I predict a riot - so far....

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I predict a riot - so far....

Postby Jiriki » Fri Jan 03, 2014 11:30 am

With two buildings down, people massed together to try and find out what might've caused it with wild theories bandied about. Finally though; Kaleo, Devon, Camilla, LothGar and Ryan all went down under the site of the first collapse.

Breaking their way into the sewers but not forcing it, they made their way down into the fetid underworld of the city and had to leap a 5ft gap to get to the other side of the deep stream of sewage. LothGar tried it, but missed and went for a swim, when he climbed out the other side he set two planks across and a rope was secured to give a chance for the others to remain dry. Kale was next into the vile fluid with it's occasional rat body..... and others..... but the rest made it across.

When they got to the site they found first off a body with runes carved onto it's chest, and another set on it's head. They read the first set, then Ryan went to read the second on it's head and the head exploded causing not a few of them to be knocked on their asses and Camilla nearly found how willing the afterlife was to accept her. Lucky for her, the others weren't so badly injured and she was healed. Which meant they could explore the rest of the tunnel.

What they found was a freshly carved tunnel that expanded into a pit chamber under where the building once was. Now it was filled with rubble and a couple of bodies. One grey dwarf and one city dwarf bearing a guild badge of the stone masons of the city.......

Now the game is a foot... will they find out who is behind the damage to the city before another collapse?
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Re: I predict a riot - so far....

Postby tooitalian » Sun Jan 05, 2014 11:38 am

Ryan had managed to cast a spell on the body of the dwarf city worker they had found and dragged it back up with them. He quickly purchased a mule from that point and carried the remains back to the stonemasson's guild for recognition
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