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Yakkety Yak (don't talk back!)

Postby Jiriki » Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:37 pm

(Adventure for the celebration of the birth of the Queen B!!)

Aulric DragonHawke, Cyn Slykarock, Karlist Vorden, Seraphina Tosscobble, Sjach Vaeri all met up outside a tavern where a sign read saying "Hero's wanted, Mayor missing at Redcliff". The call for help was discussed and they decided to go.

When they got to the hamlet of Redcliff, they were treated with suspicion although the villagers were friendly enough to their faces. The information they got told them that the Mayor (Andorlan) had suddenly changed completely, going from a nice pleasant former adventurer in his 50s, to a tyrant like man. Ordering his family around like they were slaves, hitting his grandchildren (who had previously been his express favorites) and shunning his neighbours. When one of his children had commented loudly that perhaps the village should seek help from Waterdeep; the man had vanished in the night.

The party found through some good gathering of information that he'd been seen making his way up the side of the looming shadow of the extinct volcano that the hamlet had grown up in and decided to follow him hoping to cut him off. He was heading to the rumoured to have been cursed haunted temple.

When they got to the former temple of Torm, they found it was a ruinous and grisly place, the legends of hauntings proving true. Making their way into the building they checked a room just off the entranceway and found to their horror the still bleeding corpeses of the battle that had happened 50 years ago, but more was to happen within. Upon their entry to the temple proper, an explosion rocked the two nearest, a warding had been triggered on their entry. Luckily though the two caught up in the explosion were largely unharmed if slightly deafened. But more was to happen to them. The room was filled with more of the same bodies in that same display of them still pumping blood onto the floor but luckily for the party again - none of them got up to challenge the adventurers.

However, Karlist broke from the group and it was then that the shadows appeared, five of them detaching themselves from the shadow of the statue in the room and encircling him. Aulric instantly took action and swapped places with Karlist to throw himself into danger while the rest of the group took other action. Spells were cast, Cyn farted, and battle was joined, slowly four of the shadows were removed through spellfire and in some cases sheer balls. But not before the brave Aulric was touched by one that appeared to move differently, this one sent Aulric to his knee's with a touch like liquid ice that froze his very marrow and seered into his flesh to leave small marks there forever. Touched by death he was now, touched and marked.

It took them a long time to figure out a way to deal with this last shadow, its tactics were different, it would hit and then vanish from sight with ease, eventually they chose to cast as much light into the room as they could and there they found it. With it having no where else to run, it flew at them to try and attack but luckily caused no more harm.

When they explored the rest of the temple they found more of the grisly horror images, this time it was clerics that were laying as if in state on the kitchen tables. But finally they made it to the end, there they found Andolar under what appeared to be some sort of a charm, and a figure that hid behind the statue in the room near to a metal shuttered window. Challenge was issued, more spells were cast, but finally the spell on the mayor was ended... Sera went to try to find the other man in the room, but only got to see what appeared to be the back end of a bovine looking creature with a strange staff that vanished through a portal.

When they got back to the hamlet they were greeted like hero's; the mayor explained what he knew of what had happened and they were given a banquet feast, a good bed to sleep in and told to keep what they'd found as payment, after all.... What else could the party be paid in?

((Thank you for playing, see the organisation thread for treasure, use that if you want to go back at all to try to lift the curse.))
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