The Dying Sun

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Re: The Dying Sun

Postby Sister » Thu Apr 24, 2014 4:49 am

The only thing there is was interested in was the MM wand so i'll stick with the gold.
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Re: The Dying Sun

Postby adragonb » Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:41 am

Adolamin will let Eadlin have the wand then and he'll accept the gold then instead. Adolamin is ever the noble gentleman to the ladies!
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Re: The Dying Sun

Postby Sister » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:42 pm

Awwww thank you.. I'll take good care of it.
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Re: The Dying Sun

Postby Shamsy » Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:13 pm

Part Two: The Yellow Alchemist

Those who frequent the very dregs of the city, those places even the hardened toughs and cut-purses avoid may have picked up the odd murmur or babble about a yellow alchemist, untied to any church, working without divine intervention. For the most part this could cover any number of healers or medicine woman who use nothing but herbs and ancient wisdom to heal the sick. But these rumours go beyond the curing of the routine ills of a cities populous. It is whispered that this yellow alchemist, this surgeon can perform miracle healings. The replacement of limbs, curing of gangrene, removal of boils, cures for feather lung… all kinds of illnesses, deformities and old injuries. In fact, not too loudly lest it attract attention of something… divine, it is said that the healing of the ill surpasses the abilities of even the high priests and their gods.

Of course this is not uncommon talk amongst the desperate and deranges, so for the most part it went unnoticed. No matter their circumstances, everyone needs some hope. Hope was all this is, reasoned most. However, as is often the case, the very desperate and poorest began to listen. They could not afford a priests ministrations, and even the Church of Ilmater has it's limits. The word spread and eventually, slow and arrogant in their power, the Churches took notice. Scoffing at the incredulous tales, they declared openly that the alchemist was a fraud, a charlatan come to take whatever coppers could be scraped from the masses. The Ilamtrian's however, took notice. Not because they feared a loss of face like the others, but because they feared the repercussions if people stopped seeking divine aid and the assistance they offered. Eventually the Ilmatrian's convinced the other Churches to fund an adventuring party to look into the rumours.

With the promise of gold for a simple investigation, a few souls with their ears to the street took up the offer. The problem was no one knew where to start. There was never a mention of a where, only a what. After more than a week of investigation, a pair of individuals were able to discern a location and a few bits of gossip beyond the norm.

Pairing up, Flint and the Dashingly dressed Red decided to take a forward approach and enter via the front door. They were ushered into a clean, rather average looking waiting room, where the woman behind the high desk asked them to "Please be seated. The alchemist will be with you shortly." Keeping up the pretence of husband and wife (which Red pulled off in a lovely fashion), the pair took their seats and proceeded to gossip like any regular couple waiting to see the healer.

Meanwhile Elliot made the most of the information he had been able to ascertain to explore other avenues of entry. A little way down the street he remembered a small cul-de-sac where the Plumber and Cellarers Guild could gain access to the sewers. Thinking that stealth may be the best approach, he checked the entrance grate… to be stopped dead in his tracks by a large padlock. While the entry would have made for a great alternative entry, it was not to be, so Elliot returned to the building, noting the couple he had seen earlier in the near deserted street were no longer there. He could hear voices, impatient ones at that, emanating from the shop front, so he decided to take a look…

Meanwhile Red and Flint had grown impatient and decided to bother the repetitive receptionist. Sharp eyed Flint noticed something off, and peering over the desk, he discovered that the receptionist was actually a wooden contraption of some kind, animated by chains that poked through the wall and sporting a very life like woman's head to complete the illusion offered by the tall desk. AS this little discovery came to light, the front door opened and in stepped Elliot. There was a tense standoff for a moment, with the 'couple' actually fooling Elliot into believing their cover story. Of course, Elliot soon took a look at the receptionist himself, and at this point the small band decided it was appropriate to drop the polite pretence. "The Alchemist will see you now." the receptionist politely informed them, and finding the door to the street locked, Flint made his way deeper into the building, past the previously locked double doors.

As Flint opened the double doors, there was only blackness. After a couple of seconds a light, magical and sufficing bathes the scene in a sickly dim yellow. The room they found themselves peering into was large and covered with white tiles, smeared deep brown with blood or excrement, or perhaps it was a mix of both? The open sewer/slaughterhouse stench made their eyes water, making all but the hardiest stomachs gag. How didn't the smell reach the waiting room they wondered? Four steel tables lined the walls, a large, black and rusty iron drains besides them. A steady plot of something foul leaked from each table, more specifically the bodies that lay on each! Two look fresh, one bloated and dripping puss and maggots by the handful, the other seems deflated, as though an empty skin. The place looks like some madman's dream, horrific and filthy and perhaps just a little familiar to Red... In the middle of it all hovered a yellow robed figure, suspended by writhing, clanking and rusty chains, some reaching into small spaces in the walls, some ending in sharp, rusty blades and surgical implements the size of daggers! A horrible, screeching and somehow also wet voice croaks out to the trio, inviting them to take a table. The voice wasn’t familiar, even if the setting may be…

A battle ensued when it was apparent that the Alchemist was more interested in dissecting the trio than talking. Poor Elliot didn't have a lot of luck fighting the monstrous construct, while Flint made god use of his magical scimitar on the flailing chains. Red really won the show though, making full use of the conductive chains to send jolt after jolt into the soft body at the centre of the construct. In short order, the Alchemist was a smoking, dripping, inanimate mass on the floor, having gotten a final spray of gore over Flint and Elliot, but luckily not Red's lovely dress. With the apparent danger over, each party member began the gruesome task of looking around the converted slaughterhouse. Elliot took meticulous notes on only slightly stained paper, while Red and Flint determined it best to take some fresh air. The air was indeed fresh. A sickly smell on the summer breeze, like honey and rotting flowers. Familiar again to Red…

Meanwhile Elliot took it upon himself to thoroughly check the meat locker, where several mismatched bodies, all in various states of decay hung suspended from hooks. Holding down what stomach he had left, Elliot put his detective skills to the test and discovered a hidden door, one without a handle and covered in enough filth to disguise it's presence to the casual observer. Cracking it open, he found a small extension to the locker, with rags and other belongings haphazardly piled on the wire frame shelves. Scooping up evidence and anything not too fouled, he left the room and the building to join the others in the clean air.

Flint, being the curious kind decided to scale the building to its peaked roof, curious about the scent that seemed to emanate from nearby. Reaching the peak, he catches a glimpse of a tall, yellow robed figure disappearing into the cul-de-sac just down the street. Quick as a jack rabbit, Elliot takes off in pursuit, but in the few seconds it takes for him to reach the gloomy side pocket, the figure is gone. Elliot blows the Watch alarm horn he has, calling the cities police force, which signals Red's exit from the scene.

News travels quickly. Word is the Watch and priests who attended the scene removed a total of sixteen unique bodies, in some cases only enough to determine that it was a body. Such mass murder isn't common in the city and despite the best efforts of the officials to keep the incident under wraps, whispers and paranoia are rampant for a short while amongst the information brokers who deal in darker corners. But, as can be expected in the City of Splendours where magic and danger abound, soon the incident becomes second news to the latest tale of some adventures making the rounds….
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