The World Is Chaos...

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The World Is Chaos...

Postby A.J. » Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:34 am

"Run!" was the warning from a portly man as he burst forth from Aram's Apothecary, a relatively new shop in the center of Waterdeep's market ward. People around him turned, some laughed or chuckled, but most ignored his warning. That is until a great clambering mass of hands, feet, mouths, eyes, tentacles and other odd appendages appeared, slugging along after the man. Then there was panic. Not an instant later one of the tentacles slapped the man and he went down, turning instantly goo-like, almost as if he was melting! A gurgle and a bubble or few and the man fell forward in a semi-gelatinous state!

Party to this horror, interspersed amidst a crowd frozen in fear and panic, were Sjach, Cassandra, Ziandra, Karlist, Magerris, and Seraphina. They were not frozen nor panicked. Sjach had been moving along from vendor to vendor, chomping on a leg of meat, while Sera sat on a nearby bench unwilling to stare at the backsides of so many Tall Folk. Karlist had spent the day trying to run errands whilst avoiding the Watch, while Magerris was out to stalk the roaches as they skittered about. Ziandra flew in at the last, landing near Sera. Their conversation was cut short by the scene as it unfolded before them.

Sjach is the first to act. He drops the leg of meat, wipes the grease on his trousers, and points. Missiles of invisible force slam into the creature's ever shifting mass, but onward it comes. Now the masses begin to run in panic.

"Normally, I would almost just go home," Ziandra comments, "but you know how I been itching to do something that wasn't woodwork, husband tormenting and mother poison dodging." Cracks her knuckles now. "I think this will do."

Sera quickly gathered her wits. "Oh dear gods that looks unpleasant."

The last time Karlist was taking a rest here and a sudden commotion erupted it had been an undead beast that had escaped it's master, now with an almost weary roll of his eyes Karlist hands the rest of the roll he was eating to Max who immediately takes off with it then heads for higher altitude. Getting to his feet he conjures up a protective ward around himself as he takes in the situation first.

"Looks like my mother before her illusion," Ziandra comments. She didn't say which of her two mothers, but she snickered. She was wearing her finely crafted black mithril armor looking ready to tangle.

Hearing all the screaming Cass steps out of a nearby shop to see what's going on. A female bystander goes down as the shifting monster lays a black hand on her face. The female bystander too is instantly rendered to a bubbly gurgling mass.

Looking at Sera, Ziandra has more to say. "See, this is why you can't trust any other shop, but ours."

The Hin nods to the elf and promptly starts moving skyward, hovering a good twenty feet off the ground before she stops. Then levels her arm toward the woman who'd just been struck. Letting a rather alarmingly hot pink lance of energy loose. The woman, who was still vaguely woman-shaped, explodes in a pile of woman goo... The Hin attempts to explain her actions when she shouts, "Whatever that is, it's contagious! Don't let it spread!"

Ziandra lifted up from the ground, moving well into the six story height above the crowd. "ATTENTION, GET YOUR ASSES HOME... MONSTER!!" She yelled it in a few other languages and then pulled out her dart thruster, "Hello old friend. Let's hope we get to to have fun." It was odd, how she talked to the weapon, but odd was certainly Runa's style. "Hey Sera.." She called downward towards the Hin. "We need to keep that thing free of touching people. I mean.. if it does... We should really get to work helping them before they turn into ..that. I suppose had I made one of those in Enn's lab.. I would have been worse." She sighed deeply, "I read about it in one of his books. I am not an obvious healer.."

"Yeah me either, don't think healing 'em is an option. Kill it, kill the infected before they spread, stop the problem before it's a catastrophe." The Hin was resolute.

Magerris, meanwhile, looses an arrow. There is a grin behind her mask. It's never the concern for people, but the enjoyment of getting her hands in something... something that involves killing. Mag pulls her bow out and aims. "Chaos Beast, she says!" Mag calls out as came the voice from the Other Side, letting her arrow fly. "She says must give soft hands. MUST. Kill not enough." The arrow lands hard and solidly into the creature. "Move, roaches! MOVE!"

"I get that.." Ziandra said, looking down, "But they're curable.. before they turn. If I go around killing people that can be saved.. I think my mother will probably spank me. Let's avoid a public spanking for us both. What kind of spells heal?" Hovering with the ease of two metallic looking wings made of smoke and sparks as if created in a forge. It matched her metallic skin.

The man who had been transformed himself, shifts suddenly to his normal form and whimpers, "Help!" before shifting back, then transforming completely into another of the shifting chaos beasts!

People in the Market near these beasts seem frozen in horror, watching them transform into writhing messes of just about every appendage and orifice imaginable. Cassandra claps her hands conjuring forth a ball of dark cold energy which she lobs over near the odd creatures. With a squishy plop, audible to anyone close by, it lands and begins to expand until an owlbear skeleton stands there and happily, or not, attacks the nearest creature. The owlbear skeleton swings its powerful claws, devastating the thing, but its beak missing what would seem could be a fatal blow.

Sjach stepped up a bit closer, bringing his hand up and pointing, letting loose with another burst of force. His magic missiles explode the chaotic shifting mass, leaving one more to deal with.

Runa can make out Cassandra in the distance, since she flies. "Well, things are going to be interesting now."

With his feathered friend high over head Karlist gets a mental set of directions to the ensuing chaos, which prompts him to haul arse toward it in order to help. Course the voice in the back of his head was screaming at him to get away from this situation, as it will likely attract the attention of the Watch.

The remaining monster oozes around and into the thick of everyone, lashing out everywhere, it seems! It attacks at random, tentacles and claws and other weird appendages thrashing out and about... One more innocent falls to its attack, and one tentacle lashes out at Cass! Cass ducks away from it but the man nearest her isn't so lucky. He goes down into goo-town.

Some of the party hears continued signs of disturbance from within Aram's Apothecary. Sjach voices his concern when he says, "Sounds like more trouble inside the building goo-man came out of!"

Meanwhile the portly Hin uses the side of a building to pull herself along a few feet closer and further upward aside. Before leveling her arm at one of the creatures (Having lost track of which was the original) to repeat that same energy blast. The eldritch blast connects but the ever-changing blob is still quite horrifically alive.

Everyone could hear then what others might have before. Noises from within the building, and then there is an explosion. This does nothing to deter the chaos beast, however, as smoke oozes from the windows.

Ziandra aimed the acidic darts launching two off, one goes wide but the second tears through the beast and takes it down. "Well, let's see how that thing got loose, shall we?" Floating and motioning towards the building. "I suppose we can run into a burning building." The sarcasm is evident.

As Runa causes the blob to shudder and ooze its last into the street, the man it was attacking was still writhing about but not transformed fully yet. However, there were bigger problems. Quite literally bursting from the doorway, sending wood and stone alike flying, came forth a terrifying creature! Standing tall in the now night air, it's vulturesque head sits atop a massive, man-like frame. Claws and beak alike are deadly, scorched, and dripping with blood. Bits of flesh are caught in its beak. At the site of so much flesh, it cries out into the night!!

Runa continues with her commentary. "And my husband gave me a lecture about a little ogre skeleton.. tisk. Someone should sign the person up that called that thing for a lecture.. Gah, I can still hear the sound of it in my head." Raising up the thruster. "Suppose it's 'game time' now?"

The shrill sound at once takes an otherwordly turn; it is no longer a screech in the night, but a mind piercing cry straight from the Abyss itself!. Bystanders who aren't knocked down stand stunned in the wake of it. In mid-comment, the sheer strength of the sound stuns Runa as well, and she falls from the sky! Fortunately for her, the eldritch power in her veins saves her from any damage but she is still out of sorts. Her dart thruster hits the ground and skitters away. Cassandra too, stands stunned and it is all she can do to even cover her ears.

Magerris steps back slowly, keeping distance between herself and anything threatening. She lifts her bow as the Vulture-thing explodes from the building. She noticeably twitches, and lets out a laugh behind her teeth. "Pretty dead thing. Magerris hurts, yes yes." And she lets go of an arrow, but was disappointed that it didn't land where she wanted it. "Aw. No fun."

Sjach reached into his pocket, pulling out a wad of what looked like lint, tearing it in half, stuffing both pieces in his ears. Ears stuffed, he raises his hands high, almost screaming the spell, bringing his hands down with a stroking motion. A pillar of divine fire strikes down from the sky! But it winked out over the vulture-creature, leaving it unharmed. The owlbear skeleton, however, was now ash. The heat from the blast washes out over them.

The voice of caution in Karlist's head gets screamed over by Max's frantic warning about the huge bird thing that has come out of the building. The screech it lets out is certainly not of this plane , making him wince as he walks into sight of the thing. "Mystra's %$^&@!!!" Karl curses vehemently then quickly weaves his hands to lob a trio of mystical bolts at the monster. Karlist's magic missiles sail unerringly toward their target, and HIT! The creature pays little attention, having spotted the portly Sera in its favorite place, the sky! It nearly shivers with delight at the sight of her and launches with great speed into the air and slashes at her with its wicked claws! Blood rained down on Runa as the flying creature opened Sera up a bit. The little Hin let out an unflattering gutteral growl at the creature, one hand over the wound while she glares at it.

A cheeky comment? No, Ziandra was still feeling her head thump around in her shiny black helm.

Magerris shifts her bow to follow the vulture, letting go another arrow in an attempt to, well, hit it, and redirect it from the poor Sera. Nope. Right past.

Coming to her senses, she thinks, Cass cut down the man shifting in and out of goo mode. "May your gods have mercy on you," said as she cleaved the poor wretch.

Sjach watches the bird beast rise, slowly shakes his head, and points his finger up to let loose a bolt of pure lightning. Hair rises as the static energy in the air does as well, and the bolt of pure lightning crackles forth with awesome power! On impact, it washes the vulture-man-thing in a bath of light which has ABSOLUTELY no effect on it...

A screeching laugh echoes in the minds of all. It fades as another volley of magic missiles lay into it, called from the hand of Karlist, but they sizzle out just before impact, and Karlist can only hurl insults, instead.

Suffice to say Sera was not pleased with the creature or the turn of events so far. First thing's first, she just tries to get a hand on it, apparently. Gods knew why. She lays a tiny, chubby hand on the disgusting, diseased-looking feathers of the creature and it recoils in shock, cursing at the Hin in abyssal... Anyone who spoke the language heard things that made them a bit squeamish no matter how dark their personalities might be...

Had to risk it. The thing was still right in her face, but Sera abruptly dropped quite a bit lower from where she was floating. Fully knowing she'd be swiped at and she pays for it too, as again the creature rakes her with its claws and draws bright red from her body. She managed to drop down enough though that it'd have to come down to get her next time. The claws were like razors, and it screeches in anger as she falls away.

People were running and screaming everywhere, but the area was starting to clear. Ziandra slowly sat up and rubbed her pretty little head. "Well that was.. remarkably shit..." Letting that go in favor of some attempt at lady-like manners. She turned her attention to the motion of the crowd, and finally the ringing faded. The voices in her head come back and she makes out some things that are keen. "Hey PRIEST.. Get your white robed butt over there.. and help that blob before he turns or.. ONE of these NUMBNUTS.. kills the poor innocent.. DO it.. Don't push me.. and YOU!" Getting up from the ground and shouting up at the Bird thing. "Your new name is Harvey.. and I'm going to pluck you.."

The priest, who was previously attempting to calm the fleeing masses, sees, where Runa points and, eyes wide at the vulture-man, slowly moves in the fallen's direction, but shakes his head when he arrives as nothing more was to be done.

The monster ignores whatever Runa yells at it, and instead swoops down on Sera in an attempt to finish her off! Too eager perhaps, it misses.

"Bad move," Ziandra grins.

Magerris grumbled behind her bow and shifted her stance, pulling it back this time. "Praise be to our Lord, who guides our hands in all that we do." Her arrow soared through the air and slammed firmly into the neck of the beast, fletching deep. She laughed behind her teeth and mask. "And praise be to our Lord for his blessing!"

The vulture-beast screeches in pain as a very mundane arrow finds a vital spot! It chitters at everyone and wave after wave of abyssal assails their minds, almost painful to those who don't understand it, and likewise to those who do!

Runa fired back with a comment of her own. "Whoa.. whoa.. First of all I was all brand new when I got this body.. and already married you chicken-faced... " Muttering curses back at the bird and then looking to Sera, "You alright? He at least says you were the most tasty looking."

"He's pissed," the Hin replies, "He's got a reason to be." She was holding her arm over two pretty deep claw punctures at the moment. She looked a touch pale but didn't appear to be dying on anyone just yet. "Gonna give him another reason pretty quick here."

That's when Cass stepped around the fallen man and around the corner of the building to see others engaged with the flying creature. With a wave of her hand a magical shield appears around her, but she continues casting transforming herself into a red-haired winged elf!

Sighing, still shaking his head slightly, Sjach again points his finger up at the Bird and lets loose with more missiles, whose impact cause the creature to squirm in pain and there's more screeching. It looks around and really assesses the situation for the first time. It looks torn between battle lust and a realization that it might just be able to escape into the city...

Karlist's studies of other planar beings and what he has seen so far isn't promising, this was one of those annoying ones with innate resistance to magic. Oh, well as Sjach's spells finally connected he shrugged and decided to stick with it before trying something else, this time chanting a different spell to fire a bolt of sound at the thing. But though he realizes the creature's innate nature, his magic does not overcome it... yet.

Sera appeared to be trying the same rather dire thing she hit the creature with before. Which looked very unimpressive. Just laying a hand on it - anywhere on it -and trying to summon doom over the thing. Though apparently it managed to muscle through on force of will this time. But she -had- touched him.. and she'd broken past his resistance twice now. "Gonna clip those claws of yours.." She did lower herself again as well, but not as quickly. Just a couple feet. The creature recoils from Sera's touch. Try as this huge thing might, it seems somehow thwarted in its attempts to act. The frustration is building within it and the waves of mental epithets are unyielding.

"Will you just shut up?!" Runa snaps, "The voices in my head are barely putting up with me thinking in my head. You should really stop making them upset. I have to live with them. " Her green eyes turn distinctly amethyst. "Like I said before. You aren't going to talk about me like that.. least of all talk about Sera like that." Ziandra's whole entire four-and-a-half foot form shudders and her skin which was metallic in luster shone brighter, brighter than any time it had before. The finger gun shaped gesture was raised with not the left hand but both together and she blasted. Leaving a sizeable hole in the thing. Runa blasts the beast with a well placed eldritch shot! It staggers but still rages, attacking ineptly and cursing them all the way.

Mag shakes her head, a useless attempt to get the creature's voice out. "Only Lord allowed." Squinting her eyes at the pain, she lifts her bow, aiming carefully only to have the arrow shoot right past the beast. She blinks and gives her bow a good shake. "Is broken, she thinks! He broke it!"

"Hey Sera?" Runa calls, "You think if I took the bones back.. No nevermind. I want to live long enough.. " Making a private joke to the Hin.

"Yeah let's not," Sera replies. "Besides, Cass will want the head. Cass, would you be a dear and take it's head?"

Of course Cass wants its head! And with that Hawkgirl crashes into the beast with a battlecry! With elven fury Cass swings her mighty greataxe leaving a sizable gash on the creature! As the team gangs up on it, everyone sees it just might bolt...

Sjach, knowing certain magicks of his worked, with a flourish, waves his hand, settling on pointing at the beast, and letting loose with another barrage of magic missiles. Sjach's magic actually staggers the creature, and desperation mixed with rage fills its large red eyes...

"Quitters never win," Karlist mutters grimly and hurls another bolt of sonic energy at the things. The wave of sound seems as if it would penetrate the creature's innate magic resistance, but ultimately has no effect.

Sera seems to have largely had her fill of trying to fuss about with curses. She brandishes the serpent headed cane and the thing starts to move in her hand. Silently hissing as it's spine lights up with runes in the same hot pink as her energy blasts. She lashes out at the beast twice. The pseudo-weapon almost seemed to -bite- the monster, which caused a few searing tongues of pink flame to lance out over it's flesh. The creature shrieks in pain, looking for an exit...

"Where do you think your going?" Ziandra asks a bit nonchalantly. She aims and fires on it again. "I know exactly what you are.. you poor thing. I almost feel sorry for you.. if you didn't try to eat my sister.." Addressing Sera, "But .. that is just how it goes.."

Runa's eldritch energy washes over the beast in a wave of magical pain... It goes into a frenzy literally and tries to shred the closest thing near it, as spores explode from its body and imbed themselves in everyone around it! The thing tears into the nearest meat, which happens to be floating right in front of it!

Runa sighs rubbing her arm, "Well that seemed entirely pointless at the core." Watching it try to eat Sera, that was less shrugged off. "More of that and I will have to hurt you dead."

The vulture-like being nearly shreds sera, who is looking more bloody now than pale... For Magerris, it seemed her aim wasn't improving. She sent off another arrow, soaring through the air and where near the vulture. Somewhere, some poor urchin is getting pigeon for dinner. But the vulture still stood.

"Hee-yaa!" Cass shouts deflecting the spores away from her. With another shout of fury, the axe comes down and the beast's head pops right off!

The Watch horns sound as the beast finally succumbs to the groups well executed attacks. The innocents slain lay about. There are glints of shiny in their goo. Ziandra rubs her arms.

"Watch out below!" ignoring the falling body as she catches the head gleefully. But it and the body suddenly pop out of existence. Unfortunately, there would be no head for Cassandra this day.

The first thing the Hin does while angrily itching at the things under her skin was fumble for the bracelet she wore and shakily speak something that started her body mending itself gradually.

Ziandra seems distraught over the spores. "You know what is going to happen? Nothing good.. he is going to dissect me. Here." Pulls out a wonderful healing potion and offers it to Sera. "You know I can get more.. Don't worry about." She itches at the spores, and they are painful to everyone, as small sprouts begin to form and break the skin of the infected. "It's fine. Really. Just some holy water and it's cured. I read about it in one of his apothecary books." Nodding and looking around. "You know I really should have thought about this better."

"I have a few as well.. I-" Sera started to say, but got a little dizzy a moment as they crawled around through her- the healing fighting with the strange plants. It was a bit of an even war at first, which is why she's not shy about using the potion offered, and one of her own. Eventually those hit by the spores are covered in tiny vines about their open flesh.

"I think I'll need to do some research into how to get around that damned resistance." Karlist says mostly to himself as he walks up to check on the others. The moment Max shrieks from over head Karl EEECKKKSSSSS!!! and promptly goes invisible and runs off. Sjach watches the others start to heal up, turning his head and starts to walk away, looking for more meat.

"Phew!" Cass noises, landing near the others and changing back, "I haven't fought like that in too long!" Her face is dripping in sweat and she seems quite happy despite the damage the vines are doing, likely from adrenaline still pumping through her.

"Let's go to the shop, Sera." Runa invited, putting an arm around the Hin. "Lets cover all that up too.. " Tucking her cloak around Sera. "Your lady bits are all going to start hanging out of that tore up shirt. Let's not get like that before the holiday." She looks up to Cass, "Well, you've always been a bit hungry for heads." Smirking because this was the first time, she'd seen Cass since the race change, "Come to the shop, Cass."

Sera is still more held together by her own bloody clothing and armor than by her actual body, though that was trying to knit back together as she sat there. "I ah.. yeah. Hang on, the watch will have things to ask. After that yeah. Feels like this is slowing- engh. Slowing down." The vines twisted a little where they grew. Almost sounding like they were hissing, or in pain. Or maybe that was the Hin.

Cass glances between the elf and Sera, "Ah, do I know you?"

"Oh yeah," Ziandra replies to Sera, "that. I suppose I better tell them everything I saw. I don't want Enn, thinking I'm not being civil with the Watch." Shifting she coiled her cloak around her teenaged form and waited. With her bright eyes and cute face. To Cass she says, "You sure do.." Smirking more, and then she grinned a bit. "I used to be about as tall as you.. pale as snow.. crazy hair.. had a boyfriend name Enialas.. well. Now, I'm this.. and I married him. Lets talk that whole thing over at the shop." Plucking at the vines.

Cassandra's jaw slowly drops, you can see the gears working in her head, and her eyes go wide with realization a moment later as things finally click. "Ru-err Ziandra?" Face showing she clearly is needing some explanations on the way or after they've reached the shop.
Sera chuckles shakily and leans back on a wall. "Yeah, that's her. Could you uh.. help me a bit here? I'll explain on the way."

Cass offers Sera a hand and then shoulder so the beat-up hin can relax a bit on the way. "For your size you put up quite the fight, I'm impressed Sera."

At least the Hin didn't seem to weigh anything once she was off the ground, and had mostly stopped bleeding. Though that vine growth was ugly and obvious and she kept itching at it. "I do like to be more dangerous than I look. Still, ah.. glad you stepped in when you did. I had that thing good and pissed, and I wasn't going to weather another of those claws."

Cass nods, "You're very welcome, besides that was rather fun..."

The Watch took statements from each of them and moved to investigate the Apothecary within. What they found, you learn, was rather remarkable. A makeshift stair had been erected in the rear of the building where it seemed the floor had been recently cut into. From there they discovered more but are unwilling to share it with the general population without authorization. Were anyone interested, the area is currently cordoned off, perhaps further investigation could be done. Salvaged from the fallen apothecary and the others you find what might be a diamond, a brooch, a cloak (if a bit slimed, it doesn't show), and about 150 pieces of gold.

(( Post only IC actions here. Further investigation and loot sorting can be discussed in the following thread: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3938

Thanks for playing! Pardon the improper tense shifts, but my work here is merely a quick amalgamation of all of your scene posts. Credit where credit is due, as they say. Great job all it was fun. Until next time! ))
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