Little Lost Dog

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Little Lost Dog

Postby Seekerthefallen » Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:26 am

The notice up in the Tavern was simple. Farmer Ben had lost his prize sheep dog and was running out of options. It left him no choice, but to call on the help of others...

It wasn't long before a small group of people appeared in the rain at the door of his farm. At first he wasn't sure what to make of the three men. Miss Julia had come well before them, and already agreed to find Ma'Lassie. But since they were here, he would have to let them all look. With a point in the right direction, the four of them were off.

It didn't help that the ran was coming down to much, or that by the time they bridged into the swampy part of the fields they found goats knee deep in the muck. With a little help, the goat was out of the mud and they pressed forward.

Julia Eleanor was the first to hear the sounds, something in the night with all the rain pouring, was calling out commands. "Sit! Stay!"

Soon, it became all to clear what had kept the overly obediant dog in place. There in the mud, wet and rain was two very clever Will of Wisps. They were taking turns keeping the dog quiet and in place. For four days they had commanded loudly to keep the dog in place, and quiet.

Took some convincing but Devon manages to get the dog to them. Only the Wisps turned curious, and that is when it took the slippery actions of Eleanor to keep them distracted while the others ran back off into the night... the end they had safely advoided the fight and the dog was returned. The farmer was grateful, and in the end Eleanor stayed to bathe the dog while the others went off home..

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