Messages left at Everdusk Hall

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Messages left at Everdusk Hall

Postby Stam » Sun Jun 17, 2007 10:37 am

[OoC note: This post is not common knowledge. Only a rare few PCs are likely to hear it from the cleric in question - probably only those who actually follow Sheverash.]

Jiriki visits Everdusk hall and leaves a verbal message with the elven cleric most closely associated with the deity Sheverash:

Message wrote:There's a half-drow on his way back from Everlund, about whom the Spellguard have reported that he is definitely of evil mindset and is now barred from entry into the city. In particular, he was seen attempting to hire an assassin to kill a half-elven resident of the city.

An elven scout is accompanying him, unknowing of his nature or actions. The Spellguard wishes them to return to the city without knowing that he has been unmasked, so that the elf might be questioned about the half-drow's actions in Everlund.

The half-drow, the Spellguard note, has not committed a crime in Silvaeren territory - and murder of him within a mile of city walls is still considered murder.

The half-drow in question is a sorcerer and has a range of magical abilities, mostly focussed on close-range effects; take proper precautions.

A second message, this one written, is left with the same cleric - but addressed to a particular elf:

Message for Aelthas Moonfall wrote:It turns out you were right and we were not. We owe you an apology in person.

-Katla Arneson and Jiriki Moonshadow
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