Freedom's Price (Adventure Thread)

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Freedom's Price (Adventure Thread)

Postby A.J. » Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:31 pm

Freedom's Price

Part 1: What is Freedom?

‘Twas perhaps a pair of hours since the sun had set along the waterfront when a mist-like rain began to fall. The air was cold and thick, muffling the normal hustle and bustle of sounds that signaled business as usual along the docks. In the northern quarter of the district, a few astute individuals noticed the docks eerily quiet and bereft of traffic. They would soon find out why. The public had long cleared out as nearby the City Watch, outnumbered, crossed swords with several mysterious, armed men. Sounds of their battle were soon apparent to those with an ear for adventure.

Karlist, Adolamin, Loth’Gar, Parisa, and Davious heard the commotion and made their way southward. It was there they saw the city’s police force locked in combat. Directly these brave individuals joined the fight. Parisa was the first to act, spraying the combat area with nature’s magic, causing the dried roots and vegetation creeping about the corners of cobblestone to spring to life in an attempt to slow the fight down. Without care to Watchman or Mystery Man, the vines quickly grabbed a pair of the rogues and held them fast. Luckily the Watchmen caught in the spell’s area of effect were not immediately snagged, but that wouldn’t last long.

As the party advanced southward, ranged attacks were traded, and all trapped in Parisa’s area of effect did their best to extricate themselves from it. All were successful eventually, and the one of the Watchmen who was first to free himself made a dash for backup. One of the Mystery Men proved to be a caster, evident when his finger-waggling turned his rather nasty-looking cohort into a 12’ version of himself, greataxe and all. This one would attempt to waylay the party but hardly swung his massive axe once before he was stilled.

Another of the Mystery Men would fall, one would become trapped to Parisa’s ghostly jowls, leaving simply a wizard and a crossbowman among their number. Both ran for it. The archer would make good his escape, but the wizard wasn’t so fortunate. He would learn the power of Davious, whose mask summoned a fiendish reptile that shredded the caster beneath the outstretched pier, its death roll visible to any who viewed from the dock wall above.

To some, there were voices coming from one of the larger nearby containers, but before the party could investigate, the Watch’s reinforcements showed up, and with them, their Captain. The party was told without hesitation to lower their arms. Davious set his bow down, voiced his assessment of the situation and the party’s involvement, the others too, tried to voice their explanations, but this guy was having none of it.

After explaining himself, Davious asks a simple, “Can we go now?”

“Go?” the Watch Captain replied, moving with the rest of his men to surround the party. “You may DIE!”

Oh, what to do, now?

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Re: Freedom's Price (Adventure Thread)

Postby A.J. » Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:44 pm

What the party did was fight back, but not before the Crooked Captain nearly split Davious in two, his monster sword cleaving the pretty little elf up but good. The Captain directed his men after the party's casters, and volleys of crossbow bolts found various targets as they moved to complete their Captain’s orders. There was more magic jaws of doom involved, and a bit more elf blood, some human blood too. Davious managed to stay alive, only barely, and Adolamin saved them from the rest of the Watch by breaking the horn one of the Watchmen tried to use to call for help. Loth’Gar would help the masked elf flank the Captain, and together they would take him down. With their CO gone the remaining Watchmen are little match for the party. Three of them go down and one is snared in a mix of Karlist and Parisa’s magic. The party found victory just as the locals began to raise an alarm. They could hear shouts of their crime as the public began to spread the word. Horn or no horn more of the City Watch would be there in short order. This would be difficult to explain.

Loth’Gar moved quick to discover the contents of the large crate. Opening it he found, to their horror, nine women of unknown human ethnicity. They spoke in a language none of the party understood, and literally screamed on sight of the reddish-hued half-orc. Not surprised by their reaction, Loth’Gar was quick to acquiesce their handling to another, prettier face. This belonged to Davious, albeit was a bit bloodied and broken. He laid some food for them and noticed some of their members were sick from malnourishment and dehydration. A trio of the women made a mad dash into the night, escaping the party and their captors both. Then there were six.

Making a quite necessary spur-of-the-moment decision, the party offers the women their aid, to take them to the Temple of Ilmater. Wary but willing, though no one quite understands each other, the women agree. Karlist and Parisa find some way to bind and bring along the Watchman they captured. Adolis and Loth’Gar quickly salvage what gear they can, seeing as how they might need it for whatever happens next…

And so it was, the party was on the run.

Soon more of the Watch arrived on the scene and cordoned off the area. Call for backup went out, and several armed squads were dispatched in search of the party. Posters would soon be posted, describing them as follows:

A she-elf witch and her armed escort waylaid and slew Swordcaptain Sekhal Siekh and three of his men last night in an attempt to appropriate illicit goods the Watch was in the process of confiscating. One of Captain Siekh’s men is still missing and it is assumed being held for ransom. The illicit goods were taken by the criminals, who are described as follows:

She elf witch – Twists the power of nature to her will. Evidence supports skill with lightning.

Masked elven assassin, male – Demon priest. This masked marauder is a threat to all good citizens of Waterdeep and is rumored to possess demon-summoning skills. Witnesses describe his face as “perfect.”

Half-orc brute – Red with fury, this half-orc is armed and dangerous and extremely violent. One witness stated she thought he might be blind. Another speaks of a height exceeding seven feet.

A pair of human mages, perhaps with ties to Waterdhavian nobility – Like all mages, these are deadly smart and crafty. Be on the lookout for suspicious casters dressed in fine clothes…

The Hidden Lords have posted the following bounty of 1,000 golden dragons for the capture of any or all of these vile criminals. The thieves have absconded with unknown illicit goods as well as the good Captain's sword. Its maker is well known. Merchants be wary.

Such a blatant attack on the security of our Splendorous City will not be tolerated.

Please notify your local Watch Post if you have any relevant information regarding these fugitives.

Last known location: Northern quarter of the Docks.”

It is signed Civilar Alton Viel, Guardsword

Apparently a fresh poster has replaced the old ones...
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Re: Freedom's Price (Adventure Thread)

Postby Seekerthefallen » Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:23 pm


"Fugitive!" She had a very surprised and yet calculated expression on her face. Maybe there was a part of her that knew this day would come. "I am not going to bother and ask why or how." Reaching out to gently apply more healing salve to his face. In a few moments all evidence of any wound had gone. "So, here is the deal. Your going to finally agree to my offer. I will swap roles with you. I will return home to our father as you, and you will stay here as me."

"I already told you I'm not-"

"Did I ask you.. or did you decide for once to do this simple task? Your a wanted man, you can use my persona to work on clearing your name. I'm a very respected and beloved member of every circle I am in. You are an under paid actor, that for once has the role of his life." She watched his expression, and then took a drink of her red-wine.

"Fine." He said flatly, and glanced around the plush room of his twin-born sister. "I will do this, and you better get this cleared up. Understand, once your named head of the house. You will come here and free me of this burden."

"What burden? Your going to be doing exactly what you do every day. Only instead of changing roles, your just going to focus on one role. Lady Maethera." That part seemed to make his scowl worse, however he did not comment."Now, come let me get your hair all combed out. It's a mess." Her own hair was a matter of pride and yet, she had mentioned cutting it all off. And trying to make it look like Davious was fleeing with that manner of more manly disguise.

"Fine." He repeated and sat there letting his sister comb the long lengths of his silken blue hair. "I will need you to get me ready, and I will need your personal guard with me. The extra burly one, and one hand-madien."

"Done." She smiled beaming at the joy of winning the battle with him. Now, she had the leverage she needed to go home to the House of Maethera posing as Davious, while he would become her.


The only word that stuck in Adolamin's head as he slinked his way slowly back to the Massalan's villa was "Fugitive!"

Adolamin was wearing a servant's outfit (as far as he was concerned!), carrying a loaded basket with bread, eggs and what-not, that was bought in the early hours from the Market (before he usually woke up). Adolamin's mind drifted back to the fighting that happened in the Docks and with the Watch too! Who would of thought the Watch to attack innocent citizens like himself and others! The gual it took to attack two nobles, a Massalan and a Maethera indeed! Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Adolamin slouched his shoulders as instructed by Davious.

It was a good thing that Davious"the Actor" Maethera had some pointers, some added advise to look vague at a glance with passers by on the street, the touch of make-up on his face, well just about everything to help Adolamin get back to the villa alive and not caught by the law! Adolamin sighed, hoping that maybe with him hiding in the villa for a tenday or so, things might calm down for him to move freely about the city. There was so much to do!

Adolamin made it back to the villa with no problems at all, with a sigh of relief, Adol made his way to his bedroom discreetly. The sneaking around the villa, Adolamin had mastered at a young age, especially since he grew up in the villa his whole life.

Once in his room, he hid the servant clothes in his chest and put some of his usual attire on the floor in a hap-hazard way, as if being drunk and just wanting the bed to sleep off the spirits. For added touch, Adolamin splashed a little bit of wine on his shirt. Better to have the drunk appearance than all neat and tidy. He set the wine bottle next to the bd and then climbed in, throwing the sheets and blankets over him to hide the daylight from his eyes.

Slowly under the cover of his bedsheets, Adolamin started a mental list on what to do to get this mess cleaned up before drifting off to sleep.


Loth'Gar on the Run

Loth'Gar softly padded down the murky alleyway, stepping into something wet and stinking, best left un-investigated. He let out a sigh, ever increasing nowadays it seemed. His back ached from the constant hunching, his heels ached from having to walk silently… worst of all his heart ached and he seemed to be carrying a lot more weight than usual.

He was on the run, one of a band of five accused of murdering a patrol of Watchmen. Well, they weren't accused really, they had done just that. No, he reasoned with himself for the hundredth time, they had acted in self defence against some foul mouthed and exceptionally quick to violence individuals. Thugs in uniform. But why did he still feel like he was wounded, why was his burden so heavy? He paused by some crates, looking around slowly, as one who is maybe drunk or invalid. Seeing nobody, he stood up straight, his back popping once or twice as he reached his full height. Throwing back the hood of his disguise, beggars robes, he wondered how it had come to this. Dressed up as the most desperate or ill of Waterdeep's population, skulking around in alleyways. At least his disguise was good, and the smell and a few coughs were enough to discourage anyone from getting too close. In some quirk of society he never understood, it seemed that people found it easier to ignore beggars or the pretend they weren’t there. Useful at times he supposed. Fortunately his work with the Temple of Ilmater and the orphanage meant that those who were most likely to detect an impostor in their midst would almost certainly keep quiet. They knew him well enough to know that he wouldn't have acted the way he did without good reason, even if they suspected he was the one named in the notices. Better to just lay low and keep out of sight than take any chances.

As he enjoyed standing at his full and considerable height again, he contemplated the possibilities of the nights events. He knew some of the members of the group who had rushed to the sounds of combat, only to find the Watch battling some mysterious assailants and faring badly. A couple of strangers had arrived to, probably to help also he thought. Despite the look of the masked man. Not sure about him. Back on track, they had attempted to aid the Watch, though the nature mage had accidentally snared a few patrolmen to. When reinforcements arrived, instead of gratitude they received only hostility and threats, attacked first and forced to act. This, he supposed, was where things became a little uncertain. He had been forced to decide between surrender and possibly (no, likely he thought) being attacked while defenceless or to stand with his companions and resort to fighting. His heart had warned him something was wrong, that these law officers were somehow not what they seemed and he had believed that. Their equipment was not regulation, their mouths foul (even for a Dock patrol), their timing suspicious and their outright hostility unlike anything he had ever witnessed from what was generally a very competent (if often late) police force. So he had helped battle them, especially the captain, who clearly intended to cut down the well dressed if sinister stranger. He'd blessedly not killed anyone himself, but he was as much to blame when lives were lost as those thrusting the blades.

He shook his head ruefully at that though. He'd considered turning himself in more than once. He'd never betray the others, but he felt that perhaps any punishment they saw fit (hanging most likely) would be what he deserved. There were a few things though that held him back. His nagging doubt about the patrol and what they were doing (though the official account seemed plausible), the fact that they probably were justified in self defence (he winced as he remembered the crossbow bolt burning in his thigh) and perhaps most significantly, the letter. He had to get word to his companions, or partners in crime he thought with a smirk. While it may just be a tip off, his heart was leading him once again to believe there was something more afoot. He had prayed to Ilmater seeking direction. The response he had felt was akin to a warm hand leading someone who had been lost, a feeling of understanding and reassurance. It helped steady him immensely to know that no matter what had happened, he had acted in good faith and his patron deity recognised and accepted this, even if he was proven wrong. Similarly when remembering the frightened and suffering faces of the girls they had rescued, he had found new resolve. Investigation first, if it turned out that this was nothing more than a terrible and tragic misunderstanding, then he resolved he would turn himself in. Maybe even get some of his more needy friends to do it for him, so they could claim the gold and put it to good use…

That made him smile and eased his burden a little. Yes, he would do the right thing, but not until he could say with certainty that he was a guilty party and deserving of punishment. Pushing off from the crates, he bent down almost in two, pulling the smelly hood low and making sure his throat was ready to hack nastily should anyone come too close. With a sigh he continued on his way, looking for his companions so he could pass on his findings. He suspected it wouldn't be easy, but with a network like his he had extraordinary resources to assist in the search. Heart a little lighter, firm of resolve, he made his way out of the stinking alley and into the shadows of a few closely built warehouses. It was going to be another long night.


The night before had turned into a nightmare from Karlist's perspective, it had only taken till he was returning to his apartment under a cloak of invisibility to truly sink in. By the time he reached his door he was constantly looking over his shoulder, expecting to be pounced on by enraged Watchmen, out for vengeance to beat him to a pulp and drag him off in shackles to some dark, dank dungeon cell.

Before his imagination could wander further the hawk perched on his shoulder decided he'd had enough of this inside of his head over their shared empathic link and promptly pecked his human's ear sharply. “Ouuchh!!!” he yelped nearly jumping out of his skin before realizing it was Max and took a long breath to steady his nerves “Alright Max....your right got to stay calm.”

<Calm...and feed me before I pass out from hunger please?>

He managed a chuckle, nodding as he unlocked the door “Okay, okay food for you, but then I need to look something up.” he said as they passed into the small residence and locked the door behind. A few minutes went by as Karlist shuffled around inside fixing a small snack for to hold Max over till breakfast before settling down at his reading desk with his spell book. He knew which page the spell he needed was on and began to flip to it.

Hopefully once he could communicate with the women they'd rescued from the crate they could fill in some of the holes in the very incomplete picture of the night's events? Pausing he went over the details again trying to make sense of what had transpired? This had hardly been his first time dealing with the Watch, the behavior of the 2nd patrol had been far from the norm from his experience. Had they walked into a deal gone bad between those slavers and a group of Watch on the take? Corruption was certainly not unknown within the city's numerous institutions, especially the Watch considering the amount of smuggling operating thru any trade center.

He thanks Mystra they'd managed to take one of the Watch alive, he had some questions for him, that was certain. Quickly plans for the next day began to brew in his head, first off sending Max out to to hear what was the word on the street? It had been night so likely the Watch had no solid IDs of most of them but still best to be careful and prepare a disguise spell just in case a radical change of clothing wasn't enough avoid undo attention?


With a bit of help from Davious, Parisa changes her looks just enough avoid suspicion from others and without drawing some from those who know her, many at the temple, where she is during the late afternoon...

'You knew better!' The elf mentally berates herself. 'You should have left the humans to run their own city, but no you didn't want to, and now look where you're at.' She sighs, 'What a mess, and that Davious, half-kin, is rather eccentric compared to most. I think maybe it's time for another run outside the city..' She finishes up for the day and packs her stuff.

"Parisa..." one of the temple elders, Ar-tel-quessir, stops her, "Have you heard about the recent attack on the Watch?"

She scowls at the mention of it and replies rapidly in elven, "Of course I have, a thousand gold is no joke and kin involved in attacking the Watch was foolish, makes humans trust us even less, not that I trust them anyway."

The older elf smirks with a bit of understanding and nods in agreement. Besides, that's more he's heard out of the near middle-aged elven woman in almost a year, clearly the events have disturbed her. Like usual he thanks her before she heads out for the evening to wander the city for another ten day.
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Re: Freedom's Price (Adventure Thread)

Postby A.J. » Wed Mar 26, 2014 3:29 pm

Once the party cleared to the four corners, they ultimate regrouped not long after at the Hospice of St. Laupsenn in the North Ward. The Ilmatari temple did not question much at the sight of Loth’Gar, and the group was afforded a private area where they could question the women they had liberated and the captive Watchman as well.

It took some time and a bit of coercion, but what the party was able to learn from the Watchman and the women was information that seemed to lead them in three different directions. The women were primarily concerned with the safety of the three of their number who had escaped early during their initial encounter. The party learned these women were Shou, and further information would yield their homeland to be along the Dragon Coast. Davious invited these women to stay and help out at the Theater of Mystery while the group tried to track down their missing trio. Not wanting to stay at the Hospice long, for fear both being discovered and of implicating the Ilmatari, or worse insulting their hospitality by bringing the Watch down on their temple, the party’s interrogation is unfortunately cut short. This brings them to the Theater of Mystery. Along the way, they leave their captive Watchman sleeping soundly in an alley, free to go when he awakes. Before that, however, Loth’Gar makes the acquaintance of a short wisp of a man with a brush-like moustache. He speaks oddly, as if unfamiliar with the language, but without accent. Through this odd fellow the party is informed they are not only fugitives from the Watch at this point, but now have the powers involved in the she-slavery shenanigans hunting them as well. In fact, this old man may have just marked the party for them… But he is gone as quickly and mysteriously as he appeared.

As the plot thickens, the party arrives safely at the Theater of Mystery, where Davious will put up the women for the time being. However, the party knows fully that they endanger anyone who helps them, and must clear their name as soon as possible. Now, it’s a matter of which lead to follow:

Phull – The party has learned that Felmar Phull, a noble from a house known for its connection with underground gambling houses, had originally bought and paid for the Shou women the party intercepted. It is possible they may be able to infiltrate his gambling circle and discover more about the slave ring they were involved with.
Blackhawk – The “Blackhawk” as this unknown entity is called, is a name dropped by the Watchman while being questioned by Parisa, Loth’Gar, and Adolamin. This was the shipper, so it would seem. The Shou women mentioned being at sea a few days before coming to Waterdeep. Perhaps they were held somewhere near. One gets the impression there may be more where these women came from…
Belladonna – The name “Belladonna” is given reluctantly but at last by the Watchman as the source for their Captain’s orders, to intercept the shipment of she-slaves. The Watchman seems to be under the impression that the women would be better off than where they were originally heading, but the party has its suspicions…

(( Ok this should give you all something to rp about until this Saturday! Feel free to pm me with any rolls or questions. If you all decide on a plan of action without me, let me know! It will be easier to prep the scene! ))
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Re: Freedom's Price (Adventure Thread)

Postby A.J. » Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:28 am

It wasn't long before the group got together again and Theather of Mysteries. They came from all directions, appropriately disguised, some much more so than others. They chatted over their best course of action and decided it was a card game linked to Phull (somehow), and they were going to try to get in it. Davious and the other nobles among them knew they could use their influence to gain entrance to this game, taking place beneath a bookstore called The Leviathan, just across from the Dripping Dagger.

Once they were in agreement, the party clambered into Davious' (as Lady Maethera) waiting carriage. Parisa took the liberty of transforming herself via aspect of the wolf and took shotgun next to Karlist, who'd disguised himelf as a hunter. As such, unfortunately, it made him a target. Some felt maybe someone was following them, shadowing them, even. That's when, not barely underway for perhaps a half mile, a crossbow bolt found Karlist's shoulder, sailing down from the darkened rooftops of the night! Inside the carriage, suddenly the doors warped and shuddered and fixed themselves firmly in place!

There was no time to react, as immediately following, there was an explosion, centered directly on the carriage! Karlist went down in the ensuing fireball, Parisa leapt to safety (not unscathed, mind you), but the others were trapped within and burning! Adolamin managed to kick the door open, luckily, and the others quickly scrambled out after him, trying to keep themselves from catching fire. Ducking into an alley under a hail of arrows, immediately they were hit with even more magic, as the very roots and vines beneath the flagstones of the ancient Waterdhavian street attempted to entangle them while a web sprung into existence between the two buildings where they headed, snaring Adolamin firmly. He would be trapped for the majority of the encounter.

They managed to get Karlist revived again, and Loth'Gar used his teleportation boots to ascend the nearest rooftop, while Lady Maethera loosed her bow on the enemy. Parisa put up a noxious cloud of gas that caused one of the two casters they faced to lose her concentration and be overcome by nauseau. Arrows flew, blood was let. Loth'Far downed the first of their number, and from the fogbank came the cry, "You've killed Wilhelm!" Loth'Gar noticed something odd about this "Wilhelm," in fact.

Karlist was desperate to recover, using phials of magic to restore his health while the others, save Adolamin, did battle. Lady M took out the arcane caster with a single arrow between the eyes and from behind cover, but not before the man had magicked the arrows of the archer nearest him, and now pain and fire rained down upon the party.

As they scrambled about, Loth'Gar and Lady M took down more archers, while Parisa transformed into a wererat and headed for the other caster. Adolamin struggled time and again with the web, and, to his dismay, learned that the archer caught with the other caster on the rooftop above had fallen off! He landed with a thud directly next to him and rose as if unharmed! It was then Adolamin realized they battled undead. Still not recovered from the fireball, the zombie archer drew steel and nearly hacked off the noble Massalan's arm! The fire began to spread from the wagon to the dry, entangling vines and eventually to the web. Lucky for Loth'Gar his friends wold down his attacker, but not so lucky that the fire would spread so quick as to engulf him as well! Adolamin Carter Massalan went down in a sticky, burning heap.

Parisa made it to the rooftop and found herself facing a blighter - an evil druid witch. The blighter attempted to poison the shaman, but to no avail. Tactically, Parisa engaged the woman once she attempted to bite her and discovered the chitinous armor beneath the blighter's tattered robes. Trying to find a way at the caster, Karlist left himself exposed and was downed by the two remaining archers, it seemed once and for all. Only Parisa, Loth'Gar, and Davious remained.

There were more arrows taken, and those struck by them felt a bit weaker, as they must have been poisoned, but the last archers were finally downed, leaving Loth'Gar to rush to his friend Adolamin's side, reviving the noble with a magical draught. The blighter witch, seeing her companions downed, decided to attempt to fleet. As she did everyone took their shot, but it was Adolamin, groggy still and badly burned yet from the ordeal, let loose the magic that came to him with practiced ease, and those missiles of force struck their target unerringly, downing the blighter witch and leaving the party burned and bleeding in the middle of the street that had suddenly gone quiet. Only the snap-crackle of the burning wagon remained.

Karlist, by the gods, was saved, fortunately, and they all looked as if they would be alright, despite the poison. They made sure to take a full account of their enemies and searched them quickly but thoroughly, dividing the loot amongst themselves.

(( fPM has been sent for xp and loot. Decide what you want to do with it in OOC thread. Thanks for playing! ))
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Re: Freedom's Price (Adventure Thread)

Postby A.J. » Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:08 pm

Oddly enough they find nothing to help identify their assailants. The Mage didn't even have a spellbook. What was clear is that the archers were zombie servants of these two, the blighter a woman and the mage a man. They carried, it seemed, only equipment vital to their task.

(( Apologies for not clarifying this! So for those of you who were looking for clues, you have your answer))
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Re: Freedom's Price (Adventure Thread)

Postby A.J. » Tue May 06, 2014 11:47 am

After some deliberation, our fugitives learn the card game they were ambushed on their way to is something of a weekly occurence, and so it was a week later that they headed to the Leviathan, along a different route, this time. Individually, they arrived. It was perhaps a quarter past ten.

The Leviathan sits a bit diagonally from the Dripping Dagger, and despite the late hour a pair of well-dressed (but armed) men, sat on the bench outside, one puffing on a pipe and the other reading a book. They seem to be simply enjoying the night, reading by the light of the Leviathan's windows, as it seemed it was still open for business.

"Well, it appears that we are in the right place at least," Loth'Gar mutters from a ways down the street. He glances nervously from rooftop to rooftop, clearly ill-at-ease since their rather dramatic and violent attempt to reach this game the week previously. He steps just slightly deeper into the shadowed doorway, now appearing as a black haired barbarian with a clean shaven face and longer hair. It still matches the 'feel' under the illusion, but different enough not to be recognized should any of the hunters come looking.

Adolamin is in the shadows also (as all thieves should do when sneaking about) and whispers to Loth, "So we have some guards out front?"

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing." A voice appears, as does the figure that follows. Hugging that same shadow and turning a leather-masked face to Loth'gar. The tone, and feel of the voice gives way to the damage left to scar on behalf of the person. "I see you survived away." It was obviously Davious, though he wore armor today under it all.

Loth'Gar nods to his two companions, glad to see that they at least made it out and survived their injuries. "Yeah, after we had to scatter. I've been trying to watch this place. I actually think that the direct approach may be our best option. You know, just... ask for a seat at the table." He shrugs a little, but hey, that's his assessment.

"I did find some other interesting facts also, when we have the time to talk of course" Adolamin whispers.

"Coins talk." Standing up, though he didn't want to leave the shadows just yet. "I got the note to be here, either way. Though, I have strong reservations for not burning the other half of my body." Glancing to Adolamin,"Well, we get in. We can talk.. if we sat in there and looked around.. I had previously planned to sport a different look, but you have to excuse me. My best dress was burned ..."

"I understand completely," Adolamin mutters softly

"A travesty," Loth'Gar says to Davious, no hint of sarcasm. Poker face. "Well... here goes I suppose." With that he steps into the street and confidently strides towards the guards at the door, looking like he belonged and knew what he was doing. "Hail!" He calls from a short distance away. He hopes the other will follow, but perhaps best not to announce they are all together.

Playing the drunk noble, Adolamin stumbles into view behind Loth," Hey! You lumbering Noble of Moonshaeing horse, you need to let me catch up! (Hiccup!)"

About then Karlist appears from the other end of the alley, only this time he's not a pirate, or a barbarian, but, well, a female version of himself, though he'd changed his hair from black to brown. Joining the others he grimaces. "Sorry I'm late this took a bit more thought than I had expected so whats the plan?" he whispers to those still there.

Adolamin pulls out a vintage confiscated from his family villa for just this occasion. Holding it up, he blurts, "I need youuuuu to open this!" at Loth'Gar.

Davious glanced to Karlist, and perked a brow in surprise. "I guess your my date this time. " He chuckled, but that made his chest and throat hurt. So he just shifted into the look of a well polished and paid guard. "You lead milady." Speaking softly, but his voice was a shame to hear damaged.

Loth'Gar grunts in true Northern fashion, popping the cork for the now stumbling noble. "Come, we have dice to play and much gold to spend." He puts one big arm around Adolamin and waits for the guard to reply to his hail.

The men see Loth et al. approaching, but do little more than nod their heads in their direction. The door to the Leviathan stands slightly ajar and there through the windows can be seen many patrons browsing the shelves.

"I guess that will be our story and we'll stick to it." Karlist comments quietly as he looks out after the others "Though lets not all hit the door at once." Once he sees them passed in he nods and adjusts his/her dress then begins making his own way towards the establishment.

Still holding up the "drunk," Loth'Gar stops by the door, looking to the guards. Since they don't seem to mind, he carries Adolamin in, muttering about treasure they won from the North. "So much gold that dragon had. A shame to use it to hit the bottle." He comments to the noble.

Looking at Loth, Adolamin giggles, "Shhhhhhhh......we can't be loud! It might offend the good folk that want to read at this time!"

The patrons don't seem to mind the noise. Once inside, the layout of the place is more or less understood. The small bookstore is a couple dozen feet wide but extends well further than expected, perhaps fifty feet. About fifteen to twenty people mill about within, browsing shelves, sitting in comfortable looking chairs and reading, having hushed conversations. A tall man with a large nose seems to be overseeing everything, currently wrapping up a transaction at the front near a large table. Who knows what lies further to the back? They all look, well, rather educated and aloof.

Looking around and smiling like a jackass, Adolamin lets Loth lead him while scopes the place out quickly.

Loth'Gar takes the first book he sees from a shelf, and heads to the counter. Best to play the blunt barbarian role. He heads to the man apparently overseeing the proceedings. "We have coin to spend, thirst to quench. I wish to play cards, though I my companion may be too far gone to put up much of a game." Promise them easy gold. "I will join him, though he must show me the rules."

The bookstore clerk raises an eyebrow and adjusts his collar. "We sell books, here, goodman," he replies.

"Then I want to buy this one." He replies, dropping the book in front of the man. "I want a seat to." He produces a platinum piece. "Dragon treasure does not spend itself." He looks around as though expecting something. "You said I could find game here enough to suit my purse." He says to Adolamin, as though it is his fault he had been deceived.

Meanwhile, Davious takes up two steps behind Karlist, with the rigid steps of a trained guard. "Is your sister not coming?" Glancing around for the chance to catch Parisa before they slip in. "She is going to be scolding you all night. It's late. You should be home." He didn't mind having the effect of his scarred voice for this. It ruined his elven accent and made him sound human.

Karlita sniffs sharply. "Oh please??? I'm in no mood to baby sit that moody brat and she stinks at gambling...that annoying giggling when ever she has a good hand of cards drives me crazy."

Having a bit of help from Davious earlier, Parisa walks over to the the building the others are headed to. Dressed up, hair pulled back and dyed a bright blonde, she now follows a few feet behind the others inside the establishment taking her time to catch up.

Karlita spots Parisa and sighs dramatically. "And now she arrives," she mutters. Then straight and stiff and, "Now come along Sister. If you behave I may buy you a book?"

"Thank you!" Parisa replies with perk. "Come on!" laughing and nearly dragging her friend along, "I really need to get better."

Adolamin was busy searching his cloak, like it has pockets of a coat," I thought this was where I was invited to a private party?" He was still looking for whatever it was,"from a ................damn! I wish I could remember his good name again!" while Loth is beside him.

The clerk glances at the tome in Loth'Gar's hand, "'Knitting Gnomes and Nobles of Nearbaum?" he asks. "A curious book, I hear. 5 pence, goodman."

Davious hated to be so stiff in stride, it was an unnaturally feeling thing that only was worsened by the occasional rubbing from his newborn scars. He had not yet been free enough to let himself soak in a tub. At least not in a few days. "Women..." Muttering but he does his part to allow Parisa to slip in before him and follows them both. "Buy me one, if your going to be in here all day. I hear there are some great ones on how to make women shop faster."

Loth'Gar snorts. "I cannot read, I will pay someone to read it to me." He places the platinum coin down. "Is this enough pence?" He looks at Adolamin for confirmation. "You said cards."

"If you're looking for books on games of chance," the clerk adds after breaking the piece with no issue and returning Loth'Gar his change. "Might I suggest the rear shelves?"

Looking up at Loth, "Yes I did!" Adolamin replies quickly. "Ummmmm... where is the jacks for this establishment?" Looking at the Clerk," I wouldn't want to embarrass myself or any others."

The clerk's reply is simply a look of disdain.

Loth'Gar looks at Adolamin with a fierce grin. "I like gnomes, but these sound better. You will need to read to me. Come, let us see if the books can match our coin." He drags Adolamin towards the rear of the establishment, as indicated. "We find you a pot later, I want books first!"
Adolamin just smiles and follows Loth's lead towards the back.

Davious probably felt inclined to be less pressing on the clerk, and wandered the shop. He was looking for something, anything that could be out of place. Or more important, any person that didn't fit the feel of the place. ( Besides Loth'gar.. lol). He paused at a shelf and plucks up a book on some manner of subject that could be a blushing matter, and skims it.

The rear of the book store has, in one corner, a small, spiral staircase that descends down. It is unlit and there is a small chain across it, seeming to bar public entry. Books on games of chance do abound in this area, especially on card games.

"This is the spot for sure." Loth'Gar mutters to Adolamin as they reach the rear. "How do you want to play this?"

As they approach, a disgruntled, older gentleman appears up the stair, unclasps the chain, passes, and re-clasps it. He brushes by you mumbling. He reeks of smoke and alcohol.

Adolamin shrugs, giving a brief glance over one shoulder. "I say we go down and see what happens," he whispers to Loth'Gar quietly.

Inside now with her company Karlita eyes the rows of bookshelves with a small grin "My, they didn't exaggerate on the selection in here." She motions to Parisa to follow her to the clerk who she smiles at. "Good evening, I'm trying to teach my friend here about games of chance and was wondering where we might find your section with books on the subject?"

"To the rear, m'lady," the clerk says with a smile.

Loth'Gar nods and quickly unhooks the chain, passing through and down the stairs, Adolamin still being carried like he is half inebriated. "From the foul smell of that fellow, we are in the right place..."

"Reeking to the high hells yes I think so," Adolamin mumbles. He follows Loth's lead and keeps alert for trouble yet maintains the charade.

Davious doesn't bother the clerk, that just went too far. Once the women were going to go there, he just followed. Holding out the red-light-district book towards Karlita, "Buy this for me.. but don't peek. Just don't want to burn out your eyes.. "

"Thank you very much Good Sir," Karlita replies to the clerk, throwing him a wink. Davious passing her the book gets a roll of the eyes. "Why do I feel like I'll need to wash my hands as well?" She takes it and hands it to the fellow as if holding a piece of trash "How much for this?"

It doesn't take long for the group of you to make it down the stairs where you find a long, dark hallway seemingly stretching further beneath the city than the bookstore's domains would lead you to believe. Unless one was purposefully keeping an idea of direction down as the stairs turned upon themselves a dozen times or so, it'd be difficult to discern which direction the bottom points. All they can do is follow the light of the torches spaced at fifteen foot intervals.

Loth'Gar, often being quick to jump into things a little early, failed to maintain much direction. He simply heads down the passage, carrying Adolamin, though he murmurs "You can probably walk now. Don't want to be too drunk just yet. Let's hope Phull is here. You know what he looks like right?"

Adolamin shrugs Lothgar's help and walks with him," I don't think I need to act drunk now do you?" He chuckles that they both said it at the same time.

Karlita lets herself be led along by her blonde companion, handing Davious his reading material as quickly as possible as they make their way to the back and down the stairway. Karlita shudders slightly as they navigate the lighted tunnel, hating being underground honestly, usually damp,and cold, and giant rats."

"No I have not the slightest clue," Adolamin admits, "but we should be able to spot the grand poises that nobles like him will make for us to spot him out maybe?"

"I wonder if I could learn to knit?" Loth'Gar adds thoughtfully.

Raising his eyebrows at Loth's question, Adol just shakes his head and continues down the passage.

Davious would have little trouble with the light, or seeing forward. He was glad for some darkness and it made it easier to move and the book was tucked into a pocket inside somewhere. "Don't expect not to be groped.." Patting Karlthewoman on the shoulder, "I'm not going to talk much, but I will make sure you will live.. "

The tunnel is well lit, well-maintained, and dry. It is squared off and supported by wooden beams that look well cared for. As you move forward, perhaps fifty yards the tunnel bends a bit, and rounding it off stand four dwarves, talking before a large door in their native tongue. When they see the party, they snap to attention. To either side of them, rooms with ropes across their open doorways. "What bizness has ye down here t'nigh, folks? The one with the longest beard asks. They are armed and armored, well.

"My companion and I have coins for cards!" Loth'Gar answers directly. "The higher the stakes the better!"

There were sounds of activity but they were very faint, coming from behind the door. Music and general good times, from the sound of it. Must be a pretty thick door.

Davious held his tongue like promised and seemed to stand like a hired man might in the rear of the two women. Though, he allowed them to see him make some manner of gesture towards the women and shake his head. As if implying they are nuts, and he had to go along with it.

"'At so?" the dwarf asks. "Weapons, cloaks, and coats stay here. We'll be happy te watch 'em fer ye. Once within, ye gets with Maywynne. She'll cash ye in, and out." He holds his hands out, expecting something.

Adolamin steps forward and says in dwarven, "My thanks for letting my barbarian noble and I in the place," while handing the dwarf a pouch of gold to be split among them. His cloak and weapons follow as the others move to collect them.

The dwarf takes the pouch without a second look and tosses it to his partner, where it promptly disappears. He holds out his hand again. "Weapons, cloaks, and coats, good sers. And ladies."

Dressed in his splendid noble outfit of Black green and silver, Adolamin adjusts his shirt sleeves as he waits to be let in. "Yer pardon, good ser," one of the other dwarves says apologetically as he pats Adolamin down after he gives up the requested items.

Davious sighed, but only for the effect. He unhooked his belt, with the daggers on hand. Then the bow, and lastly the cloak. Leaving him no less armed or armored. As for his own, he fishes out some coin and tosses it over. Still while remaining mostly just standing there.

"Clean boss," the dwarf patting down Adolamin says, and moves to Loth'Gar.

Parisa waits after a quick pat as she has no weapons on her.

Loth'Gar hands over his weapons reluctantly. "I do not like to be so... weak." But reluctantly he agrees, handing over his weapons and cloak. "A dagger, will you take that to?" He asks.

"Aye," the dwarf nods. "Good daggers make dead men."

Loth'Gar scowls as he draws the sailor's knife from his boot, but hands it over. "As you wish."

Not seeming to mind at all, Karlita removes her cloak which she hands over to the guards along with a small pouch of coins as well. Aside from her well tailored dress doesn't appear have any weapons on her person , that is what the guard is for after all.

"Thankee fer yer co'operation," he nods after they'd all been patted down. "Welcome te the Belly O' The Beast." With that, the double doors open and everyone is instantly assailed by the sights and sounds within.

Karlita laughs at the barbarian "With how badly some take losing you'll be lucky if they allow forks in there."

Pat, Pat. Doesn't really appear to be anything else on the short armored man. He had every mind to enjoy the fruits of his hidden talents. With the companion at arms, on his arm undiscovered, he moves to enter along with the ladies. He wasn't entirely unfamiliar to this sort of place, after all. He'd lived in this city for a long time now.

Smoke, music, the smell of food, and the sounds of what looks to be a few dozen patrons at their games. Nobles among them, men and women alike. Dice, cards, roulette, all the games seem to be in place here. Not just a simple card game, it seemed.

Adolamin strolls into the Belly smiling and motions Lothgar over to the exchange booths. Servers mill about, filling all manner of orders. The place was quite large, in fact. Larger than anything thing might see on the surface. How was this place so well-kept? The dwarves standing at stiff attention throughout the place helped make that understood.

Loth'Gar follows along, but glances at the food, his belly rumbling to show it is empty. It was not difficult to find Maywynne. She was a half-orc, perhaps six-and-a-half feet tall, and she stood at the only counter with bars in the entire place. Looming over everyone, she was dressed in a fine gown of red, to match the orange mohawk sticking straight up from her head. Adolamin hands over a handful of coins, to be cashed in to the place's coins of currency. He waits patiently. Maywynne had a poise unfamiliar to her breed, and she was quite well-spoken, but razor sharp. She spotted them coming in, and instantly waived them over. "Ah yes, welcome, welcome!" she intones, her accent think but fully understandable.

Davious felt the thirst to drink and his hand gently paused a woman in stride. "Something cold my dear, " From somewhere on him, he produced a small flower tucked it on the woman's ear and allowed her to go. His gruff voice could be grinded into something almost attractive when he tried. Once he had an order made, he followed the others to the halfblood.

"Beladonna, we should seek her out too," Loth'Gar whispers to Adolamin as he eyes Maywynne. "Come, we should speak to the host." He waits for Adolamin though, the dutiful companion.

"Hello my lady!" ,smiling at the half-orc lady, "You're very becoming tonight."

"Yes," she takes the gold from Adolamin. "Don't be afraid, good sir," she says, "Your money is safe with Maywynne. You needn't start with such a trifling amount." She looks like she's waiting for more. To which, Adolamin pulls out his small pouch and dumps the rest onto the table.

"Pay the woman her coin! And my share too," Loth'Gar adds gruffly. He gives Adolamin a little nudge, a twinkle of humor in his eye. "We play serious games tonight!"

Maywynne scoops up the coin immediately with only the slightest hint of disappointment in her eyes. She returns Adolamin a rack of perhaps twenty Pieces of Black.

"Um well alright." sounding hooked Parisa pulls out her purse and adds a bit more for herself, "Maybe we'll get lucky."

Davious walked over to the caged matron, and leaned to the structure with the same sort of mannerism of a bored sellsword. (orc) "Stiff them a coin or two, in case the lousy lot doesn't pay for my drink." Speaking to the woman with a better use of his torn voice, yielded a much better orc accent.

"Ten pieces of blue to a black, good sirs," Maywynne says, "but hardly worth a bet." She waits to see if they will change any of the black pieces.

Sighing, Adolamin opens his other pouch and dumps some more coins on the table and then smiles at the lady. "Is this better?"

"For an hour or two, perhaps," Maywynne grins, and proceeds to cash them all in.

Taking Parisa's arm in hers, Karlita walks with her to the counter, smirking at Davious playing the gallant, charred but gallant still. She'll slide a bag of 200 gold to hostess as she eyes her outfit approvingly. "For me and my friend here to start, and I adore your dress by the way it's lovely."

The "barbarian" narrows his eyes a little, as though weighing something. Loth'Gar reaches slowly under the fleece vest, revealing a hint of silvery chain mail... a coin purse is produced.

Maywynne slides Adolamin another 5 black and 5 racks of 10 blues to go with his 10 black.

Loth'Gar drops the bag, which is heavy. "Tymora and Tempest be with me!" The chick of coins is audible, and from the bulge there are perhaps a hundred coins.

"Thank ye kindly my lady", as he grabs the racks and then tosses a black to the lady half-orc before moving on.

Davious lingers at the counter, while they have all sorted in the manner of coin-exchanges. Just staying and waiting for them to get clear of the thing, so he might be able to do his own thing. Which for a man, of his appearing job seemed a lot more logical. Besides that, the woman is only able to do one thing at a time: One person that is. He's in no hurry to push aside one of them in spite of getting the exchange.

Once cashed in, Adolamin waits patiently, holding his racks of coins. He watches Lothgar to see what he collects of the racks.

"Ah, a true player!" Maywynne smiles as Loth'Gar clunks his pouch down. She stacks the pieces neatly, counting them almost inhumanly fast, then begins to rack out his chips. She gives him 6 red (100gp) and 4 racks of 10 blacks.

"Best of luck!" she calls after them. The games at this level seem to consist primarily of dice. "Tali" reads the nearest sign.

Adolamin, frowning," Show-off!" he says to LothGar,"You flirting with her?"

Only his friends see Loth'Gar wince as he takes the chips. He gives Adolamin a good natured punch in the arm. With a tad too much force. "A lot of good this coin could do the needy, but we need to get answers and a lot of money will likely help." He mutters. For his part he will eat and drink a little first, perusing the tables, hoping to calm his nerves. Grimacing from Loth's punch, Adolamin turns and follows.

He'd waited, patient as a fox, before coming around to the front of the exchange, and playing with a coin in his gloved hand. Letting it just spin on the counter. In orc, Davious said, "You might be a richer woman ..if you get them all drunk." Offering a grunt of a chuckle, and dropping a pouch on the table. "If you would be so kind. I might want to win some of their parents money from them." The pouch was already perfectly counted to be two hundred gold, even.

"I do just fine," Maywynne smiles, but it doesn't reach her eyes. She's swift to give a rack of 15 black and 5 racks of 10 blues. "That'll do ya?" she asks. "Thankee kindly."

"For now," Davious offers a nod of his head, and turns to follow the others. He double-counts with his eyes the coin and then turns his keen eyes to the room at large. He wasn't going to waste time, he was going to find the right sort of crowd to slip into. Since there wasn't shadows to hide in, he would perfect a different sort of hide-in-plain sight.

Karlita passed Parisa her share of the chits Karlita motions at the room. "Alright lets grab a drink and take a look around and see whats being played and catches our interest shall we?" Taking the chips Parisa nods once in agreement.

Not being much of a player, though he has worked the docks long enough to know the basics, Loth'Gar looks to Adolamin. "So... where are we least likely to be fleeced?"

Adolamin hears Loth'Gar, but murmurs,"Hold a second while I look about real quick."

Loth'Gar stands like a conquering hero, one who slew the dragon and stole the horde. While he's doing that he grabs the odd morsel that passes by. He's careful not to drink a lot though. He knows where that may lead. Servers move about, and eventually one of them comes to each of them, not necessarily in turn, asking after their needs for food or beverage in a polite, but quick manner.

Shaking his head, Adolamin returns his attention to Loth'Gar. "We're going to need to check each table out. There's too many people here for me to spot our victim quickly". He motions Loth to the bar so Loth can get a drink and some food, maybe? Also, the place has no shortage of half-naked men and women, seemingly about the business of companionship for many of the wealthy-looking patrons of this establishment. Dwarves scan everything, and so does Maywynne. Deeper into the place, rooms along the far wall, their doorways covered with beads.

The barmaid has now returned and offers Davious the drink, it was countered with coins pressed into the softer flesh. He chuckled, as she blushed and moved on. Slowly lingering his way to dice, because he knew how badly that could be both fun and the easier to manipulate. Walking up to the first one in his direction, he nodded and watched."....the old lady is going to beat my hide .. " He said in jest, "Good.. better when shes fiesty.. what's the game .. boys?"

"Tali," the thin man running the game replies. "Are you familiar with the rules?" Men and women alike seemed to be betting on the outcome of the rolls of 4 4-sided dice.

"Familiar with losing my coin.. but that is how I got stuck with that bunch of stiff backs," Davious replies, implying a slang here for better off, never-worked-a-day types. "What is the ante?" He pulls the mask from his face, offering a good look at the scars there. He drank a bit, and watched for a few minutes the mechanics now.

"Blue's up," he replies. In the pit, each player rolled 4 4-sided dice. Highest score typically won, but, you notice, not always. "Dogs put a black in the pot," he continues. "Sune cleans the house." He was obviously referring to some sort of roll order.

Loth'Gar grabs whatever looks tasty. Drink, well he asks for watery ale. "Tonight I play! Where are the high purses?" He thinks this is likely where Phull would be. He finds the ale is dwarven, and not watery at all. Strong and hearty, with a kick only a dwarf could love. A good thing he has the illusion up too. Otherwise everyone would see the blush on the half-orcs face, not usual for one in his line of work. "Tali? where are the card games?" He asks. Cards were Phull's thing right? He sips, trying to look disinterested.

Adolamin asks a server, "Where might we go for the high stakes games in cards or dice?" When directed, he wanders towards the area of private rooms to see if he can spot a Phull any where or a Shou woman.

In Karlita's mind her job here was to keep an eye on the others and keep an eye out for signs of the slaver ring, so she looks about checking out the entertainers. When asked by the servers she'll order wine for the two of them and some cheese, best not to be drinking on a empty stomach. Time goes buy and a few card games are found, but at first there is no sign of a Phull or a Shou woman. Loth'Gar wanders away from the dice, not understanding the system properly, but trying to look like he's not interested. Cards... well, he keeps looking. Where did his noble friend go?

Adolamin was looking for a card game with enough nobles at the table. There he wanders to see if he can join, hoping that Loth is sticking with him. He was indeed. They had a mission after all.
Adolamin notes a 3 card poker game that has a pair of empty seats. He looks at Loth and motions with his head to take that table. He sits and says, "Good night for cards! What be the stakes here gentlemen?"

The dealer nods as they sit. "Welcome, good sers. A single black stakes your play, here." Grinning, Adolamin lays the black chip down for starters.

Loth'Gar sits, looking uncomfortable in the chair, as though not used to it. "Who do we play with friends?" He asks the table as he pulls out some chips.

Two others sit with them at the table, and once the ante is in, the dealer begins. "Gerram St Smith," says one man, particularly round. "Henry Wealguth," says the other.

"Alright.." Davious says, feeling he'd a handle on the game at last. "Let's play.." Here he offered his first bet. Tossing his blue into the pot of sorts and waiting for other interested players to do the same. "You come over here.." Calling a woman, mostly dressed over. "I want good luck.." Keeping her near, as if that gave him some. "If you're lucky.. you get lucky, sugar."

"Pleasure brothers, and Tymora smile on you..." Loth'Gar says to the men at cards, "Not as much as me though!" and he chuckles heartily. These two are not the ones he needs... well, they may as well sit a few rounds now.

The dice boss hands Davious a cup with four dice in it, each four sided. The dice are shook by the four at the table, Davious included, and the cups are slammed down. "New to the blind," says one of the men. That meant Davious needed to put another blue in. He looks them over, and smirks. It was a hard gesture to pull out with his face ruined on one side, still he appeared humored. "One good eye.. did I forget one?" He tossed another in to the pile and then drew the woman against him, "Remember girls.. your suppose to be lucky." Getting an eye full of her assets. "Oh, why not." Tossing in an extra, "These are lucky looking teets." 6 blues now in the pot the men grunt and toss their lot in, all paying to see their own dice. Now 9 stood in the pot. "Check your dice, gents," the boss calls.

Still scanning around as though he had little care for the game, Loth'Gar snatches some morsel of food as i passes. "At least we are fed well." He comments to the table at large.

"Ante up," the man says, and on doing so, he deals the cards. With a dexterity not apparent until now, Loth'Gar scoops them up. His face betrays nothing. He waits for the others to receive their cards.

Throwing in the ante and picking up his own cards, Adolamin glances quickly to see what's he got in his hands before setting them back down so no one can see them. He watches them all to see telltale signs.

"Place your bets, gentlmen," the dealer calls. Modest bets all, a black each and it's to Loth'Gar.

Cards not being her taste, Karlita opts for one of the dice games and thus after anteing up takes a throw, and peels under her cup to see what she rolled? After paying in, Karlist and Parisa both try their hand at the table with Davious. Parisa rolls but after taking a peek she effectively folds with a pout. Turning up her cup, which rattles the dice about in it, signals Parisa's surrender. For this round. Karlita, too, turns her cup up and, not all that into the game, moves off for a bit to eat.

Davious seems to fish the coins out of the woman's heavy chest. Right out of the cleft that defines his favorite spot to stare. "Well, boys.. you didn't luck out so well.. These are the luckiest pair of teets this side of Deep.. So, what say you.. " Tucking the coin back in and tossing 4 more blue into the pot, and flashing his burnt smiley face. Then he leans his head on the woman's chest. "Tell me do you think I can hear the ocean...?" He was happy, he looked ready to win. One of the men puts his cup up, but the other two match and one tosses another two blue in, then matched by the other man. Two more for Davious to stay in... 25gp in the pot, from the count. "You gonna take her teet money from me? You men are cruel.." Davious laughed and fetched one coin out with his teeth, "Sorry love.. going to have to play with them, or they might take you away.." Tossing the coin to stay in. "Lovely bunch of coconuts... How much can I slip in to keep you forever? I suppose this is a man's game.. men don't play all the time with teets. Have a bit more." Tossing 2 more in, to raise. They match, and the last man calls. He shows 4 dice, totalling 10. Three 3's and a 1. The other man shows 14! 3 4's and a 2. One of the best hands in the game.

"Blubbershite," the losing man grumbles.

"Aw now, you took my teet money.. No worries, I got more." Davious didn't appear to be overly hurt at the loss. "I get paid in the morrow by the stiffbacks for watching the brats." Motioning towards the girls, "..'cept I don't care to watch 'em.. " He had 10, but it wasn't a win.

Adolamin watches the other card players (and the dealer), he waits patiently for the next move to be played out. his eye wanders from the game to one of the bead-covered doorways. He spots a shy Shou woman, only briefly, come from one of the bead-covered doorways, motion for another girl, who is not Shou, who follows her in. Neither looks pleased.

The dice boss shoves the pot in the winner's direction. He slides it closer to him and starts a'rattlin' his cup again.

Adolamin grins and laughs,"Well I'll be twice lucky as a virgin with teets in my face!!" saying loud enough,"I think I just fell in love with an exotic girl!" Winking at Loth, "Let's get this game done and over my friend!"

Loth'Gar looks confident... but barely has a grasp on this game. Time to spend more time with the sailors. "Play on." He says... After that hand they thought to leave, before their purses were too light.

"Hey.. you shut up over there.. boy," Davious calls in Adolamin's general direction. "You ain't old enough to get free of your own mother's! Kids.. these days.. you let them out. They think they can take yer women.. cause their daddy blood is pure as a virgins birth.." Taking a long drink and rattling his cup in enjoyment.

"Yes, I wish for a different game. This one does not meet my purse." He says to cover the duck and run. Loth'Gar eyes Adolamin. Lets just get out quickly. His eyes say.

Smiling he stands and tosses down the black,"Show and tell my good man?" Loth'Gar throws in whatever chips are required, assuming that is what they wait for. The man lays down a King, a 3, and a 5. Adolamin turns over his cards revealing the 7 and 8 of clubs and the ace of diamonds. Adolamin's ace is high, but Loth'Gar's is the high hand, ace queen 4! Pot to Loth'Gar!

"Ace queen for the win," the dealer says dryly, pushing the chips at Loth'Gar.

"Bah, nothing compared to the dragons riches. Come friend, let us make our fortune elsewhere!" Loth'Gar says, all bluster.

Adolamin smiles at LothGar," tiime to move on!" He grabs the racks of his chips and heads for the room of the Shou woman went into.

And as they push away Loth'Gar asks quietly "What did you see?"

"Time for me to meet my bride to Be!" He yells and steps into the room,"Wife to be where are you?"

"A wench! Hahaha!" Loth'Gar bellows, following behind. "That would be a good change now!"

Davious can see them moving, not hard they stand out like two thumbs sorely upturned for all to see. He muttered something, "...damn those stiffbacks.. I can't be paid in the arms of fathers of dead sons.." Implying the two 'idiots' were meant to be watched and follow. With a sigh, he gave the woman a few coins into her clevage and turned to follow them."Way to ruin a man.. block my fun ..for yours.. you greedy bastards.." Continuing to mutter as he followed them.

Adolamin steps through the beads to an even more smoke-filled room. It is dark and difficult to see what is going on, but from the looks of it, people are doing things to each other in here... Hard to make out from the positions of hands, feet, and other body parts, though... There are perhaps four women set upon a man, and but few candles to illuminate the scene, probably for the best.

Parisa remains seated but keeps and eye on the others as a few get up..

If he wasn't wearing an illusion, Loth'Gar would be brightest red just then. In fact, Adolamin probably felt his face burning from there... but he played the role without faltering, trying not to look and give the people their... dignity.

Davious does follow, because that is what he implies he wandered after. "One teet.. two teet.. all the teets for free.. when you got the money of the lordies!" Rhyming a bit, and coming up behind Loth and Adol, "Pick one.. get busy.. tie up up.. and go. You aint need a ..schooling for it. Hurry it up, I want to get back to my own wench.. back out there."

"I know my future bride came in here!" Adolamin blusters, looking around the room "where are you my pretty?"

"This is the girl we seek!" Loth'Gar says to Adolamin, motioning to a girl but referring to the man in the love pile.

"Who goes there?!" the man queries, a bit irritated. "This is a private room! Begone from here!"

"Hmpph! No Massalan will be talked to like that," Adolamin blurts, "and my future wife walked in here so I need to find her!"

"Massalan?" the man squints. "What gir..." His eyes widen and he looks straight at Raja. Uh-oh. He's put 2 and 3 together, too. He rises. Before them stands a noble whom some of them may recognize. He's clad in a toga of sorts and squints in Adolamin's direction. "Which of the Massalan's enters my private chambers, within the holdings of House Phull?! Let it be known you address Lord Gilbreth Phull."

"AhHHHHH........" Adolamin breathes, "'Tis a pleasure to meet you my good sir, my name is Adolamin Massalan.", Adol gives a flamboyant bow. "May I join you in this room and talk?"

Loth'Gar, the black haired barbarian stands awkwardly to one side. "Are these the girls you promised?" He asks Adolamin. Seeing that these two are perhaps above his station, he quiets down and leans in the corner, adopting a bored expression.

Davious seems incrediably bemused behind the two that blindly wandered into quadra-fun-time. He holds back just at the door and appears to remain entirely of a man that is bored of his Babysitting job. He shakes his head, and looks like he feels sorry for the Lord being interrupted, "Sers, don't interrupt a man.. when he's getting some.."

"I wanted to propose a possible business venture with you if you would hear me out?" Adolamin offers. The awkwardness is palpable in the air, among other smells... and tastes.

"Adolamin. Yes, Massalan." Lord Phull considers, "I am currently ... Occupied at the moment. Feel free to visit my estate. I am having a bit if a shindig later this month. I will make certain your name is on the guest list." He narrows his eyes. "Now if you'll excuse me?" He glances at Lothgar. "I can get you a room of your own, of course," he remarks after a moment. "A simple courtesy I would be more than happy to extend." His words drip with innuendo.

While they talk Karlita and her companion drift over closer to the bead covered doorway but do not crowd in behind the others, trying not to look like a group after all.

Well... that's putting Loth'Gar in an awkward spot. He looks to Adolamin with a 'shall we look', but his eyes say 'Hells bells, help me out of this one!'

Davious speaks up, "Aw, don't be giving them all the fun." Smirking and just looking over his hand, as if inspecting it for dirt. "You better add me to that list. He can't wipe ..without his guards." Motioning to himself and Loth'gar. "Can I bring a date? Unless you got some with nice teets planning to be there." It's apparent the offer is extended to Adolamin and any of his companions. The women remain submissively in their positions at his feet, eyes on the floor.

"These girls look different. Are they half-elves? Fey of some kind? Perhaps women of the South." Loth'Gar gestures to the closest Shou girl as he asks the question.

Adolamin starts to step backwards to get out of the room," No need to concern yourself over us, I shall drop by your estates soon to discuss the business proposal then." With a hand behind him, trying to shoo Loth out of the room too, he slowly backs up. Looking at Phull, "Is it possible that I could sneak out one of these women and have her come back with another maiden along with the best Cormyrean vintage this house carries?"

Loth'Gar watches his companion, pushing off the wall to stand straight. But he waits for an answer before following Adolamin out.

Sighing, "Why did I take this job.. right Coin.. teets.. " Shrugging and following Adolamin. "Pour the wine, Pour the ale.. pour it here.. pour it there.. Raise it high.. drink it down... drinks and cheers all around..." Singing as he went.

Grabbing the Shou, Raja, by the hand, Adolamin tries to take her with him out of the room. "She'll be back in a second with more to entertain you!" not waiting for ananswer from the Phull. The woman, half-naked, cringes away from his touch in fear, and Phull laughs when she pulls her hand free.

"Cormyrian wine? Pfft." He grabs Raja about the waist and she cowers behind him. "I've had my fill, Massalan." There is more meaning behind his words. He tilts his head. "I wonder, Massalan, have you but met my good friend, the Captain?"

He thinks pretty well on his feet, actually he's a thinker by nature. Pausing at the door and glancing back to the Lord Phull, "How 'bouts a trade?" Keeping with the nonchalant, "I gots a sister.. You like prissy human hating elves? " Eh, why not?

Loth'Gar looks disinterested, but at mention of the Captain he is ready for anything... Have they been found out already?

Shrugging and looking puzzled, Adolamin replies, "Captain? Does Captain have a last name?" He glances out at Davious, "Or we could trade an prissy human hating elf?"
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Re: Freedom's Price (Adventure Thread)

Postby A.J. » Tue May 06, 2014 11:47 am

A man steps forward then, from the smoke and darkness behind Gilbreth Phull. It is none other than the watch Captain slain by this very group not a fortnight past. His eyes are dark, but he looks every bit alive. He does nothing but make his presence known, and Phull laughs. Unarmed and unveiled were they, now. Well, some of them, at least.

Loth'Gar, in disguise, makes no move of recognition, other than a bored stare at the man. "If he is your bouncer I'd wager he is not a good one. I could work for you in his place, should you need a strong arm. I have fought dragons in the north, this man does not scare me."

The Captain stares straight at Davious. He stands behind Gilbreth, a greatsword before him, point in the carpet, and both hands rest easily on the guard. The sword is black-bladed, and quite different from the one they held when last they fought. He remains silent, but Phull does not. "Now," he says, "Was it the Massalans, then, who dipped their hands into my brother's affairs?" The Captain remains simply stares, though his eyes are shadow he faces directly at Davious. Those of you outside of the room notice Maywynne move from her place, replaced by another woman, and she is coming in your direction. (

"What affairs?" Loth'Gar maintains his air of stranger. "What have you been up to Adolamin? Sleeping with the man's woman!" He laughs.

"Silence your loutish footman, and answer my question, Massalan." He turns to the Captain. "You are certain it is they?" he asks, then turns and glances at Davious and Adolamin both. "I see," he remarks to seemingly no one in particular, as if he was communicating somehow with the silent man.

"We Massalans are quite numerous!" Adolamin offers, "I don't know anything about your brother's affairs, but I could snoop around the family house to see who's doing what, but it will cost you. You see not all of us have the gold crowns to spend freely. If you get my meaning." Adolamin, crosses his arms in front of his chest

Loth'Gar does as told, but he glares at the insult. Every part the mostly tamed barbarian. Phull seems to hesitate at Adolamin's words and glances back and forth to the Captain.

Davious leans on the wall, and offers up the gentle nature of a well trained smirk. "I'm not indicating I'm anyone else tonight. " He would nod his head a bit on the matter. "But, just for fun. Who do you think I am?" Adolamin stands there and waits for the Phull, not even looking at the Captain, a noble who doesn't care for the inferior commoners here.

"Who sent you?" Phull demands. "If not the Massalans? Why do you meddle in affairs which are none of your concern? Speak true, Massalan, as I do not care to start a feud between our houses over a handful of slaves. No doubt you have heard of the recent attempt on my life. Now, here you are, not a fortnight after looting my brother's rather well-paid-for... shipment. Your family may not have had a hand in it, so then who?"

"I don't know how good your bodygaurds are in protecting you, but I can say that my men are worth their gold crowns I pay for." Indicating the barbarian and the cocky one beside him too. Indirectly, the comment could be taken for a claim to innocence on the attempt on Phull's life, as well.

"We could arrange security, if you are having problems," Loth'Gar sneers at the Captain, clearly showing he thinks he could do a better job of whatever is being discussed. Davious was already entirely sure the game was up, and he wasn't even interested in pretending to be a guard. When clearly they looked at him like they knew exactly who he was. A noble just the same as the pair of them, and who could mistake him anyhow. Even with the burns.

"I came here with a business offer about you using our family's jewelry on your women for display! I thought that if the customers saw them on your women and then bought them, we both make gold!" Adolamin shrugs,"Doesn't it sound like a good plan to you?"

"Suppose, you have us figured out wrong.." He said letting it roll out with the best use of his harsh sounding voice. "See.. this nice fellow?" Pointing to the Captain, "Did we not speak to him before about this matter.. Surely, he must have told you how we were trying to stop the fight over the crates in the first place.. Some.. silly Watch members tried to insist we were taking it. Why would I take your property?"

Karlita doesn't notice the look Maywynne gives them, but she does notice the pair of dwarves who fall in line behind her, hands on their sword hilts. It is then Maywynne dips her head through the beads. "All is well my lord?" she queries.

"A fool happenstance was it?" he almost laughs. He looks to Maywynne. "Yes, yes. See to these men's ... needs." He looks to the three, still holding Raja behind him. "Yes do something about these silly wenches," he says to Adolamin. "That will be all." He puts his hand on the Captain's chest. "Seems you died for chance, my friend." The man is seething, but remains where he stands. "This way, my lords," Maywynne ushers them, imposing herself between them and Phull. "How many do you need, my lords?" is Maywynne's next question.

Davious ponders the situation and looks over towards the Captain with a lingering glance.

As Loth'Gar is ushered away, he gives the Captain one last sneer. "A fool in this life and the next." But he leaves peacefully, turning his back on the Captain to show his contempt. Phull whispers something to the man, no longer clad in the uniform of a Watch Captain, that not everyone catches.

Adolamin turns and leaves the room with the others. He heads straight to the bar and orders a strong spirit. As they slowly file out, Maywynne offers them a private room and as many women or men as they like to do with as they please. She assures them all that the bar will be serviced within the privacy of the room, if they so desire.

Davious seems consider the woman's question. "Something tall if you would.. I like a nice place to lay my head." He fished out one of the black coins and tossed it to Maywynne. "If you don't mind."

Just before he leaves, he asks the Captain "So who was the man they buried in your place, Captain?" He says the Captain bit mockingly.

Phull whips around at that. "Cut your footman's tongue, Massalan, or *I* will." He frowns. "Maywynne!" he calls. "Maywynne! In fact, please escort this filth from my brother's fine establishment. My lord, you are ...welcome to stay," he says to Adolamin, "As a simple gesture from House Phull to House Massalan, but your ill-mannered servants may certainly NOT." That seemed to settle that.

Seeing that a scuffle isn't about to break out KArlita has her attention on Phull and the girl to see where they go? Or... was it? A simple gesture from Maywynne and a dozen dwarves have shields up and swords out, moving to the fore and leaving the only place for everyone except Adolamin to move being toward the exit.

"Out with ye, then, miscreants," Maywynne snaps at Loth'Gar. "Ye behave like a load o' me kin in the presence of a fine noble such as Lord Phull here. Shame upon you, ser." Adolamin shakes his head at Loth, who was actually quite happy leave the place. He ignores the guards and offers Maywynne a short bow.

"I do hope I don't cause you too much trouble," he says to her, but looks super doubtful at the 'fine noble' part. Of course he makes no trouble, since the woman and guards are doing their jobs, even if they are in an illegal festhall. "I do hope that man doesn't murder your fine noble too, while he's occupied," referring to the Captain of course.

Davious puts up his hands, in light of the tension. "I'm not entirely sure I'm ill-mannered. If anything I've been entirely well behaved." Just sort of walking along, and not trying to cause trouble. "However, if it bothers you. I can leave. "

Phull has already turned and disappeared behind the beads back into the smoke-filled room. A shadow takes his place at the entry, and for an instant finally Karlist and Parisa glimpse the Captain's stoney face and shadow-filled eyes. Loth'Gar's comment is lost amidst the dwarves clanking armor and shields. The escort won't stop at the door. Grimly, shields before them, the dwarves will escort them all the way to the staircase which winds up into the Leviathan. Adolamin follows, and once clear of the door they treat him same as the others. Human nobility obviously meant very little to them, and obviously much less than whatever it was they were being paid.

Leaning over to whisper into Parisa's ear, Karlita says, "I thought they killed him.....guess it didn't take?"

"Some vermin are hard to kill." she replies quietly. "I'm sure his will come in due time."

Loth'Gar offers no resistance, glad to get out now they have achieved somewhat their purpose here. He waits patiently for the return of his gear and coins. Davious doesn't seem to mind being lead out of the place either, but sighs as he looks over the useless coins. "Now, this is the sad part of the evening. I want to know about getting this turned back into coins.. " Muttering to himself, and he was fine with his things back on his person. Rolling his shoulders, "I.. am starting to see why Daerra is complaining about all the time." The dwarves do not let any of the party remain behind their lines. As Adolamin follows, he is given their coin by Maywynne, and then the dwarves will follow *him*. They scoop up the equipment and return it to them at the bottom of the stair. Loth'Gar waits patiently, but he is bursting to discuss with the others what they have learned. He fidgets uncontrollably. Davious rocks on heels, and every bit of him is as silent as it gets. Watching the lot of them file out from the staircase, and plays thoughtfully with a dagger before putting it back into his boot.

The clerk whom they purchased books from is standing at the top of the stair when they ascend. "Please, kindly remove yourselves from this place, and at the request of Lord Phull, please do never return." He smiles politely and bows humbly, but his tone will brook no argument.

Loth'Gar straps on his sword and, enjoying the familiar weight of the blade, he says to the others "We have what we came for and I have a suspicion I think we should discuss. This is likely not the right place though." He returns the bow and smile to the clerk, who is also just doing as he is told. "Yes, and please pass on my sincere apologies to any of the staff who were involved tonight." He heads to the door.

"Be prepared for another ambush when we leave too," Adolamin mutters as he throws his cloak on and straps on his rapier and other weapons. Surprisingly, or not, no ambush awaits them, only the façade of the Dripping Dagger, just diagonally of their position.

Loth'Gar looks about suspiciously. "Come, we must discuss our next course of action." He doesn't expect an attack on their door-step, but the lack of expect does make it a perfect time.

"Well, if they burn anymore of me..." Davious comments, "I won't have to worry about anyone ever knowing who I am." Stepping into the street. "Suppose, it didn't dawn on any of you.. but I do recall we had a fight over a crate with the Watch.. which turns up being .. the property of a man, that appears to believe we were out to take it.. Now, if both the people we fought over it.. were not his men.." Rolling his hand around to get the thought out for them. "What the hell are we in the middle of?"

"Let's head over to the Dripping Dagger and talk this out then," Adolamin offers.

"Agreed." Loth'Gar says simply.

The Dagger was still busy a bit, even at the late hour, as patrons from the bookstore and the card game were filling its seats. It's not hard to find one, but nevertheless, it's busy. A server quickly takes their order. And they begin to formulate their next plan of action. Loth'Gar orders some stew and bread. Maybe a cold ale to wash that down.

"Well anyone want to speak first?" Adolamin scans the crowd to watch for any assassins. He spies a few asses, no assassins.

"Well," Loth'Gar begins, "to start Gilbreth Phull is a dandy playing at criminal. It seems his brother is the one bringing in the girls. So that should be our next target."

Karlita heads into the ladies room as soon as they arrive to refresh her disguise then comes out and joins them "That still doesn't explain the fight that started that night between those Watch and the mercenaries."

"That could be a third player," Adolamin suggests, "maybe Bella?"

"Very true, I am not sure what happened there," Loth'Gar replies. That was a puzzler for sure. "We don't know who Belladonna is or her role in this yet." He cautions. "Another lead to chase down."

"Isn't that obvious?" Davious said with a look that implied silliness on Karl's part. "You have any idea how much a slave is worth. A good one? That with the fact, anything illegal is suddenly way more valuable." Sitting back he looks for the barmaid. "Sweetheart, I need the Sloppy Suzie.. " He would feel it in the worst ways in the morning. Nothing like the slop from the trays of a barmaid served in a shot.

"Maybe other members of the Watch saw what was going on and wanted more information than those disguised mercenaries could provide?" Parisa offers.

"Shame we didn't get one of them alive to chat with," Karlita adds. Oh, but they did!

Loth'Gar considers Parisa's opinion, but isn't convinced. "Perhaps Davious is right, or perhaps it is something more we are missing." He is thoughtful for a time. "You know, I noticed there was something... off about the Captain. I... I don't know... but Gilbreth did mention an attempt on his life. I didn't like the look of the Captain. I think he may be an imposter. Maybe. Something anyway. Phull had better be careful." But he shrugs, because that man deserves anything he gets.

"Felmar Phull is the man we need to get," Adolamin mutters to keep other ears from hearing,"He's ambitious and wants the reign of the Phull family."

Davious' comment about the value of a slave seems to resonate a bit. Really, what resonates is the slave part. Let's face it, what were they all there for?

Adolamin puts a voice to that thought. "One of the Shou is in that establishment and we didn't get her out. Any ideas about her?"

Loth'Gar nods. "You may very well be right Adolamin. Being a noble, no offense, but you're better placed to know these things. You too, Davious. Whatever the truth, my main concern is ensuring this slaving ring is shut down for good."

"Either way.. the amusing part," Davious notes, putting up a finger, "is: We are doing the Watch's job, while they are going about doing a good job of trying to kill us for it. Right about with my luck, this situation." He rubbed his temples, and he's not even had a drink yet. "Well, if you were a slave.. and someone tried to save you wouldn't you try to go with them? I mean, she looked at you like you were about to enslave her.. I'm not entirely sure why you didn't stay." Looking to Adolamin, "You had the option of staying with any woman you wanted... "

Loth'Gar chimed in here, "A shame you did not follow the bluff Davious. We almost had him there." He sighs, but there was nothing for it now.

"Yeah, the bluff..." Davious says, "The bluff seemed entirely working to me... "

"If I remember right," Adolamin recalls, "Felmar is the youngest of three sons, the oldest was killed a while ago and that leaves Gilbreth in Felmar's way. It would make sense that the oldest was murdered by Felmar's order."

Loth'Gar nods a few times. "You know, that would make perfect sense. But is it something we are concerned with, the machinations of the rich and power hungry? Were we not in this to prevent the importation of these girls who are being sold into... terrible lives?"

Something sure was bugging Karlita about this whole mess "Okay.....say those mercs were trying to steal the crates for someone else and started fighting the guards, that one Watch who ran off then came back with the Captain...why say we'd attacked them when he knew we showed up and started fighting the guys attacking them? I mean if they had just pretended to the other guys were smugglers then they could have sent us off with a 'Thank you, Oh Concerned Citizens,' and we'd never have been the wiser?"

One of those very girls they now knew was a stone's throw from them. It was likely, however, that Phull would not linger here long, now that he knew of them. It was very possible, well...

Looking at the group after catching on what was being said, Adolamin answers. "Well I wasn't about to stay there by myself with no one watching my back. Let alone me in a private room is a good way to die quietly while no one sees you choking to death."

Loth'Gar laughs at Adolamin's words, but it is a serious matter and he quiets down quickly.

"Better toughen up," Davious advises, looking right to Adolamin, "You are part of a new world now. All of you." He finally got the shot, and took it back. Hissing like a snake at the sheer force of the taste, and strength. "If you want to get them out.. You have to get in." Looking to Loth'gar, "I might have not been along for the bluff, but you made him look bad talking out of place too. "

"Necessary to get out once our bluff was blown," tosses back coolly. "We had all we could, there was little more we could do there." He looks towards the door of the bookstore. "I dare say if we hang around here long enough we may be able to tail Gilbreth back to where his brother is hiding." Adolamin stays thoughtfully quiet.

"I doubt it," Parisa comments, "he'll likely be extra cautious now."

Eyeing the door of the Leviathan, one might realize that such an exit is blatantly obvious for the run-of-the-mill patron of such places. The owner, however, would probably rarely leave through the front's front door.... At least, it seems a bit obvious, that.

"I wouldn't be too sure," Loth'Gar remarks. "He certainly didn't recognise at least three of us. I don't think he will be obvious in leaving, but in his haste he may make a mistake. We should use this opportunity while we can." He is suggesting, but it is the parties choice to. Of course, he can always go lone wolf...

"Secondly.. " Davious continues, turning back to Adolamin, "What the heck were you thinking? Grabbing the woman and ...then what? You have an entire building to drag her through, dwarves to deal with. I was the only armed person.. I'm awesome.. not that awesome.. I don't want to spend the next hundred of my years bent over for some drunken lot.. as the next slave. " He ordered something else to drink.

"Yes, I'm not sure what that play was either." Loth laughs, but it is a nervous one, as the time slips by...

"Well I thought Karlist could disguise her with his magic and they could slip out easy then." Adolamin explains, shrugging. "I don't know."

"We need to get the girl out of there and without them being immediately aware of it either," Karlita recommends, "if only to avoid the collateral damage fighting our way out of there would require....I need to see about acquiring the right spells first..illusions of that sort haven't been a priority till now for me."

"I think trying to track Phull is our best option," Loth'Gar states. "Like a rabbit from his hole, he is sure to bolt after we revealed who we were."

Adolamin nods. "I'm sure Davious, Loth, and I can stay in the shadows unseen. What about you two?" looking at Parisa and Karlist, aka Karlita.

"I could have been told ahead of time..." Davious remarks, "I could have assumed any role with limited effort.. " Thinking about something, and it itched the back of his mind. He sweetly thanks the barmaid and then noticed, she stared a bit to long at his face. Turning from her stare, he fixed his mask better. Hiding the burned up side better. "I didn't get turned into a half-burnt wonder for all this."

"If we're following the Phull, that is," Adolamin looks at all of them for a yes or no to the suggestion of Loth's.

To which Loth'Gar replies, "If we are to follow him, will need to make a move now."

"Oh, I can follow," Davious says, "but, it's sort of implying he wouldn't just go back home. He has no reason not to, if his House is full of known slavers." Moving the mask, and taking the shot. "But, we can see. "

"We should all split up and see if we can catch him leaving," Loth'Gar suggests, "then attempt to follow as carefully as we can. Let me think a moment about the layout of this area..."

"Parisa and Karl.....are you two ready to follow the Phull idiot?" Adolamn asks.

Parisa nods. "Just don't get caught, there is a bounty now don't forget. If Phull knows it's us he could easily set a trap to collect it."

"Well, let's not start this out wrong," Davious warns, hand reached into his hood, the mundane mask just to cover his face was replaced with the mask of the assassin. "I am not going anywhere ..without the right protection." He thought about the bounty. "The bounty should be the least of your worries.. "

Loth'Gar pauses in thought for a bit. "I figure it's in the middle of the surrounding buildings, and so in being there the likely entrance or underground exit might end up underneath the wall and in the southern quarter of the City of the Dead..." he says as his memory provides sudden inspiration.

Adolamin agrees. "I think you're right. Also didn't we deal with undead that could come from the City of the Dead? I mean easy pickings there."

Loth'Gar continues, "We should look there." And now that he had a location, he gets to his feet quickly, drinking the ale and slurping a couple of mouthfuls of the stew. "Quick, we should make all haste. I doubt he is that quick, but we should more with speed anyway." As for disguise, his hat will make him look like a dwarf... once they're not in public of course. A member of the Plumber and Cellarers' Guild. A viable excuse to be in that place.

With that, it would seem like their next steps would be into the City of the Dead. And so it will be...
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Re: Freedom's Price (Adventure Thread)

Postby A.J. » Mon Jun 23, 2014 2:28 pm

The party catches Phull and the Captain leading Raja through the city of the dead. During their initial ambush, Davious is nearly made into an elf-flambé by the Captain, apparently transformed into some sort of powerful undead, but Davious manages to survive yet pinning Phull to the ground with a rapier through his foot!

As the battle continued, the Captain stands next to the prone Phull, and Raja is paralyzed with fear of his undead state... The party's attacks have damaged him somewhat, but there still seems to be quite a bit of undeath left in him!

Davious musters the good sense to speak. "Would one of you kindly like to get her out of here?" He sort of left himself open, but if that thing was going to burn him. . Then Phull was going to feel it too, he was going to have to hope on that luck, anyhow.

"I'll grab the girl, since there seems little I can do here!" Loth'Gar calls over the sounds of the battle and the roar of the undead fire demon. "Keep it distracted!"

"You think he likes impressions?" Davious muses wryly. Struggling under the weight of his charring armor, and fire-welted flesh. "Hey, I'm a stupid undead construct.. I can't wipe my ass unless I'm commanded!"

From his spot atop the crypt Karl ponders the chances of just diving in there to grab the girl and escaping with her without getting both of them killed, then promptly send a trio of sparking missiles zipping at the fire throwing construct instead, but the spells fizzles and Karl curses loudly about stinking magic resistant things coming out of the wood work of late.
He moves to the other side of the roof .

Davious grunts at the magical display, or lacking of. "Hey, I was thinking. Next time, we become criminals.. we just move to Skullport like the rest of them.. " Making damn sure the blade wasn't going to come out of Phull's leg. "Listen you noble piece of crap.. you tell that thing to stop cooking me.. Or I swear I will shove this so far up you.. that I make a puppet out of you."

Parisa moves along one of the buildings until she has a better view of the fight. She quickly launches a bolt of wood, while her conjured creature of bone moves to strike and grapple the Captain. Both attacks miss as the Captain dodges them.

Phull yells out as suddenly Davious' blade lights up with electricity! "Aaagh" he cries and squirms.

Intimidating thing, this pretty charred up elf was. Only, he was more or less fueled and fired up with his own inner rage. "If you don't call that thing off.. so help me... Call it off! Call it off or you are going to feel this every moment you don't,"

Phull squirms wildly and spits at Davious. "Fool! If you kill me my house will obliterate everything you know!"

Fearing that they might need to back up Davious, Adolamin runs around the crypt to get in bettter view of the undead… Panting from the quick dash he prepares for battle

That leaves only Davious, badly burned, within reach of the Captain, who reaches across his shoulder to pull a gigantic two-handed sword from his back and swings down on the masked elf!

But Davious can't just let Phull go, even if that means he's going to feel a bit more ...whats the word Ouch. "If I die.. I'm coming back to haunt your ass.."

The blade sinks with a sick thud into the masked elf, who immediately goes limp, his lifeblood spilling into the cemetary grounds....

Well, was that his face.. an arm.. or something else. A cracking, crunching sound slipped out as he slipped into a near dead state.

An unearthly howl comes from the Captain's throat. One good death deserves another.... The rapier withdraws into the buckler on Davious' arm and Phull makes a pathetic attempt to stand.

"Gods damn it!" Loth'Gar swore. This wasn't going well for them at all! Now there were two down and in need of rescue! Well, they came here to stop Phull and the Captain, but also to rescue the girl. To that effect Loth'Gar dashes to her side, away from the combatants and lifts her over one shoulder!

The Captain seems too distracted killing Davious to notice Loth'gar. An eery chuckle comes from the undead thing...

Oh, your time will come! Loth'Gar silently promises the thing. We did it once, we can do it again and more finally this time!

A tiny bat flies through the air coming from Parisa, and it lands on Davious sending healing energy through him. Parisa's spirit jaws then clamp down on the Captain's leg, grappling him and keeping him stuck where he stands!

Hey, look he's not entirely dead. Just cursing, which means he's certainly not thrilled about the pain he's feeling. His reaction is just to look up at the Captain. "You missed you bastard. You can't even do one thing right.. " Sneering at him, and feeling his wrist warm behind the guise of his armor. "...I'm fine.. "

Phull and Davious stand up at the same time. The Captain, however, seeing Davious stand, goes into an unbridled rage. In an attempt to blast Davious again, he instead blasts Phull as the noble stands up in front of him, setting him on fire. Phull screams and runs into the darkness!

Loth'Gar, girl in tow takes the opportunity to slip them both invisible and carry her... somewhere out of the way. Then he can return and help the others take down the Captain!

Well if Phull decided to run and being in the slow effect also, Adolamin takes the chance to capture him!

As Phull flames by at a panicked sprint, Davious tries to poke him a bit, but is unsuccessful. Adolamin then chases after the flaming noble...

"Get your flaming ass over here...." Davious grunts as the man escaped into a fireball, but could he really turn his back on the Captain to chase. That seems entirely a Bad idea.

Loth'Gar, girl in tow takes the opportunity to slip them both invisible and carry her... somewhere out of the way, perhaps the Mausoleum. Then he can return and help the others take down the Captain!

"You know what I want.. a drink.." Davious comments, wiping his face of the blood trailing from his nose and lets the mask slip back in place, had it been slight skewed. "I'm about to swap you some fireballs.. ugly.."

Meanwhile, Karl runs back across the roof and drops down to the ground, then hugs the wall to stay out of sight of the thing for the time being.

"I need more then that.. " Davious muttered. He adjusts his armor and looks down at it. "..I just had this made.. you know I pay whole price for this.. " Muttering and his wrist made his hand ball into a fist. "right.. Im sorry focus.." He moved back, about ten feet. One might actually wonder if he was going to try to get away. He slipped one mask off-damn his face was messed up. Swapping it out for a new one, one new to the whole process. This multihued mask of precious metals and scintillating gemstones forms the terrible visage of a snarling wyrm. A sunburst of metallic and bejeweled scales flares out around the reptilian face. "Stand out my way .. I show this.. f** what firebreathing is all about."

The Captain attempts to jerk his leg free from Parisa's spirit jaws as Davious moves into blasting range... As he does, Parisa's bat flits about Davious again, dousing him with healing magic...

"Oh," Davious taunts, "look it wants to play with me. " Hissing under the mask. The bat touches him, and he shoulders the heal, as some of him restores. "Hey a few more bats, and I might walk out of here unburned."

Suddenly the Captain jerks free of the spirit jaws, but not before they shred his leg. He limps in Davious' direction...

"You know I'm in not into guys.. " Davious muttered.

Adolamin, seeing the Phull aflamed, takes his Heward's Handy Haversack off and pulls out a thick heavy blanket. He then grabs Phull with the blanket and attempts to smother the flames off the living human torch.

Davious only could side-glance in the way of Adolamin. He wouldn't lose a moment of his life to looking away from the Cap. He wanted to return the favor now.

Adolamin luckly grabs the other noble like a pig in a blanket and brings him down to the ground, adding a few punches to his pats against the flames on the man's body to put the flames out of course!

The blanket sticks to Phull's burnt flesh in places, and he cries out in pain. His voice is a croak Adolamin can barely hear. "S-s-save me!" he shudders. "I..." he croaks, "I will do anything..."

With Adolamin's efforts, after a moment the flames die down, he pulls out a healing potion and lets the noble slowly drink it.

Captain Undeath literally skewers Davious on his huge sword, then kicks his limp body off the blade...

Davious had expected it, actually he had every heroic intention getting away from the rest of them to bait the captain. That thing wasn't going to go away, all he could do was utter out a "go.. get .. " Something ..something, and he just toppled under the blade again. He might nearly be two from the effect.

The Captain then turns toward Adolamin, who holds Phull and lets loose that unearthly screech again...

Davious looks in dire straits this time... Bleeding out RAPIDLY. He might not have but a few seconds...

The battle rages and the hostage is now safely away from it! Loth'Gar dashes, still cloaked in invisibility, out of the crypt and to Davious, corking a potion as he goes. He hopes the sound of his light boot falls doesn't alert the monster to his intent... He crouches over Davious and up-ends the potion into his mouth...

From this, Davious cannot hide that which is soulbound. His wrist shimmers out of concealment and offers a small sight into the world that his magical powers come from. A bracer of sort, shiny but hard to figure out exactly what it was, where it came from or even if it was from this plane. He doesn't even give Loth'gar any sign of life...

The potion Loth'Gar upends into Davious mask.... mouth... steadies the shuddering that was the elf's breath, but he remains unconscious.

Well not knowing Loth'gar is there tending to Davious he tries again to blast the captain with another barrage of missiles. This time the silvery missiles do not fizzle just short of the thing and blast into it.

Davious lays there. 'Course, if he did get up, it was going to be a cycle, that thing was just getting it's fifty fixes off of Davious.

Karl lets out a whoop then ducks back into the crypt to grab the girl

He groaned, "...for f*ck sake.. kill me or don't. " Shuddering, as parts of him just barely come back together in time for him to complain. "...some times.. I .."He could turn his head and see the Captain standing there. "Try again f***.... and why .. are you wasting time.. get them out of.. here.. " He lets out a pained moan, "...ain't.. the plan... playing doctor with me.."

The bat continues flying though the battle, swooping between Davious and Parisa. The spiritjaws continue its attack landing a nasty bite on the Captain's leg. As Parisa's spirit jaws lock onto the Captain it might just provide Davious a chance to get up. Up and away.

A "Shush!" Comes from somewhere in front of Davious. Obviously Loth'Gar is not thrilled by the prospect of yet again watching Davious get hacked apart because he couldn't play dead. "You're an actor! Play dead!" he adds for clarification.

Davious does as he's told, but he shot the voice of Loth'gar a bit of a look, but thankfully it wasn't entirely rude. Just mostly. He laid there, not wanting to really be stabbed or burned. He knew it would happen if he got up. "Get the hell out of here.. will you. " Speakign Orc.

Straddling over the wrapped up noble pig in a blanket, Adolamin pulls out his dagger and puts the tip to Phull's neck," I suggest you put a stop to your undead dog or I'll just end your life and deal with the consequences later!"

Phull's pain prevents him from realizing Adolamin's trying to intimidate him. He croaks the words "S-stop..." but his voice is too weak to be heard in the raging combat... Meanwhile, the Captain tries to jerk his leg free... He hacks at the ghostly jaws to no avail, his sword simply bouncing off the magical force but then he jerks his foot up and free, suddenly, and he moves in Adolamin's direction!

Davious has a bit of an enlightened moment here. There was actually something he could do, something that Loth'gar said hit him, little late. But what the hell is the fun in being an actor if he doesn't use it. " him. As soon as I'm up.. I'll show you what an actor I am."

"AH...hells this is not going good tonight!" , as he watches the undead come for him.

Loth'Gar won't say no to a turned back. Honor is for the living... and their not desperate foes. He smacks the thing in the back with his reenforced elven bow... But it doesn't do much against the Captain's bony hide…

Popping back into visibility, Loth'Gar gives a slight, "Oops.." His actions do cause the Captain to turn as Loth'Gar becomes visible, distracting the undead from Adolamin briefly...

As the Captain turns... Hey, what the hell right? The guys' hiding under the blanket. While it shifts attention Davious is quick to activate his hat. Shifting his form to that of Phull and laying there. "Stop.. STOP!" Yelling out. The Captain looks down at Davious-gone-Phull...

Adolamin keeps Phull covered up and watches to see what happens now

After a moment observing Davious, the Captain looks up to Loth'Gar and snarls, but takes no action... He looks back to Davious though and seems to be struggling with something... If he is fooled, it won't be for long...

"So, this is the part where you guys run away.. ..move." Ordering them with all he can muster of himself.

Taking advantage of the Captains confusion, Loth'Gar slowly slips his bow away and draws his sword... "Easy there..." He offers soft reassurance... Before bringing his small sword down in a two handed attack straight at his head, his whole might into the swing! As it races along it bursts into flame! The sword comes racing down with all the rocs strength behind it! He had been called rash, unwise and heroically impetuous before. Why not again! The thick goblin blade smashes into the Captains shoulder, nearly severing the limb! "We cannot let a monster like you loose! By Ilmater's grace you will fall this night!"

Trusting that his companions are staying alive the mage Karlist hurriedly casts a Haste spell upon himself then picks up the unconscious girl drapes her over his shoulder and with a quickness comes running out of the building "Might I suggest we RUN??!!!!!" look towards them he sees Lothgar charge at the things "OH FOR THE LOVE OF MYSTRA?!!!" slides to a stop and face palms.

Davious lulls his head to the side, "Adolamin.. Go.. take him out of her.. Now.. " Commanding him to comply.

Cursing in Shou, his newly learned language, Adolamin casts magic missile at the undead critter.
He then picks up the bundled Noble and makes to escape. The missiles heads towards the Captain but fizzle out before touching the undead.

Parisa's spirit jaws continue to try to hold the Captain, but ultimately his undead state overpowers the elf woman's magic and they wink out of existence.

Davious gets up, carefully and then the bracer slips away from view as it reforms in an instant into a scimitar slashing at the Captian while he does not expect it. The blade ripples with electricity to boot!

A light mist begins to fall, an odd, late spring shower...

The Captain shies away from the electric blade as it shreds his dead flesh and fries and blisters it! Suddenly it sees Davious for what he is and screams in rage once again. It's cries echo through the night...

"What did you expect?" Davious continues to taunt. "I'm a bastard what can I say." Smirking a little . Yeah, he knew he was bone-city but hey. He had tried to give everyone a chance to get away, while he played a game.. no one listens to his cute face.

Still keeping that two handed grip, he chops at the Captains boney neck, hoping his aim is better this time! With the pair flanking the beast, he feels like they really could win this! But Loth'Gar hits only air, as the Captain had shuffled off in his lumbering attack on Davious...

"When you get to hell," Davious growls, "you mind not coming back. I have this thing about stalkers.. I got plenty you see.. " He shook out his wrist, his arm was impossibly sore, but it wasn't entirely his control that arm. He had to left it to the forces within the bracer. " will you guys get the hell out of here.. Seriously now.. Karl... Adolamin.. Get them out of here.. " Turns to Loth'Gar, and says in orc, "You better hit him a bit harder.. or they might not get out of here.. this thing is going to free it's master."

Loth'Gar replies in kind, "We can't fail now! We all need to pull together! I know we can win this. we can't let the monster loose to do who knows what!"

Karlist keeps his distance , still looking rather annoyed by the situation and finaly curses and lobs his last MM spell he has in his head at the thing. And again they peirce the Captains defenses and shatter his left thigh bone to shards.

Lurching forward the Captain looks nigh to tipping over, which is when. There is a flash of white that leaves all of you blinded for a split-second, then there is a thunderous boom and a sizzle, an unearthly scream...

Davious continues with his banter. "I still want that drink.." His throat was parched from the effect of being crisp. He just couldn't entirely help himself, then the bright light. He's a elf, that means he sees dandy in the dark and equally in the day. But damn that was ouch on the eyes. He throws up his arm to shield it.

Loth'Gar throws an arm in front of his own eyes, seing spots for a moments as the lightning bolt rips through the scene...

Adolamin sees the flash of light but his back is to it so he keeps moving.

"Can we go now?" Karlist queries nervously. "I'm not terribly fond of this place."

A storm rapidly builds, raining down bolts nearby, another blinding flash and the Captain teeters back and forth with bits of smoke curling off him, and the glow in his eyes fades.. Parisa's magic has finished him!

As the Captain goes down, an eerie silence falls upon the City of the Dead, and the smell of ozone lingers, as does the static electricity. Your vision comes back soon enough.

"Wow," comes a wide-eyed voice from behind you. Turning you see a older man wearing the garb of the Watch. He holds a lantern lighter in one hand and his sword out in the other. Four more Watchmen are at his back. "That…" he breathes, "That was Captain Siekh!" He blinks. "But… wait… you're the ones from the posters!" He holds his sword toward them for a moment, but then after a pensive moment he sheathes it. "Well now," he says, "Tell me what's happened here…."

There is no whooping, no jumping up and down, no shrieks of victory. First Loth'Gar simply drops to both his knees and offers a sincere prayer to Ilmater.

Davious looked at the lot of them, "New plan.. we leave here. Before the-" Well, that sums up something, and he lets the blade slip away into oblivion, and puts up his hands. "Really long story, you don't have a drink on you.. No?"

Loth'Gar quickly changes from the appearance of a wight to a half orc meeting the poster description. Still not his true form..

"That wasn't the Captain, that was his undead corpse being controlled.." Parisa explains.

Adolamin mumbles to himself," Just keep moving, just keep moving, just keep moving...." , as he turns around and heads back to the group. Not worth the walk in a grave yard!

Once the prayer is offered by a humble servant of good, Loth'Gar stands to address the Watchmen.

Adolamin remembers his disguise and drops the facade as he nears the patrol and his associates.

"Obviously," the man replies, looking to Parisa. "And by the looks of it, he was a foul one to have lived and served beneath my very nose. Do you know what it was you fought?" Judging from what you all knew, this was the very man who signed your warrant. Civilar Anton Viel. He looks to the bundle in the blanket. "What have you here?"

Davious continues to hold his hands up where everyone can see them, and withheld the sensation to make a smart remark. "I will tell you all about it, however if I don't get to drink one of my potions.. I might bleed to death, and then you would have a dead noble on your hands.. "Pointing to his chest, a bandoleer of pockets striped his chest. "Might I?"

Shifting the girl into more dignified carry Karl makes his way over to join the others along with the Watch officer.

Civilar Viel makes a dismissive motion with his hand at Davious. "Please do."

Loth'Gar tucks his trusty blade away, too, happy that this patrol didn't just attack them on sight. He knows there are good members, but they've been cursed by the bad ones recently...

Adolamin gently lays the noble Phull down and uncovers the noble some," This is noble of the house of Phull who was controlling the undead Captain. He'll be needing some healing to survive the night too."

Davious fishes into his pockets, and doesn't do anything shady. Just pulls out a potion, and drinks it back. Tossing the bottle at the dead Captain monster. "Well, I still feel like sh*t.. Civilar, you're a good man. I know because did my research. So, I'm sure you will understand that it might take a little explaining.. but we are innocent."

"Not to mention running a slavery and prostitution racket in the city." Loth'Gar adds, still finding anger in the notion.

Parisa moved over to help heal Davious after the beating he took.

The Civilar moves to the still smoking body of Captain Siekh. "A mohrg," he comments. "Only the truly evil come back to haunt this world in such a form." He squats down over it. "A spell-stitched mohrg, at that." He frowns, then stands and turns to look at them all. "Be at ease, all of you. You have done the city of Waterdeep a great service this night." He cocks his head when he sees Phull. "A Phull, you say?" he queries. "Well, I can't say I'm surprised."

He blinks to Parisa and nods a thanks, "Appreciate it. Drinks on me.. "

Loth'Gar clasps Davious in a warriors embrace. "Couldn't have done it without you friend." he encompasses them all in that thanks. "Well sir, will you speak on our behalf, maybe have our names cleared of the crimes, once we provide the evidence and full tale as it truly happened?"

Karl happily volunteers the info about the Phulls little gambling den as well.

Little awkward, Loth'gar Man-hugging a man a good foot short then him at least. "...yeah, let's not do more hugging.. Not from you. " Shoo's Loth'Gar off and gives him a bit of a look.

Sighing in relief," We have the other women we rescued in the Docks hidden also. They are scared of what the Phulls will do to them."

Civilar Viel simply looks at one of his men and the Watchman moves off at a quick run. "Two of my men will escort you from the City of the Dead," he comments, looking to the remaining three Watchmen. "I must stay to investigate this matter further. I expect you in my office at precisely 3 pm in two days time. Then, I will brief you on what you know and issue writs to clear the warrants against your names. I will see to the woman's care unless you have otherwise made arrangements."

"I'm pretty sure she'd like to be the rest of the women we freed from this *slaver*," Davious notes, motioning to Phull, "If we hadn't saved them.. well your a gods good man. You probably have a sister, daughter mom.. yeah. Things you can't think of, when you think of them." It was a dramatic sort of statement, but it was intended to be.

He gives Davious a great big tooth grin, but does pull away. "Looks like justice is finally going to be served then." He of course agrees to attend, though they still don't know his name or even true appearance! Still, he feels comforted that they may have bought down one of the biggest slavery rings working top-side in Waterdeep.

Noting no argument to his terms, the Civilar continues. "I am sorry you have suffered at the hands of corrupt individuals in the service of this city. Long have I desired a system of checks to balance such deceits. I may have a proposal in mind for you, come two days' time. For now," he looks to Davious, "Tend your wounds and return to your loved ones. Go with Waterdeep's thanks."

Adolamin nods in agreement to meeting the civilar

"If you don't mind I would at least to see the lady here back with her friends," Karlist says, "I did promise that we'd get her back to the safetly?"

Loth'Gar can't help but grin. Finally, this man could make a real difference to the city. While not a lot of corruption finds the Watch, what there is needs a firm boot to show it will not stand. Still grinning he asks those assembled "A tavern or just home sweet home?"

"Yeah, my loved ones.. are a few bottles of something strong." Davious turned towards the rest of them. "Shall we... I have a few people that are probably worried about me."

Civilar Viel continues to survey the scene, while the remaining Watchman takes Phull into custody. That's when the other Watchman returns with over a dozen men, all who report to the Civilar who issues orders sternly, yet quietly, and the men fan out around the area, some of them standing guard while others cast spells and begin their investigation... He tells the party they are free to go about their business, and to take Raja with them to her friends.

In two days time, the party's names are cleared of all charges and mentioned as Heroes of Waterdeep, though anonymously.

Loth'Gar will accompany Davious and the girl back to the theater, after which a damn good drink is in short order!

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