A look into the Bounty Hunter's Guild

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A look into the Bounty Hunter's Guild

Postby Xairren » Sat Jun 16, 2007 4:29 pm

What follows is a simple example…

Location wrote:The Bounty Hunter's Guild

The Guildhouse of the Justicars is located just north of the Moonbridge, raised just enough to overlook the river.

OOC wrote:How Bounties Work

Pretty simple, really, with some fine details:

A party comes in (the guild is best used for parties, not single people), and gets to peruse a series of posted warrants that run all along the walls of the Guildhouse's main foyer. When they find a warrant they wish to pursue, they claim it; the warrant is then theirs until they capture/kill the target, die, or rescind their claim on the warrant.

In doing so, they enter a binding agreement with the Guild. They receive information on the target (as available), and certification as official agents of the Guild (which confers upon them some of the benefits of an adventurers' charter, but only for the length of their pursuit). In return, the Guild keeps 10% of the posted bounty value; any possessions of the target can be kept by the hunters unless they are known to be stolen. If the hunters fail to capture the bounty, they are still responsible for paying 10% of its value to the Guild as a penalty.

Zane walks into the Guildhouse and looks at the post board. The raven on Zane's shoulder looks quietly around the room.

Several old and outstanding warrants are for criminals or bands of criminals far from the city and clearly requiring dedicated hunters. A few even have the original rewards crossed off and new, higher rewards, posted.

An older man sitting behind a large desk looks up with a slight frown, then goes back to his ledger work.

Zane looks closer at the newer posters a bit further down the wall.

A few are for various known bandit leaders. "Oag Fang" having nice five hundred moons (1000gp) reward. A smaller one is for information on the disappearances of small items from the Dwarf and Gnome neighborhoods right here in Silverymoon for 40 moons (80gp).

Zane decides to help 'the little people'. He takes the post with the 40 moons reward and walks over to the man behind the desk.

The man leans back in his chair and studies you. "Hello"

"Hello. My name is Zane. I'll try this..." he hands the post to the old man.

"Hello Zane, I'm Guildmaster Tarlain, what do you have here?" He takes the poster from you and reads it. Then Tarlain looks up at you, "So you think you might be able to solve this problem eh? You'll only have 30 days if I give it to you."

Zane nods, "30 days, huh? Then I'll solve it within a tenday."

He chuckles. "That would be fine."

Tarlain takes a monocle from a pocket and wipes it with a bit of clean cloth before placing it over his eye. Looking at you carefully, "You'll have to pay eight gold to secure the warrant and sign a contract."

"Fine." Zane takes the money from his coin pouch and sets it on the table.

Tarlain grins. "Very well. He turns the warrant over and writes the date and amount surrendered on the back. Then he quickly writes on a small scroll, giving you authorization to investigate the problem for 30 days. He turns both around and offers you the quill. "Sign at the bottom of both please."

Zane takes the quill and signs the papers.

Putting the monocle away Tarlain rolls up the warrant and hands Zane the small scroll with a warning, "Good luck, but remember you only have 30 days."

Zane nods, takes the scroll, and leaves the guild to begin his search.
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