"What? That old geezer?"

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"What? That old geezer?"

Postby A.J. » Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:06 pm

It was a healthy serving of the usual about the Market's many stalls last night. The flow of people was not just tremendous, but steady and undulating, a living thing among living things. A bit of a ruckus to the south caused four ...interested parties to investigate. They were LothGar, Aulric, Sjach, and, secretively, the one who calls herself Julia. One of their number immediately invoked an incantation, preparing in advance for what he knew not. Perhaps what they came upon was unexpected, perhaps not. But what they came upon was a whip of an old man beating down a young foreign woman and attempting to return her to an unknown location. He was rough and violent.

LothGar came immediately through the crowd that had begun to disperse around the Old Geezer and the exotic-looking girl. It was hard to tell her age. Some saw more at work here than others, but LothGar challenged the elder man nonetheless, offering terms. He was met with a veiled curse and something about a "Shadowpriest," then the man began dragging off the girl once more. Some saw him casting a spell. Sjach was having none of it. He lets loose a volley of force missles that despite their obvious impact did little to break the man's concentration. There is a flash and before Sjach stands a dire wolf, who snaps impatiently at him. The party has drawn first blood.

The next few moments were a blur. Two of the party traded places beneath the jowls of the rampant dire wolf, who bloodied them well. Lothgar seemed immune to the priest's dark magic. Julia was content to hide in the shadows and release volleys of eldritch energy, remaining acutely unknown throughout the encounter, except, well... her name *is* on the note the Watch handed them at the end of the show. How'd that get there?

In any event, they slew the priest and the wolf, had a bit of a standoff with the Watch, talked their way out of that, and let the girl get away. That being the culmination of the party's efforts through its eldritch and arcane might, if and when they arrive at the indicated Watch House, they are each given the following:

A letter inside a fancy envelope, written in a strong, certain hand.

"By order of the Watch, Waterdeep's esteemed citizens are entitled to an entreatment upon successful abetment of threats to the Crown of the North.

"With pride in our City of Splendors,
"Civilar Montebanke"

With each letter (hand written, it seems) is a small pouch containing 250 gp

Thanks for playing!
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