Kihae: He'd end up giving Loth'Gar a pat on the shoulder. "..Yeah why don't you give that a shot."
[11:26:10 PM] Triston Darian: Triston picks his lute off tune and chuckles. "Are you hurt my dear?" he asks.
[11:26:46 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: "I'm just warming up!" she protests in an unladylike grunt, biting through the pain as she sends another kick at the door.
[11:27:01 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric smiles while watching.
[11:29:01 PM] Bodycount Brit: *This time, even Lothgar's picking fails him... and it's as if with anger, that Arveene kicks the door again. This time, the door crunches, or something does between the two main doors and with a creak, they fall open.*
[11:30:04 PM] LothGar: "Urgh, stop kicking please!" He laughs in good nature. "Making the door wobble!" His first attempt not going well with the mad lady hammering on the door. "Ah, we're in!" He stands, smiling, thinking how ridiculous this whole caper is turning out. "After you Tempest!" He calls to Arveene.
[11:30:24 PM] Triston Darian: "HUZZAH!" Triston shouts in perfect timing amid the flying splinters as the door cracks open. "Remind me to never be on her bad side."
[11:30:52 PM] Bodycount Brit: *Those behind Arveene, see just how close she got to kicking the Half Orc instead.*
[11:31:32 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric shrugs," Well this is going to be interesting!" to no one in general.
[11:32:12 PM] Devon Kihae: "Well that.. works." He was trying not to grin.. trying. It wasn't going so well. When it opens though he'd be one of the first in. Carrying that odd bright shell out as a torch of sorts.
[11:32:56 PM] LothGar: He follows Devon, sharing in the amusement. An interesting adventure this will be!
[11:33:03 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The interior of the house is stark and empty. All of the possessions that once had places of esteem here, and which once delighted or awed the nobility of the city, left with the former owners. The paint has peeled and cracked, and the wood looks weathered. The air inside smells slightly stale, but is breathable.*
[11:33:08 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene humphs and pats the h'orc on the shoulder "you're welcome" she says in a soft whisper-like voice - stifling the pain from pounding at the stubborn door. She tries not to limp as she saunters forth into the dank mansion's dark maw. "may the gods light our way... Though if anybody has a torch handy, I am certain they wouldn't mind that either..." she suggests with a smirk "and may Lady Doom stay her wicked grin from our venture, yeah?"
[11:34:48 PM] LothGar: while he doesn't need it, the light from Devons magical shell is enough for the orc to see around him. "Looks empty." He comments to the squire, though he thinks perhaps it is time to draw his crossbow, since there may be rats that need chasing out.
[11:35:59 PM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe showed back up at the back of the group having somehow procured a chicken leg. He takes a bit out of it. "I hope this goes better than the last house I went in to." he took a bit out of the chicken leg and gave the rest to his riding dog as he tied the rains off to a post. He wipes off his hands and follows the rest into the house.
[11:36:36 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Shall we take a gander at their basement? Maybe the vampires are sleeping..." she grins and laughs quietly, the cloak still draped around her, though the hilt of her sword pokes out of it, hanging by her shoulder.
[11:36:38 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric draws his MW heavy crossbow off his back and gets it loaded and then follows the others in the house. "Remember Sarafina, keep eyes behind me." Aulric mutters to his familiar again.
[11:36:44 PM] Magerris Ibarra: Magerris follows the group in, sliding her bow off and getting it semi ready...should she need to assault some..things. Truthfully, she'd like to see some undead; it doesn't happen very often.
[11:37:33 PM] Devon Kihae: Devon, having the patently useless eyes any human does, needs the light. Really, how do they even get by? So he's near the front of the pack to get in and see.. nothing? Yep. Nothing. Lots of it. "Basement sounds alright. We'll just go from the bottom up."
[11:37:55 PM] Triston Darian: Triston walks in boldly, chest puffed out as if he found new courage in the defeat of the wooden door. He marches to the middle of the room and turns around. Crack of his fingers, a roll of the neck as he cracks that too, clears his throat, and belts out so loudly that it vibrates off the walls and rattles the windows, shaking some of the broken shards. "HELLOOO! ARE THERE ANY MONSTERS IN HERE!!"
[11:38:09 PM] LothGar: He leaves his bolt unloaded, but is happy to start in the basement, assuming the house has one. "A good place to begin."
[11:38:16 PM] Roscoe Hilltopple: "Last time I did that we almost got over run by zombies from the upstairs."
[11:38:56 PM] Bodycount Brit: *Turning to look left, the place is empty, there are cracks of light that can be seen between the boards of the place. But all the trappings of society are gone. The wallpaper adorning the walls looks expensive, but rather dated. To the right, a long corridor sits. Meanwhile, straight ahead, are stairs.*
[11:39:36 PM] Magerris Ibarra: It is that moment that Mag's bow rises just enough to show her contemplation of shooting Triston, if only for how deeply annoying that was. Her eye twitches and she lets out a small growl, dropping her bow back at her side. There are some things she just can't tolerate.
[11:40:20 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Good!" she boasts to Roscoe "maybe this time they'll come to us, then, and we won't have to look for them..." she curves a smirk at that, and secretly hopes to the gods this won't be the case - but with her luck...
[11:40:28 PM] Triston Darian: Triston pauses as puts his hand to his ear, as if listening for a response
[11:41:01 PM] Bodycount Brit: *And of course, there's no reply to that rather loud bellow.*
[11:42:06 PM] Triston Darian: Again a smile as wide as his huge hat. "Well, I suppose that clears this house. Next one?" he asks jokingly.
[11:42:11 PM] LothGar: He shrugs, turning right to follow the corridor...
[11:42:20 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The floor as you walk in through the doors into that main opening certainly sounds empty.*
[11:42:39 PM] Magerris Ibarra: Magerris falls to the back slowly, and tries (in vain) to slip into the darkness of the house. She follows right behind the group now, keeping the lot of them in sight.
[11:43:42 PM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe sighs "How about you head on to the next one and we'll catch up?" He takes a moment to draw out his bow and slide his quiver around on his belt
[11:44:04 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Walking along with LothGar, Arveene eyes the gutted remains of the luxury of old decorating the walls in crumbling glory, hiding from her in the dark "hey--" she realizes she never did learn this h'orc's name "what do you see on those walls? those decorations?" she wonders.
[11:44:12 PM] Bodycount Brit [»] LothGar: *The corridor leads past the closed up and blinkered windows. There are doors to your left, and one straight ahead.*
[11:45:00 PM] Devon Kihae: It's really not that hard to keep Devon in sight at least. I mean.. he's carrying around a damn halogen seashell. Also a pretty hefty wooden shield and with his hand on a sword hilt. He'd start with eyeing the stairs. Then takes off to follow Loth'Gar and Arveene, and see what she was asking about regarding decor.
[11:45:10 PM] Triston Darian: Triston grins and follows, silently for once, looking most carefree as he studies his surroundings.
[11:45:19 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric sighes as he follows the group, hoping that no one tries to kill a certain someone in the group.
[11:45:59 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The corridor leads past the closed up and blinkered windows. There are doors to your left, and one straight ahead.*
[11:46:12 PM] LothGar: Well, as he walks he first reaches a door to the left. "Ruins of time." He replies, though his eyes dart around, looking carefully at everything. He looks at the door to the left, and carefully checks the handle, unless his enthused companion is going to kick everything open.
[11:47:20 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric ,King and Sara are in front of Mag then.
[11:48:08 PM] LothGar: He taps the door with his unloaded crossbow... Looks clear...
[11:49:48 PM] LothGar: He opens the door, peering inside...
[11:51:36 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene keeps at Loth'Gar's side, the shadows invade her cloak and swallow her face as they delve further into the dead mansion. "Do you suppose the merchant told us the whole tale? Everything here looks old, dead, empty and in disrepair - but if the Lathandarans cleared this place before, there's no sign of their passage, is there not? One would expect the place to seem a little less like the rear end of a cave troll, after all..."
[11:52:02 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: (okay then, Aulridc is #5, Roscoe #6, and Mag is #7)
[11:52:42 PM] Devon Kihae: Devon did his level best not to make a racket following them down. "Well.. possibly. So far it just seems empty to me, but that's how it's supposed to be. Right?"
[11:54:00 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The house does not seem to be in disrepair, that's the odd part of it. It seems to be in relatively GOOD repair.*
[11:54:28 PM] LothGar: "He did not mention exactly when the priests scoured the house. It would be possible, even likely that someone or something has moved into these ruins in the time it has been empty." He agrees with Arveene. "Could be as simple as that to Devon. Though I doubt the merchant thinks so. He was... not quite right."
[11:58:30 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Seems he may have been right about someone or something making its lair here - the walls appear newer and much more well maintained than I imagined earlier. I think this stroll is about to get more interesting as soon as we let our guard down." she takes a glance at Loth'Gar "I am Arveene, by the way."
[12:00:26 AM] LothGar: "A pleasure Arveene, I am Loth'Gar, ship builder by day, adventurer when I can." He thinks ambush is likely, though he is not overly concerned yet. Ah, benefits to the unwise hey?
[12:02:20 AM] Devon Kihae: Devon found himself musing quietly. Trying to sort out the possible causes. "...Huh. I wonder if it's just.. if it's had someone using the property. A 'haunted' house would make for an attractive hideout for the types who want that sort of thing." -and then there's shouting. Which promptly makes him go dead silent. Hand reaching for the sword hilt again.
[12:03:13 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric stays quiet with King besides him. Sarafina is wrapped around his neck facing the back of him watvching the other two members and beyond.
[12:03:37 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Startled by the sounds, she gasps quietly and tenses. "What in the Nine Hells was that?" she whispers sharply.
[12:06:44 AM] LothGar: He holds his crossbow ready but unloaded. He remembers well the last time shots were fired at an unknown assailant. A child almost paid the price for their foolery.
[12:10:17 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene sees only the room ahead of them, where the blood-curdling sounds came from, tensing, she shoots a glance at Loth'Gar and touches the hilt of her sword. She points at the door, as if asking if he wants them to brave it.
[12:10:36 AM] Bodycount Brit: *The sounds are a loud cacophony din of a rampage of noise.* (Tristan is afk indefinitely)
[12:11:54 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "We have a plan of aTTACK anyone?" Aulric speaks up.
[12:12:53 AM] LothGar: Well, best to at least take a look? Being rather stout of heart, he nods to Arve and makes towards the door.
[12:13:43 AM] Magerris Ibarra: Magerris doesn't say a word. She merely shakes her head, brows furrowing slowly as she looks from each team mate to the other. Her lips part and she giggles, starting to mumble to herself.
[12:15:56 AM] Devon Kihae: Devon looks a bit on the cross-eyed side for a moment. Then promptly starts to try to say something, and fails it. Resulting in a stuttering hiss of sorts. All this happens while he seems to be struggling to get a grip on himself, and starts pulling his sword free..
[12:17:01 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric glances at Mag," You okay Mag?" and then noticing Devon," Dev what's going on with you?"
[12:17:30 AM] LothGar: "Uh... Devon?" He notices the odd behaviors. "Madam?" Since he doesn't know Magerris.
[12:18:19 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe was about to say something snide and nothing but jibberish fell out of his mouth. He arached a brow and tried to curse but just stood there babbling on.
[12:19:26 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Raising an eyebrow at Roscoe, "Okay this is weird."
[12:19:30 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Unsure if the cacophony of horrors coming from the room ahead scared her more than the odd sounds coming from her would-be companions, but Arveene lunges forth, dashing as quietly as she can to the door, and waiting aside it for Loth'Gar. She forces a confident grin on her lips, as though she was mocking the danger.
[12:25:14 AM] Bodycount Brit: Amended order. ---> all of Aulrics things go at the same time cos it's confusing otherwise. Then it's Arveene, then it's Magerris, then it's Rosco, Devon, then Lothgar.)
[12:33:27 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric looks around at the mess that's happening , and activates his bracelet of lesser vigor and kneels where he's at and aims his crossbow ready to fire at what ever comes out the door that Loth is beside.
[12:36:53 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene dashes forth towards the door, her hand grabs the hilt of her sword and she pulls at it, drawing it in the sharp sound of a blade slinking out of its sheath. The blade takes her cloak along and exposes the strange armor of the white-haired rascal as she makes for the door, oversized sword in both hands.
[12:43:36 AM] Magerris Ibarra: Magerris tilts her head, her lips moving quickly, and her brows furrow as if trying to make sense of something. Her gaze shifts from one person to another until...until it sets on Aulric. Then a slow grin begins to form and she lifts her bow, sending an arrow his way.
[12:46:05 AM] Bodycount Brit: *The arrow hits Aulric!*
[12:47:18 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Feeling a sudden pain in his back, Aulric turns and looks behind him seeing an arrow sticking out of his backside.," Great! This is going to hurt."
[12:49:18 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe will watch this all go down and continue to babble incoherently.
[12:52:32 AM] Devon Kihae: Well, whatever had gone and crawled up into Devon's brain and left him looking crazed was apparently in charge for the moment. He seemed kind of absent, like he was afraid of deciding on a course of action, yet all through this expression he raises his sword and tries to bring it down on Loth'Gar.
[12:55:37 AM] LothGar: "Snap out of it you lot!" He takes a serious blow to the shoulder, deep and bloody. He cries out in pain, knowing something is wrong. He swiftly kicks the squire in the nuts (purely RP action) and swears at him. The others started acting odd and hostile after whatever that screaming and commotion was. He thinks it would be wisest (something he is known NOT to be) to see to that first in the hopes the others can recover their wits. He drops his crossbow and draws Dogslicer, moving to stand by Arveene, fiddling with one of his rings, the one set with a large yellow stone.
[01:00:35 AM] Triston Darian: Triston opens his mouth as his eyes glaze over "The barn door is open, where's me light? Samantha, why are you naked? Even the cat is scared of you!"
[01:03:18 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "What the hells!" Aulric activates his shield and starts preparing magic missile spell. Hoping the three members don't attack him any further.
[01:06:32 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Leaving her crazed companions behind to fend for themselves until or if they ever get their minds back, Arveene dashes to the door in front of her and Loth'Gar.
[01:09:55 AM] Magerris Ibarra: Maggie seems relentless in her assumption that Aulric is the enemy. She fires another arrow at him and cackles behind her teeth.
[01:17:11 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe finally looked like he had had enough and wether he was about to shoot Mags out of frustration malice or confusion wasn't clear
[01:19:08 AM] Magerris Ibarra: A bolt lodges itself in the top of her thigh, forcing the woman to let out a sound of fury, only to be touched by a giggle of glee.
[01:19:27 AM] Devon Kihae: It was the kick to the nadgers that did it. He'd gone from confused and erratic to focused and erratic. After a damn near girly yelp and some pee-pee-dancing motions he ended up in a sort of wobbly legged run right for the half-orc.
[01:22:38 AM] LothGar: He roars in pain as Devon stabs him through the thigh! It is all he can do not to plunge his sword right through his eye there and then!
[01:23:55 AM] Triston Darian: "Aww fuck, I smelt the skunk." Triston mumbles as he scratches his behind. "These doors taste a lot like pumpernickel and socks."
[01:24:43 AM] Bodycount Brit: *Meanwhile, in the other room. Suddenly, Arveene barges through that door and the SOUND STOPS... She sees (pm coming)*
[01:25:11 AM] Triston Darian: Triston blinks a few times, as some sort of sanity comes back to his eyes. He looks around to see what the fuss is all about, and sees the blood. "What...what....what just happened?"
[01:26:47 AM] Bodycount Brit: *Then, from the doorway that Arveene opened, a ball of light shoots across the ceiling and out round the corner.*
[01:26:51 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "What bloody happened! I'll tell you what's happened after some one takes the damn arrow out of my back that Mag decided to stick in me!"
[01:27:30 AM] Devon Kihae: And it ends with him.. well, with his sword buried a pretty solid ways into Loth'Gar's shoulder again. He kind of wobbles on his legs when it starts to pass over him. Arms going numb, but not yet dropping anything. Looking, for all that the effect passed, still very confused. Then? He tried to step back from the wounded half-orc out of some instinctive feeling. And he promptly found himself ass to the ground with blinding pain in his nutsack.
[01:27:49 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "What the ........"
[01:27:30 AM] Devon Kihae: And it ends with him.. well, with his sword buried a pretty solid ways into Loth'Gar's shoulder again. He kind of wobbles on his legs when it starts to pass over him. Arms going numb, but not yet dropping anything. Looking, for all that the effect passed, still very confused. Then? He tried to step back from the wounded half-orc out of some instinctive feeling. And he promptly found himself ass to the ground with blinding pain in his nutsack.
[01:28:51 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Well! Well! What have we here?" Arveene calls out smugly as she dashes forth, as though towards whatever she sees there - but instead of plunging into it, she leaves the floor in a somersault over the mystery guest, intent on landing behind him in order to get him surrounded.
[01:29:14 AM] LothGar: He gingerly takes the sword from his shoulder, letting out a grunt of pain despite his best efforts and letting the blade clatter to the ground. His wounds begin to close, though slowly. "I take it you're back with us." He says in a strained voice.
[01:30:22 AM] Magerris Ibarra: Magerris blinks, looking to her bow and then towards Aulric. She lowers it slowly and can't help but look down at the bolt in her leg. "Magerris hit."
[01:30:22 AM] Magerris Ibarra: Magerris blinks, looking to her bow and then towards Aulric. She lowers it slowly and can't help but look down at the bolt in her leg. "Magerris hit."
[01:30:46 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene's unseen somersault is a dazzling thing that nearly defies gravity itself, she twists and turns midair and lands perfectly as a cat.
[01:30:54 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric turns to Mag," Mag sticks Aulric!"
[01:30:57 AM] Devon Kihae: Loth'Gar's voice was strained. Devon's had gone up an octave. He had also gone cross-eyed and suddenly found a new goal in life. Not peeing himself right this very minute. "I missed something there."
[01:31:17 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe had another arrow in hand and stopped and blinked. The tiny arrow in Magerris leg looked just like the one in Roscoes hand "Uh..."
[01:32:19 AM] LothGar: "You went wild after we heard the cry and hurt both yourself and me." He is leaning for support, though he stands still and ready to act.
[01:32:25 AM] Triston Darian: "Should....we follow that light?" Triston asks as he rubs his temples. He sees the wounds and lets out a sigh. He walks over to Magerris. "Here, let me help you with that." he says gingerly, and tries to pull out the bolt as he kneels down.
[01:32:41 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: After calming down," Maggeris, could you please pull the srrow out of my back so my bracelet can finish healing me properly?"
[01:32:49 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Then emerges a torrent of angry sounds in a strange, off-putting language. Anyone versed in the Turmic would recognize the ill-placed string of dreadful slurs and cuss words.
[01:33:33 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Okay maybe Triston could you pull the arrow out of my back?"
[01:33:49 AM] Devon Kihae: The fact that he's actually not versed in Turmic would surprise him, if he wasn't trying not to pee. And trying to stand up. And trying.. hells, the half-orc looked bad. "Tymora's tits, that.. that looks kind of bad."
[01:34:06 AM] Magerris Ibarra: Mag doesn't seem very concerned for Aulric. He's upset about her shooting him, but Mag is more concerned about the bolt sticking out of her leg. She reaches down to 'pluck' it out, giving out an audible groan of pain. But then there's triston helping her. She blinks. "No no. No touch. No touch Mageriss."
[01:35:51 AM] LothGar: "Thank you for noticing." He says in an uncharacteristically sarcastic tone. "As his wounds mend, he begins to smile again. "Some excellent sword play there by the way. I have no idea what happened, but you first hit yourself..." He grimaces and looks to the mans groin "then drew and attacked me." He offers the squire a hand up.
[01:36:27 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe frowned a bit and walked over to Magerris "Uh, sorry, not sure what the hells just happened there." he apologises with no small amount of shame
[01:37:32 AM] Devon Kihae: He looks down at his groin a moment. Not quite getting up yet. "...Good thing I hadn't drawn the sword yet..?" Then accepts the arm, a little unsteady sill. "I owe you all the beer. All of it."
[01:37:38 AM] Magerris Ibarra: Triston doesn't heed her warning, and she tries not to pummel him in the face. She manages at first, but she's clearly having a hard time holding it back. Finally she gives in and Mag lifts her fist to pound into Triston's Shoulder. "NOTOUCH!"
[01:38:59 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Walking back out of the room, Arveene looks at the group with irritation in her eyes. "There was someone here" she says in a defeated sigh "and this someone, a pugly little midget if ever I laid eyes on one, made itself scarce in the space of a blink. I got a good look at the little fiend, and it looked very much alive."
[01:39:26 AM] Triston Darian: "Ow!" Triston backs away and rubs his shoulder. "I didn't even touch you, you big sissy!" he stands up, rolling his shoulder as he frowns. "That's the kind of thanks I get?" he shakes his head and goes over to help Aulric. "Hold still." he says and puts his hand on the shaft of the arrow. "On three." he says as he suddenly yanks it out of his back.
[01:39:43 AM] LothGar: He laughs, just glad that neither were permanently hurt (well, Devon may not be having children any time soon...). His wounds are still bleeding badly, but his magic has closed the worst of it. "Well it won't be for long if it tries that again!"
[01:40:36 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric turns,"Thanks."
[01:41:08 AM] Triston Darian: "I saw a bright light shoot down the corner that way." Triston says as he drops the arrow to the ground, still frowning a bit in Magerris's direction.
[01:41:47 AM] Devon Kihae: "..Pugly little midget?" He'd blink a bit. Head tilting slowly. "..Huh." Then shivers, and takes his own look over Loth'gar, before joining the rest in checking out which way it went. "Uhm. Triston, could you..?" He'd jerk a thumb at the half-orc, still bleeding.
[01:42:25 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: He shakes his head, the woman did say not to touch her
[01:43:38 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric noticing Loth's wounds," Loth do you need a healing potion?"
[01:43:53 AM] LothGar: He retrieves his crossbow, joining the others in the hall. "So, we had best find this trickster before it starts a riot somewhere."
[01:44:28 AM] Magerris Ibarra: "Magerris say to roach. No touch. Roach not listen. Roach hurt. Think better. Not touch." She looks to those injured and scrunched her nose a little. She couldn't help them. Absently, Mag touched at where the wound had been.
[01:45:08 AM] Triston Darian: "I'm sorry, but that was the only spell I have. I'm not much of spell caster yet I'm afraid." Triston says with sad sad puppy eyes. Then, a sly grin plays on his face. "However, there is little a good SONG can cure!" he says as he suddenly slides out his lute and starts to play a lively tune that seems to fill up the air with warmth and laughter. Not really, but it was the feeling you got while listening to it.
[01:45:11 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "He looked much like a filthy beggar, and wore only a rugged pair of breeches - yet he tossed sorcery at us. This is beyond odd. I suppose the good news are that this place -probably- doesn't have the walking dead in it"
[01:45:57 AM] LothGar: He heads into the room where it had been hiding, seeing if it had a lair or some-such of the begger man.
[01:46:35 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Sheathing back her sword and picking up her cloak again, Arveene crosses her arms and grunts "are we to stand about all night, then? Let's move, people, we sorry lot yet have work to do!"
[01:46:43 AM] Devon Kihae: "That's really weird." Really, really weird. He'd hesitantly look around that corner himself. "Really.. really weird, and I want to have words over it. Or boots."
[01:47:00 AM] Bodycount Brit: *Where Lothgar goes, he finds the kitchen to the house. A big room, with pots and pans thrown all over the place, some are dented in a massive way. On the walls, seems to be words.*
[01:47:02 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric pulls his wand out of and uses it on himself (mage armor)
[01:48:38 AM] Triston Darian: Triston skips to his own song as he follows Loth'Gar into the room, subtly changing his tune to a more mysterious note.
[01:49:27 AM] LothGar: He pokes around, using his sword to move the junk. Not seeing anything obvious, he returns to the corridor. "How about this room?" He tries another, motioning to Arveene to do so to the other.
[01:49:40 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric then puts his one necklace away in one of his pouches and then attaches a chronocharm. After all that he picks up his cross bow and stays in the hallway keeping watch down the hallway the light went.
[01:49:47 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe stays at the back of the group with Magerris keeping an eye out for anything that might be coming down the stairs behind them
[01:49:55 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Moving along after Loth'Gar and Triston, Arveene makes her way through the room, her hand nervously grabbing the hilt of her sword as she goes to the door at the edge of the room. "Loth'Gar..." she calls his attention to the door.
[01:50:28 AM] Magerris Ibarra: With a grumble and a growl behind her teethm she follows the group.
[01:51:30 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene moves along with Loth'Gar towards the door of his choosing, she feels for the handle this time, rather than risk another tussle with a door.
[01:51:38 AM] Devon Kihae: He'd be waiting hesitantly beside Loth'Gar at that point. Sword sheathed. Looking juuuust shy of paranoid, but luckily no longer terrified of his bladder.
[01:51:45 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Looking at Roscoe quickly and then back down the hallway," So Roscoe, you won't attack me right?"
[01:51:50 AM] Bodycount Brit: *That door opens easily enough, again, it's empty, some of the floor boards look to have been very artistically repaired in here.*
[01:52:19 AM] LothGar: "Best check the last one to." He rumbles, moving to the final door...
[01:55:46 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Going along with Loth'Gar, Arveene draws her sword once more and holds it at the ready for whatever lies past this door.
[01:55:50 AM] Triston Darian: "You know, those stairs looks promising. They were such nice stairs." Triston says as he turns back around and back towards the corridor.
[01:55:50 AM] LothGar: Looks clear, so he tries the handle.
[01:58:31 AM] Triston Darian: Triston keeps playing on his lute and walks closer to the stairs, humming to himself and dancing a little bit, as if nothing bad had ever happened.
[01:58:48 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric glances down the hall where the others are to see if they're coming back soon.
[01:59:20 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "I think I've seen enough empty rooms and pantries - shall we brave the upper floor? Maybe the little rascal's waiting for us there in ambush..." she humphs.
[01:59:34 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Seeing Triston, Aulric smiles and turns back to watch the stairs.
[02:00:27 AM] LothGar: He has a cursory examination of the pantry. Nothing to see, he returns to the entry hall and the stairs. "Think the light went up there?" He asks, hoping it just flew out the house and far away to never return.
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Re: A question of Titles

Postby Jiriki » Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:22 pm

[02:01:11 AM] Magerris Ibarra: Magerris seems to slide easily in the darkness, her foot falls quieting.
[02:01:13 AM] Devon Kihae: He glanced at Loth again, or rather at the man's shoulders. All the beer. All of it. "I'll head up first and look around. Hold this." 'This' meaning his sword apparently. Just in case.
[02:02:35 AM] LothGar: He takes it gingerly in his free hand, wincing as the weight tugs his shoulder a little. He holds it a moment... then hands it back to Devon. "It's alright, I trust you will use it better this time."
[02:02:38 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Walking along with Loth'Gar, she watches Devon march up the stairs and straddles the hilt of her sword.
[02:02:49 AM] Triston Darian: Triston stands at the bottom of the stairs, staring up them. He stops playing for a moment, clears his throat, rolls his neck and cracks his fingers. "Now then, I think I can assist in this...." he grins and taps his foot in rhythm "one..two..three..four!" he starts strumming on his lute and singing a lively bit of song, somewhat distracting but not unpleasant.
[02:04:53 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe briefly wonders if anyone would be upset if he cut the lute string. Shaking off the thought "I'll go with you."
[02:06:30 AM] Bodycount Brit: *The stairs seem sound enough, til he gets past the half way point, but then there's this awful creaking sound. He tries to save himself, but fails... the stairs crashing down upon themselves. Devon, vanishes from sight.*
[02:07:07 AM] LothGar: He lets out a weary sigh. But rushes to make sure the squire is OK.
[02:07:57 AM] Triston Darian: Triston doesn't stop playing, just lowers it a bit and frowns in concern at Devon, mentally noting how happy he was he waited for another idiot to go up the old rickety stairs.
[02:08:03 AM] Devon Kihae: ..And he's in a heap of rotted wood and disheveled spent dignity. But looks more scuffed than injured. Sitting amidst the pile and blinking, slowly. "I'm beginning to dislike this house."
[02:08:32 AM] LothGar: Silently, he offers the squire another hand up.
[02:08:48 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene drapes her cloak about her face to shield herself from dust clouds and stray splinters before rushing along with Loth'Gar to Devon's help. "Sweet Maid of Misfortune! Lady Doom surely has it in for us lot." she says, wide-eyed.
[02:09:35 AM] Bodycount Brit: *There's a shout from some place upstairs, a shout of what sounds like complete and utter despair and anger.*
[02:09:51 AM] Devon Kihae: He'd sigh, taking the arm and hauling himself upward. Gently. Didn't want to do anything to Loth's shoulder. Then got to pulling splinters out.. "Probably my fault. I complimented her sister's breasts."
[02:10:16 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe just shakes his head and was about to say something until the shout and he drew another arrow out and covered the top of the stairs
[02:10:50 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric smiles at Devon's jest but keeps watch above them up the stairs.
[02:11:23 AM] Triston Darian: Triston glances worriedly up the stairs but returns the shout with a particularly high sound from his lute as he keeps up his song.
[02:11:32 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aiming up the stairs, Aulric watches for any trouble.
[02:12:41 AM] LothGar: He looks to his companions. "Lets see what awaits us up there." He rumbles grimly, looking for a clear path up the stairs.
[02:13:12 AM] Magerris Ibarra [»] Bodycount Brit: Magerris slinks to the room on the left and attempts to...quietly...open the door while the others are distracted
[02:13:13 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Startled by yet another horrid sound that invades her very soul, Arveene grabs her sword tighter and looks about nervously "he's toying with us, the little piece of dung, using his trickeries and sorceries on us!"
[02:14:15 AM] Bodycount Brit: *The majority of the stairs is gone, there's the support beams but even they look damaged and rotten. Suddenly a figure appears at the top of the stairs, well, almost appears. It's soo hard to see from this angle as it peers down at everyone.* Now look what he's gone and done! What a bugger! That's going to take.. *There's a pause.* Well, a heap load of wood for me to fix... dammit!
[02:15:17 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Who in the Nine Hells--!" she whispers sharply "Who is -that-?"
[02:15:45 AM] LothGar: He looks up from where he perches on the stair at the voice, ready for anything... including a polite conversation.
[02:16:15 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric raises his voice," Are you the caretaker of this mansion?"
[02:16:26 AM] Devon Kihae: Devon would look over the hole. Then the.. "..Whoever, whatever you are, why are you here?"
[02:17:24 AM] Triston Darian: With a swirl Triston picks up his lute and lays one foot on the base of the stairs "You there! Say your name! Or shall we be forced to lay you to shame!" Triston sings out as he keeps playing.
[02:17:42 AM] LothGar: "Uh, whatever you are, are you related to the creature that attacked us?"
[02:18:40 AM] LothGar: He keeps his sword ready for swift use should he need. Just because it talk, not worth taking chances.
[02:19:11 AM] Bodycount Brit: Uh... ME? *It squeaks uncertainly, turning a little from side to side.* oh.. don't mind me... I'm nothing really.. no one... I uh... BYE! *and it darts off to the side around the corner, then a loud booming but obviously put on voice calls back.* Doom!! DOOOM I SAY!! DOOOOM to all who disturbs the rest of the er........ The..... Bollocks, what was it he said? Oh yes, *there's the clearing of a throat, then once more the booming voice.* DOOOOOM TO ALL WHO DISTURB THE PROPERTY OF THE NINE HELLS! *Then it calls.* Oi, Baldrick, did they run away yet?
[02:20:15 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: "Yes! They ran away! Come out for some tea!" Roscoe drew back hoping they were that dumb
[02:20:30 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Now Aulric smiles and chuckles.
[02:20:52 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene lowers her sword in a frustrated quiet sigh.
[02:21:07 AM] Devon Kihae: His face ended up landing in his palm. Followed with some rubbing of the bridge of his nose. "Look could you just come out and talk to us?"
[02:21:13 AM] Bodycount Brit: *There's -almost- the audible sound of a face plant.... Then the first voice sounds happy.* I made em run!! I mean... HE, the big and POWERFUL MIGHTY HOUSEKEEPER... HE MADE THEM RUN!
[02:21:28 AM] Triston Darian: At this point, Triston is having a hard time not laughing. "Hang on, let me try talking to them. Everyone be quiet." He looks back up at the stairs
[02:21:36 AM] LothGar: He sighs loudly and dramatically. "Some sort of tricky fey it seems. Like an halfling but smaller and more annoying." He adds sharply. "I don't know exactly what they are, but my guess is they are warding this place after taking up residence."
[02:21:59 AM] Triston Darian: "You aren't fooling anyone, just come out, or...or...OR WE WILL BURN THE WHOLE HOUSE DOWN!" Triston calls up
[02:22:38 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe scowled " I resent that biggun."
[02:23:18 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene slinks her sword back in its sheath and crosses her arms like a disappointed child. "Figures.." she grumbles in a whispered mumble "...just my luck..."
[02:24:32 AM] Bodycount Brit: *There's a very frightened squeak and the little thing creeps into view again on it's knees, hands clasped.* Oh not surely! Surely you'd not burn this lovely house down? Not after all the work I've put into it?!
[02:25:12 AM] Triston Darian: "Oh yes I would! Now you come down here, you don't want us coming up after you!" Triston shouts back, trying his best to look tough and scary.
[02:25:46 AM] LothGar: Ah, now he knows why it looks clean and repaired. "That was you?" He asks. "Um, could we just talk peacefully, burnings aside for now?"
[02:26:03 AM] Bodycount Brit: *Another rougher voice calls out from some place down the stairs.* You do an' I'll come getcha and tie your fucking boots together then whip ya til ya eyes bulge!
[02:26:40 AM] Devon Kihae: He shot a quick look a Triston.. then a more reassuring one at Loth'Gar. "Indeed. We'd really just rather talk about the good job you've done fixing the place so far. How long have you been working on it?"
[02:26:51 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric unloads his crossbow and puts his bolt away. Then straps his crossbow against his back. Then Aulric chuckles at the feys retorts
[02:27:59 AM] LothGar: "We wish only to talk, though my fierce friend is more than capable of doing as he claims, should you attack us again."
[02:28:14 AM] Triston Darian: "You talk tough for a little shit about to be without a house!" Triston retorts back, pulling out a torch from his pack.
[02:30:00 AM] Devon Kihae: He would stop yelling and quietly address the bard directly. "Triston would you shut your fat mouth about setting this house on fire? Even if you aren't joking do you think we'll get paid if you set it on fire? Please. As a personal favor. We should be trying to get these guys to work for the owner."
[02:30:14 AM] Bodycount Brit: *The first voice cries out in terror. The second, the voice suddenly gets much much much deeper.. and a looming figure appears in the darkness. Shambling forwards with tenticles, and a long nose... and a huge massive club in its hands.* HUTHGAR SMASH LITTLE HUMAN!
[02:31:27 AM] LothGar: "There is no need to smash Huthgar." He tries to reassure. "No harm will come to you or the house unless you attack us."
[02:31:42 AM] Triston Darian: Triston gulps, and takes his foot off the stairs. "Gee, do you think I went a little too far there?"
[02:32:17 AM] LothGar: He still grips his sword tightly, not prepared to sheath until the danger is surely over, though he keeps it lowered.
[02:32:36 AM] Bodycount Brit: *One meaty hand receives the thumping swing of the club as it stands, it's big purple lips drawn back in a feral snarl, looking more and more like a dragons mouth, like a mismatch of monsters.*
[02:33:49 AM] LothGar: Fey.... well, one thing he nows is that they are full of bluster and illusions. Standing his ground, he repeats "We wish to talk only, unless you force us to defend ourselves."
[02:34:29 AM] Devon Kihae: He blinks up at the thing. One hand on the sword, but not drawing yet. "..Uh, you've uhm.. you've really done lovely work fixing the place so far Huthgar."
[02:34:44 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: "oh dear" Roscoe wasn't sure who to cover, the short guy or the beasty
[02:35:33 AM] Bodycount Brit: *The one at the top of the stairs squeaks again, shrinking.* You gone made him angry now... *Then it seems to brighten and gets slowly to it's feet in it's bright trousers and tunic, tools hanging from everywhere. Meanwhile the mismatch growls menacingly. The first speaks again.* That's Huthgar.. I'm not.
[02:35:39 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric watches the thing curiously
[02:37:01 AM] Bodycount Brit: But... did I really do a good job? *IT asks, peering at Devon.*
[02:38:18 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "My name is Aulric DragonHawke, Half-Elf Sorcerer with my dog here is named King, and my familiar is Sarafina." Aulric says to the fey and Huthgar.
[02:38:50 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "And yes you do truely good cratsmanship in your work ."
[02:40:05 AM] Devon Kihae: He'd glance over at Aulric, and Loth'Gar. Then looked back up at the little creature. Much as he could without staring at Huthgar. "You really did. Yes. Would you like to know what brought us here?"
[02:40:18 AM] Bodycount Brit: Well it's the best I can do with what I've got. I mean, the roof's good now, it's mostly fixed... *He moves to sit down on the top landing, it's legs swinging absently.* Do you really like it? Really really? I mean, I can do better, with the right tools.. but it's so hard to find now.
[02:40:34 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene nearly cringes from the dreadful creature. She wonders feverishly if it's yet another trick - but can she take that chance? She can do nothing but stare and hope Devon and the others can talk the thing down.
[02:40:37 AM] Triston Darian: Triston remains silent, trying to back away slowly and as friendly as possible.
[02:41:24 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Maybe we can have someone supply you with the right materials."
[02:41:59 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Looking at Devon ," I'm sure the fat man will agree, I think?"
[02:42:05 AM] Devon Kihae: "Well see that's the thing. Someone wants to move in here, they bought the land and everything, but they need it fixed up. I'd wager they might like it if you did that, and could give you tools and materials for it.
[02:42:17 AM] Bodycount Brit: Go on... *It's head tilts to one side, watching intently.* Huthy, there's no one around for you to start wanting to do that. *Those watching the thing with the club see's that it's now trying it's best to breath fire.*
[02:42:40 AM] LothGar: It seems to be working. "I myself am a carpenter of sorts, though I build boats. But as one artisan to another, you seem to have vastly improved the house from its original state." He nods to Devons words, seeing where he is leading this.
[02:43:47 AM] Bodycount Brit: You can't tell no one nuffin bout us! *It's a loud and panicked squeak!*
[02:44:32 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Why?" Aulric looks puzzled.
[02:44:47 AM] Triston Darian: Triston plays softly on his lute, a subtly calming tune that seems to be directed towards Aulric. (Inspire Competence, +2 to Diplo)
[02:45:13 AM] Bodycount Brit: Cos we're not real!! *Comes back the gruff answer from the thing that suddenly shifts it's weight and becomes a green elephant with a massive set of tusks before changing to a small pink mouse.*
[02:46:09 AM] Devon Kihae: He'd tilt his head a little.. blinking "...You fix houses pretty damn well for something not real."
[02:47:10 AM] LothGar: As he thought, fey illusions. But he keeps quiet, since they seem to have the situation in hand.
[02:47:17 AM] Bodycount Brit: Exactly! *the one at the top of the stairs winks at Devon and taps his nose.* It's cos we're not real see? And if you tell anyone we're real, we'll be real and then we'll have to vanish... Poof!! *he makes his hands like magic and opens them suddenly.*
[02:47:22 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene rubs the bridge of her nose and shuts her eyes hard. "Either this is getting tiresome, or I've went and lost my mind..."
[02:48:47 AM] Bodycount Brit: So tell the one that's bought this place, that we're not real and we're not here... *Comes the small gruff squeak from a mouse that chain smokes twenty an hour.*
[02:49:30 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Well that seems to make our job easier now." Aulric says sarcastically.
[02:49:49 AM] LothGar: "Can we count on you not to cause trouble for the occupants?" He asks, doubtful but with no other idea.
[02:51:09 AM] Bodycount Brit: We'll go about doing what we always do. *The one at the top of the stairs replies.* In return for your silence... there's some bottles down in the kitchen. You can have them. We don't need them.
[02:51:10 AM] Devon Kihae: He'd lean over by Arveene. "Could be both.. I'm kind of feeling both." Then.. "I don't think they'll have any problem with little sprites hiding in the place fixing things. I mean.. he -wants- things fixed. He's going to be bringing in stuff to do the fixing either way."
[02:51:47 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "You're not serious..." she grunts at Loth'Gar while trying to keep in mind that glorious tab she promised herself as reward for this job. "Whatever this thing is, we have to get it out of here - if we are so inclined to feel sorry for such troublesome creatures, then getting them some OTHER dilapidated mansion to renovate is just fine by me. But we're getting our coin for clearing this mansion."
[02:52:56 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "How do we even know these are mere harmless sprites who fix things? What they did to us before didn't feel so harmless to me!"
[02:53:25 AM] LothGar: Loth'Gar is not so sure, remembering but a short time ago being stabbed multiple times by Devon. Can they trust the fey? They are ridiculously tricky. He is torn between.... well, murder is the only word for it, and placing trust in dangerous creatures.
[02:56:31 AM] Bodycount Brit: *The one at the top of the stairs bends to pick up the mouse that's no longer a mouse, but that ball of energy light and hovering around it's ears. The ball seems to fix and arch across his hand making his face light up as he stands up and shudders violently.* Oohoooooooo No... No... no more of that Huthy.. Come on now... be nice... *the juddering continues before he releases it and it becomes a large owl moth, with big eyes on it's wings.*
[02:56:59 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Well there's other empty house they can move into." Aulric shrugs ," Maybe they can go into another empty residence."
[02:57:18 AM] Devon Kihae: "Strictly speaking we did what we did before to ourselves." He didn't look totally comfortable with it either.. but perhaps he'd just had his fill of blood earlier. "Look ah.. hell, that might be the best option Aulric."
[02:57:34 AM] Bodycount Brit: This is OUR home! *The first squeaks.* I was here long before you! I was here when here was all fields and nothing else!
[02:58:05 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "I'm not saying we KILL them, but one way or another, I doubt we can just walk up to the merchant and suggest they work toge---" she pauses, the crazy part of her brain got just crazy enough to consider Devon's take on it seriously for a moment.
[03:00:16 AM] Devon Kihae: See? Both. "I can't think of a way to make that happen either, but all the other ideas are even uglier on some level." Then back up the stairs- "..We can't tell the owner that without telling him you exist. Which is a problem."
[03:00:26 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Wait a minute, how is it the Lathandarans never ran into them? I thought the merchant said the priests cleared this house, could they not have discovered these spirits?" she blinks and stares about
[03:01:01 AM] LothGar: He is truly unsure. They are dangerous, but if they have been here that long, that is clear evidence they can peacefully coexist with other inhabitants. But can they risk it? "Would you be willing to give us you word that you woul make no further trouble?"
[03:01:15 AM] LothGar: It's really the best he can come up with.
[03:02:06 AM] Bodycount Brit: We did before. *The first shrugs.* It's how we do things, he breaks stuff, I fix it.
[03:02:40 AM] LothGar: "Your word then?" he repeats.
[03:03:05 AM] LothGar: He looks to the others to see if they would be satisfied with that, though he is not even certain he is.
[03:04:05 AM] Bodycount Brit: *It holds up its right hand, it's left on it's chest, the moth hovering around it's right ear before it also does that, sort of.... * We do solemnly swear we are just what we are and nothing else and all we'll do is fix and mend. After Hothy here helps things get dropped or stood on.
[03:04:08 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Who breaks stuff? You saying Huthgar breaks stuff?"
[03:04:29 AM] Bodycount Brit: Well of course he does! *It squeaks again with a roll of it's eyes.*
[03:04:40 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe was pretty sure they were going to take a bath on this but shrugs "Fine by me"
[03:04:51 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric just shakes his head.
[03:04:51 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Isn't that why the last family left? And we still haven't found out the whole story - what happened to the children? Why the sudden move? If these beings had anything to do with it, they might be less harmless and more troublesome or even dangerous - in fact, they -are- dangerous! I'm as much in the dark here as you all are, but one thing is for certain, we can't leave them as they are and just ignore this..."
[03:05:41 AM] LothGar: "I think that they fey are bound by their word..." He thinks anyway. Looking to Devon for some sort of backup here?
[03:05:54 AM] Bodycount Brit: No the old family lost all their money.. *the first squeaks sadly.* I miss the children.
[03:06:23 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "...For dinner!?" she stings
[03:07:10 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Do you know what happened to the children, my fey friend?"
[03:07:10 AM] Bodycount Brit: NO! *Comes the vehement reply.*
[03:07:32 AM] LothGar: He carefully looks for signs they're lying... but sees none. "I believe they speak the truth. That is good enough for me." He says, taking the steps down. "Our work here is finished."
[03:07:35 AM] Bodycount Brit: They left. *It replies quietly to Aulrics question.*
[03:08:03 AM] Devon Kihae: He shrugged a little at Loth on that front. Some many things he knew, not that. "..I'm with Loth'Gar. I've had enough of sticking my sword in things today."
[03:08:22 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "I'm sorry, you missed them by the sounds of it."
[03:08:50 AM] Bodycount Brit: They was fun... Don't ignore what little folk say... specially the littlest.
[03:08:54 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Ugh, fine..." she sighs in defeat, finding herself in the minority "At least answer us this, O Fey One" she looks to the constantly-changing Thing upstairs "are you two the only ones in this mansion? Are you alone? You haven't seen any walking dead or any other secretive dwellers, have you?"
[03:10:04 AM] Bodycount Brit: Secretive dwellers? *There's a blink and a shifty look at the moth that changes to become what appears to be another ball of brilliant white light.* No, not here... no secretive dwellers on this land apart from us.
[03:10:37 AM] LothGar: "Come, let us retrieve these bottles." He turns sliowly at the foot of the stairs, searching his soul but feeling that this is right. "No trouble mind, or we will be back with steel and fire. That is MY promise." Then he smiles and says "Though it would be such a shame to damage this excellent work you have put in."
[03:10:56 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Would you terribly mind if we looked around some more?" she asks in a weary voice, and gives the fey-thing a lopsided smile.
[03:11:20 AM] LothGar: And with that he walks to he kitchen, intent to salvage something to take the ache out of his shoulder.
[03:11:31 AM] Bodycount Brit: Go ahead.. just don't touch. Cos some of them bits is still bein fixed. *The first squeaks, then they both vanish from sight.*
[03:13:43 AM] Roscoe Hilltopple: Roscoe just made his way out the front door
[03:14:18 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "If you and Huthgar get lonely, my parents live in an apartment not far from here, and they would let you two move in with them. My mother is an elf and my father is a ranger so they're accepting of fey." Aulric offers up the stairs.
[03:14:35 AM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Well... That was all shades of unsettling. I'm not as experienced with such things as you all seem to be, but a devious old rake who once put me in this world swore me never to do two things, and one of them was to trust anything that didn't have one body..." she suppresses a shudder and turns to the others "I vote we take a look around, just to make sure there are no more surprises lurking about - I'd hate reassuring the merchant this place is alright and finding out the next day that a couple of unseen vampires who dwell here drained him dry and used his carcass for a cacoon..."
[03:14:42 AM] LothGar: Loth'Gar is at peace with the outcome, though he will be listening carefully, fully intending to keep his word should anything happen to the latest occupants. But he feels that all is well, Ilmater guiding him. He invites the party back to the Purse for a few drinks and their reward.
[03:15:04 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric follows the rest of the group then.
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