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"I'm okay. I promise!!"

PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2014 2:17 am
by Jiriki
The unusual occurance of Azrael, Devon and Magerris on the road outside of the city the other day. Magerris did what she normally did and hid while she watched what others did around her. Az and Devon stood and talked to each other when they heard the cries in the distance for help. When all three of them broke onto the scene they found a commoner being held at bay by a large skeleton.

Azrael managed to pick up a branch first before anyone else and smacked the skeleton around to get its attention while Devon and Magerris got ready to deal with it as well. Magerris was frustrated though that her attack missed it. In the grand scheme of things though they were able to outclass the skeleton, out move it and finally after a few more hits and misses, the Skeleton disintegrated into a heap of bone and what was left of it. But the cost was also a lucky one.

Devon who had been raked up one side and down the other was not as badly hurt as first believed and could be healed up. Which left them to asking the commoner what was going on and why he'd found himself in that position in the first place.

The conversation that followed was pretty short and to the point. Magerris was adamant that she wanted the man to be brought to where he'd found the skeleton. Azrael was eager to get going though along with Devon. When they got to the mound in the earth he'd warned them about they indeed found this place was the lair of the skeleton, the marks of it's egress from the tomb like structure revealed that much. Crawling down into the tomb itself they found it was just pretty much an empty tomb with what looked like the remains of a long dead human. But the most curious item they found was the box that the commoner had let slip about and it's contents.

Cainci's Grimoire of the Elemental Planes: This exotic tome is written in fiery runes upon linen pages and bound in leather. When it is first opened, it can be read briefly, giving a short insight into the Elemental planes before it crumbles into dust.

A set of forgers plates that to the right hands would be worth about 400gold.

(giving 133 each roughly when sold)