Midday Murder, and big babies.

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Midday Murder, and big babies.

Postby Lifeinwinter » Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:27 am

In response to a loose, and poorly planned competition two citizens of Waterdeep took on a job of searching a recently inherited property of one of Waterdeep's less known, less rich, and not quite noble families. Finding the hidden tickets Cassandra, and Aurius had a meeting with the potential employer. When arriving at the property and receiving no answer the two took it upon themselves to investigate the scents of fresh blood, finding their employer with a dagger placed recently in his spine.

After a thorough search of the ransacked house a trapdoor was found leading down below the surface where the murderer, and his friends were finishing their looting. Two were quickly felled when the greeting turned ugly, though one rather large half orc that looked much more like a very large deformed infant gave them quite a struggle before he broke down into tears over the loss of his newest 'friends' and the insults and rejections, along with a few injuries given to him by Aurius and Cassandra. After tying up the large cry baby the two discovered a few jewels to pawn for their payment, and a journal kept by the grandfather of their employer.

Searching the journal didn't reveal much until the cover was removed, and a hand drawn map that looked crudely like the city itself, with an X somewhere just outside of it was discovered. Cassandra took the bound giant Half Orc to the watch where she currently serves a community service to which a ranking officer took him off her hands, verified the story, and gave her a very unmonetary thank you.
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