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Death of a Bard

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 1:38 pm
by Jiriki
[07:22:24 PM] Triston Darian: Triston was being his normal happy self, singing, skipping and playing his lute. His great big plume in his ridiculously wide hat was waving in the breeze and throwing small feathers everywhere as he pranced about gayly, smiling and nodding his head to everyone.

[07:22:26 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The cloud was beginning to build after the early morning rain. It'd been clear for a short while, but now the clouds were banking in a again high up into the atmosphere where the griffons played across the skies. More than one of the merchants was already keeping a weather eye out, more than one had a stall assistant already making good with the awning to allow shoppers to browse with only a short dash to each stall.*

[07:24:02 PM] Triston Darian: "Ah, I love this time of year! It is so cold and brisk! It makes my mornings so full of energy!" he sang out as he danced along, as if every other day he had been on low energy and terribly depressed.

[07:26:12 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The dour looks that some of the others in the market gives Triston can only be described as poisonous, surely if this bard went drinking with them, it'd be a fight to see who could pour the most poison down into his wine glass first. Usually, people say.. "Oh, he never had enemies." But his sunny countenance on such a manky morning had the metaphysical knives out for the bard. More than one of them glares meaningfully.* Piss off!

[07:27:41 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene sauntered along the stands, wrapping her cloak about her tightly and crossing her arms under it. Only her sword's hilt and her face peeked through the wrappings. She nearly sighs with a weary face at the sound of Triston's voice, but takes on a more cheerful expression when she considers the prospect of hearing him liven the gray day with some music. "Hey! That's no manner to speak to a gentle spirit such as this!" Arveene calls out, hiding her smirk as she approaches the bard.

[07:29:01 PM] Triston Darian: "Why, what's up with the sour faces my brave fellows!" Triston sang out as he jumped on top of a crate, his lute cradled in his arms. "I think I know what you need, it is a song of course!" he hits his chords hard and lifts his face up into the sky as he opens his angelic mouth and sings out a song of laughter, love, and friendship, keeping time with a little jig as he played along.

[07:29:02 PM] Bodycount Brit: Oh it's -you- again.. *the short fat wine merchant grumps and moves to pick something up from the floor.* You can clear off too... no more trying to swindle me out of my hard sought goods!

[07:31:48 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene smiles sheepishly at the sour-faced wine merchant. "Oh, come, come... I meant no harm! And I was not swindling, as I recall you had the better of me." she then adds in a quiet grumble "...four times..."

[07:32:53 PM] Triston Darian: "Oh come now master merchant! Why with all this wine I'd fancy you'd always been in a cheerful countenance!" Triston sings out as he jumps up and down on the crate, carrying along his tune in a lively fashion.

[07:32:56 PM] Bodycount Brit: Hardly MY fault is it! Clear off. Or I'll call the watch on ya! *he turns away and tries to concentrate on dealing with a customer. A PAYING customer he smiles a toothy grin and rubs his hands together, glancing meaningfully as money changes hands.*

[07:35:11 PM] Bodycount Brit: *Neither of them see's what's coming next. First, there's a loud terrified scream, and then...... then the howl goes up.*

[07:36:16 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Startled, Arveene doesn't even register that Triston was playing his lute when dreadful sounds steal her attention and make her wish she'd stayed at the tavern. She looks around frantically, decidedly un-ready for anything.

[07:36:48 PM] Triston Darian: "Egad! What's that!" Triston cries out as he suddenly stops playing. Then he hears the howl. "Oh no, it's the Hound again! Everyone RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Triston screams out and beings playing a lively tune that reminds you of a track to a horse race.

[07:37:02 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The howl itself is horrific, truly monstrous in nature. The merchant drops the bottle of plonk he was putting back on the shelf and screams in a shrill voice for his boys to pack goods onto the wagon. There's what looks like the beginning of panic in the streets as the effects of the howl goes up. People start to flood into the walkways between stalls trying to move north away from the south!*

[07:38:11 PM] Triston Darian: "FLEE! FLEE THE STREETS! HIDE YOUR CHILDREN HIDE YOUR WIVES, THERE IS A HOUND OF DEATH IN THE MARKETS!" Triston shouts out in a voice that is also angelic and lovely. Who knew you could be so shrill and still sound so amazing?

[07:40:24 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene twists and turns in the direction of the howling. Her hand instinctively jumps to the hilt of her sword and grabs onto it like a child grabbing at a doll. "What's happening!?" she backs up towards Triston.

[07:41:49 PM] Triston Darian: "It is the Hound of Tindalos!" Triston says to her as he jumps off his crate, enough people are running about in a mass confused fashion so he thinks he's done his job for now. "A beast of terrible power, pure evil!" his voice trembles a bit as he recalls his last encounter with the creature. "Really, we should be looking for a place to hide."

[07:43:56 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: "It is the What of the Who!?" Arveene blinks hard and gives Triston a confused look, but they have no time to dawdle, as evidenced by a near-miss Arveene has with a rushing obese woman carrying off too many loafs of bread as she rushes past them along with the torrent of people swarming away from whatever horror howls behind them. Grabbing Triston by the wrist, Arveene dashes along with the torrent and eyes for the alleyways.

[07:44:45 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The screams come a new as something seems to appear for a moment, for long enough to snatch a man who was running, snatch it and then shake it like a ragdoll, bloody spraying all over the area, then it drops it and snarls before vanishing again. This time to reappear much closer to the proximity of Triston and Arveene. It bays again, that horrific sound sending more people running in chaos and terror. Women clutch their children and dash into buildings, merchants, like that fat one are hiding under the wagon with his boys. Other's some that are white with fear try to picks up cudgels as if attempting to save those that are fallen. Or crying piteously in their own pools of urine.*

[07:47:05 PM] Triston Darian: Triston pulls his hand away from Arveene. "NO! I must help these people!" he says to her as he spots the beast. With a smile that covers his face but cannot hide the terror in his eyes, Triston begins to play his lute as he slowly approaches the beast. Truly, it was the most inspiring song one could have ever heard, enough to make even the angels weep. "Music is the gateway to the heart, I will find your heart beast!" Triston sings out, doing his utmost best to soothe the creature with the power of music.

[07:48:22 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The hound growls, a low menacing rumble that sounds much like this.*

[07:51:31 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene's heels screech to a stop that seemingly lost her the color from her face. She stares wide-eyed at the creature. Hand still grasping the sword. "This is just my luck..." she whispers in a terrified voice and pulls the oversized blade from its sheath, grasping it as she eyes the creature, looking around in sharp glances to see if he mangled anyone else that can be saved.

[07:52:12 PM] Triston Darian: With fearless step Triston keeps marching towards the beast, playing his absolute best. "Hear my music, oh Hound of Tindalos, it is a hymn of Lathandar. Can't you hear the beauty of it? Can't you see how truly wonderful a god he is!" Triston mounts up his courage and joins his lute with a song of praise to Lathandar. One could almost just see a glimmering ray of light that pierced the clouds and shined down on the bard.

[07:55:39 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The growling increases. People flood past and before long the market is clear. The cries of griffons in the air as they begin to home in on the current situation can be heard. A loud horn in the distance as the watch shows it's awareness, but will they get there in time? Arveene is grabbed by a strong hand that closes like a vice to try to pull her behind an overturned bench. And the howl of the hound begins again. That blood curdling violent menacing vicious sound of blood lust and despair. One flawed foot of lethal flesh rending power steps forward from the howl, it's head, the eyes should be on top right? They're on the lower jaw. The ichor of pustules on the body of the thing showing meanly... and the mist flowing from it's location, as if the steam of the skies ahead came from the animal itself.*

[07:57:40 PM] Triston Darian: Trembling steps, but a brave heart and a fearless expression that is almost sorrowful, Triston continues his tune as he tries to connect with the heart of the hound, offering up his praises to Lathandar and singing of the beauty of the world and all the creatures within.

[08:00:38 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: "Bugger off!" Arveene tries to shake off the grasping hand, panicked as she pulls herself in the other direction to counterweight. Her eyes widen at the terrible sight in front of her and turn on Triston. She gasps with horror. "Triston!" she hisses to herself and eyes the creature.

[08:02:54 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene's eyes narrow at the hound-thing, under the veil of the world, her fear and panic collide into a twisting force that pulls at something, loosening a strand of fate or perhaps tagging at some intangible current of Luck too hard...

[08:03:12 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The clawed foot comes down again.... it's head lifts, scenting the air, then the lips curl back even further to reveal those super sharp needle fangs that drip with what appears to be something acidic, the steam coming from the droplets it leaves on the ground biting into the cobbles. The rank fecal scent of death and destruction in the air, silence, nothing but one man stands alone in a heroic gesture. Then, right before Arveenes eyes the hound leaps, only to vanish mid leap... and from the side instead of the front the hound reappears, it's target the humble bard.*

[08:05:55 PM] Triston Darian: "I am not afraid of you!" Triston sings out in his angelic voice to the creature. "You have no power over me hound! My heart is my own! You shall not conquer my soul!" he steps even closer to the hound, despite the growls and sickening appearance. His hands are a blur on his lute as his music weaves it's way up and around him, filling the air with his sound. A seeming calm has overcome his countenance, his eyes misty and sad but yet with a happy smile on his face that shines from his heart. "Take me, if you need to, take me and spare the others." he sings out, staring the hound in it's eyes as if trying to stare into it's soul.

[08:09:56 PM] Bodycount Brit: *And the impact occurs, the sickening crunch of body meeting body at terminal velocity. The hound knocks the bard off his feet, the lute landing some feet away. One burning acidic claw lands on the bards chest, pressing down hard on it as the bard gets an up close and personal look into the face of death. The acid dripping onto his face, his skin beginning to burn at once.*

[08:12:44 PM] Triston Darian: Triston screams bloody murder as the hound gets to him, his cries ringing out amid the marketplace. "NOOOOO!" he chokes out as the blood spits from his mouth, his once angelic voice sounding much more like a frightened child who just saw the boogy man.

[08:15:16 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Her eyes widen in horror at the sight, she turns away, falling to her knees and eyeing the safety of the stands and the alleyways, the inviting opportunity to dash away, slink unseen, evade the surety of doom lurking before her, pounding in her chest (or is that just her heart?). She turns her head back to the creature. Her brows furrow. 'What in the Hells are you doing, you fool girl?' she thinks to herself 'You're no hero! You can't do this!'. she sharply pulls her hand free from the grasping arm and grabs onto the hilt of her sword tightly and pounces, dashing forward towards the creature with all her speed and all the might she can muster. Charging it.

[08:16:51 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The Hound growls low and menacingly at Arveene.*

[08:17:43 PM] Triston Darian: Triston tries to claw his way out, flailing his arms wildly. "Save yourselves!" he screams out in complete and utter horror, his voice cracking as he spits up more blood.

[08:22:24 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: The growling rips into Arveene's soul, the tremor dropping her to the ground, slipping awkwardly in panic. Eyes widen again, trembling with horror. She eyes Triston with a frozen stare, her hands trembling with the sword, she shakes her head frantically, thoughts of doom and bodily destruction grip her mind. "I-I'm sorry!" she whispers in a broken voice and rushes to her feet, running as fast as she can in the opposite direction.

[08:23:05 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The hound turns its face back to the bard, the one that was so brave, that is now taking the brunt of the hate in this thing. The acid drips into his face, into his clothing making a dreadful mess of the flesh that it makes contact with. All that can be heard in the market now is that horrible horrible growling sound of the creature, the evil core of the creature a thing of awful dread and fear to stand together against the might of a bard and his church. If there were angels, they'd weep for the sight. The creature bends it's head down, those strange eyes in it's misbegotten head eyeing the bard as it presses it's weight on deeper and harder into his chest, those nearby can hear the ribs snap and break.*

[08:25:36 PM] Triston Darian: "Aeiiiiiaiiaaaa!!!!" he screams out in horror as his last breath leaves him, his face frozen in pure terror as he is being mauled by the hound, his clothes and flesh smoldering from the dripping acid of the beast. His eyes dialate and his body goes limp. A small calm seems to overcome the scene, and a light breaks through the clouds, descending on the dead bard. A small whisper is heard, and a little pink glows escapes from his lips, only to be whisped up and up amid the beam of light, until it reaches the clouds and could be seen no more.

[08:26:28 PM] Bodycount Brit: *The hound lifts it's head, turning to regard the scene of it's wanton violence... then with a couple of steps, it's gone.*

[08:27:22 PM] Arveene Amblecrown: Arveene runs through the streets, passing the stalls and stands of the market in a blur as she dashes, eyes welling with tears, she forces herself to sheath the sword as she runs as fast as humanly possible, turning the first corner she sees and runs with the torrent of people running away, just one with the crowd. No heroine, Arveene dashes for safety. Her mind races with horrors.